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13th April - Inspection of Jalsa Arrangements 2006

Jalsa Salana, Australia
The Annual Convention

History in the making - Huzur's visit to Australia 2006

Day 3 (13/04/06) - Highlights

Inspection Jalsa - Gents

  • Huzur (aba) inspected all the departments of the Jalsa Salana, the annual convention on the 3rd day of his trip to Australia.
  • His Holiness waited generously for 5 minutes after leading Zuhr and Asr prayers at 4:30pm, to give the opportunity to all the Nazimeen and their Muawineen to get back to their respective departments before Huzur(aba) started the inspection.
  • Huzur (aba) commenced his inspection, while a full presence of cameras, security and organisers was accompanying him, by going to the car park.


  • He then made his way to the registration marquee where he manually tried the registration scanning system and asked various questions.
  • Huzur (aba) then visited the Jalsa Salana offices, which included the reception, accommodation and information departments.

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  • He then went to the First Aid marquee, where he enquired if homeopathy medicine was available and also asked general questions with the doctors present there.
  • Huzur's (aba) next stop on his inspection round was the Bookstall/Exhibition marquee. Here, Huzur (aba) had a quick browse at the books displayed for sale and the photos on display. He also had an in-depth look at the large-scale World Map on display, which highlighted all the countries where the Ahmadiyya Jamaat has been established.

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  • Huzur(aba) visited the MTA control room and studio next.
  • Huzur (aba) then had a look at the portable toilets and enquired about their cleanliness
  • He then made his way to the Langar Khana, where he inspected the cooking and washing arrangements. He also looked at the storage facilities and enquired about the special food arrangements for the guests.

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  • He then inspected the preparation, maintenance, cleanliness and wind-up departments.
  • Huzur (aba) then visited the food catering marquee.
  • After this, Huzur (aba) entered the mosque and inspected the Web Telecast department. Here, he was briefed about the arrangements made by Ahmadiyya Australia website to cover Huzur's visit to Australia and also Jalsa 2006. He was explained about the daily highlights and reports of Huzur's trip uploaded. Huzur(aba) enquired if the Australian Web Team also use the email facility for this purpose also.
  • Next, Huzur (aba) went up the stairs to the 1st floor of the mosque and inspected all the departments of the Ladies' section.
  • After completing the inspection of the Ladies' departments, Huzur(aba) made his way into the main gents' marquee. All the Nazimeen(heads) of each department and their respective Muawineens(volunteers) were lined up in orderly fashion inside the marquee to meet Huzur (aba). Huzur (aba) went around and shook hands with each Nazim of every department and asked various questions from a few Naizmeen.
  • He then went on to the stage and was seated in the centre. On his right side, there were 4 seats that were occupied by Nasir Kahloon (Afsar Raabta, Coordinator), Dr. Omar Shahab Khan (Afsar Jalsa Gah), Mohammad Sarwar Shah (Afsar Jalsa Salana) and Chaudary Khalid Saifullah (Naib Ameer). President, Khuddamul Ahmadiyya, Amzad Habib Khan was also standing on Huzur's (aba) right. On Huzur's (aba) left side, National Ameer and Missionary In-Charge, Maulana Mahmood Ahmad was present.
  • The program started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Hafiz Rana Qasim.
  • Huzur (aba) then addressed all volunteers including ladies (relayed to their Jalsa venue) and mentioned that taking care of the guests during the Jalsa is very important, as they are all guests of the Promised Messiah (as). He then highlighted that Maulana Mahmood Ahmad has got years of experience of organising and training others as the President Khuddamul Ahmadiyya then international, and being the National Ameer & Missionary In-Charge in Australia for over 15 years, so Huzur (aba) hoped that the members of the Australian Jamaat have taken this opportunity and learnt as much as they could from Ameer Sahib. Huzur (aba) further elaborated that the Nazimeens and Muawineens should be given new and different duties every Jalsa Salana so that they can be trained in various departments. He ended his address by leading silent prayers.
  • Addressing the ladies volunteers particularly, Huzur(aba) noted that the responsibility of Cleanliness department required immense pateince and advised them to be kind and pateint to those who may not respect cleanliness.
  • Huzur (aba) then made his way to see his own staff's accommodation and enquire about their well-being. He also visited Ameer Sahib's temporary accommodation.
  • Huzur (aba) next entered the VIP food marquee for tea and refreshments with the Nazimeen of all the departments. Before Huzur's (aba) arrival inside this marquee, all the Nazimeen were seated in a U-shape in front of Huzur's table. There was another table situated on the left of Huzur's (aba) table, where Huzur's (aba) private secretary, Munir Ahmad Javed, Additional Vakilul Tabshir, Abdul Majid Tahir and Dr. Taseer Bashir Khan, Ahmadiyya Australia Website Team Administrator and Huzur's personal physician Dr Tariq Bajwa were seated. Everyone enjoyed some light refreshments and tea after which Huzur (aba) left the VIP food marquee.
  • Huzur (aba) then took a walk up to the main gate of the Baitul Huda Mosque. On the way, he asked questions about Australia, the local weather, the property of the mosque, the road leading to the mosque and future developments, including the installing of streetlights all along the road to the mosque.
  • After this, Huzur (aba) went back into the mission house.
  • Before Maghrib and Isha prayers, Huzur (aba) with few companions strolled from the mission house towards the internal gate of the mosque in a very relaxed manner and he looking very fresh. It was a very casual environment with least security and no media cameras around Huzur(aba).
  • Huzur (aba) then entered the gents' main marquee at 8:00pm, where he led Maghrib and Isha prayers.


  • Following the prayers, Huzur (aba) made his way back into the mission house (place of residence during his stay in Sydney).


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Inspection with Huzur (aba)
Ladies Arrangements of Jalsa Salana -2006

Before Jalsa Salana, the Annual Convention of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in any country starts and because of its importance and size it has become a tradition where the Khalifatul Masih(aba), the Head of the Worldwide Ahmadiyya Community (if present in the country) inspects all departments to see how they are readying themselves and also to offer suggestions on how to improve the arrangements.

His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih, is the great grand son of the founder of the Ahmadiyya Community. We are blessed and fortunate enough to have our beloved Huzur (Khalifatul Masih) visit us here in Australia.

  • This report highlights the sequence of events whilst His Holiness inspected the Womens' Jalsa area in Australia on the 13 of April 2006.
  • Everybody was waiting anxiously for His Holiness to come and inspect the ladies Jalsa Area. Apa Jaan (Huzur's wife Hazrat, Amatus Subooh) walked in first and was greeted by all. Her presence was appreciated and respected by all. At times we would see His Holiness walk past one way then the other until finally we saw His Holiness walking towards our direction after what seemed about 20-25minutes of anxious waiting.
  • Whilst waiting, the women involved in the inspection team were praying and naturally anxious, tense and worried about how everything would pan out but at the same time we managed to throw a few jokes into the atmosphere and loosen up the atmosphere. There was full faith in Allah however, that everything would work out in the end.
  • Everybody was ready and positioned in their respective departments. Each department had organised their individual areas and arranged what was to be said to His Holiness about their responsibilities within the department.
  • We suddenly heard Huzur(aba) and his entourage (Security, MTA team etc) walking towards the door where we were waiting for what felt like a very long time, first a few reporters and cameramen appeared and then Huzur(aba).
  • Huzur was wearing his bright white turban with a beautiful brown over coat (Achkan), with what looked like a bright light all around him…truly spiritual.
  • He asked what direction he was to go in, and went directly to the web team area, after which he came back to the Women's inspection team waiting at the stairs, (who included the President of the Women's Auxiliary of Australia (Lajna Imaillah), Mrs. Amtul Malik Najam, General Secretary Mrs. Farhat Khuram, the Women's News Editor of our website and the Security Team).

Upstairs Hall

Stage Arrangements

Huzur(aba) walked to the upstairs hall and asked if "all the women present were volunteers/workers" he went directly to the stage and sat beside Apa Jaan (Huzur's wife) and enquired about the program was explained that Huzur(aba) was inspecting the Jalsa area main Hall. In response to Huzur's enquiry it was explained that there were two halls, one upstairs and one downstairs.

Downstairs hall

Huzur(aba) proceeded down the stairs and went into the hall where there was a row of children sitting on the ground, he walked straight to them and asked them "how each of them are", the women around, requested the children to stand up but Huzur(aba) advised the children in a light mood not to get up to avoid getting tired.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Medical Association of Australia
Traditionally, there is department on each Jalsa to dispense first aid in case of light injury.
Huzur(aba) asked who the doctors of this department were. Two doctors and one nurse were present. The nurse responded her origin to be from Fiji on Huzur's enquiry. The medical staff explained what their job was for the Jalsa and how things were going to be undertaken.

Lost and found

This department assists individuals with a wide range of lost and found items, and is currently proving to be a worthwhile idea and decision.
" Huzur(aba) asked the representative for the Lost and Found department how many things she had found, the reply was "Huzur we have only just started'

Cleaning & Hygiene

This department ensures and maintain cleanliness throughout the entire women's' area which is an essential part of our Faith.
" Huzur(aba) confirmed if they had organsied everything properly for the kids such as dust bins etc, and to be specifically careful with cleanliness as this is a big event with lots of people present.

Outside Departments
Dining Marquee
Huzur(aba) asked the team if they were ready to serve a large number of people, and the reply was "yes of course, Huzur'.

VIP Guests marquee

This marquee has been developed to cater for guests needs and to answer any questions that they may have about the Ahmadiyyat and Islam. It is also a means of educating Non Muslims about the women of our community and diversity among them. Huzur(aba) confirmed with the representatives of this departments about the guest tent, he then asked "where the guests were coming from?", Huzur (aba) was informed that they are international guests as well as local Non Muslim guests and Huzur(aba) asked "are they Ahmadies?" and the reply was "no Huzur".

Exhibition area

This area has been developed for members to part take in creating hand made garments and to raise money for community funds.

  • As Huzur(aba) entered he went to the right side of the tent. He was observing the items for sale and found a pair of earings for $10 and stated "isn't that expensive?", and then asked about the pickles that were also being sold he asked whether they were vegetable pickles and found that they were.
  • On Huzurs question about the purpose of the exhibition tent he was explained that both Sydney and interstate Majalis (branches) have different individual Handy Craft stalls. Huzur(aba) asked if "the things in the Brisbane stall were hand made" e.g. quilts, shirts, hats and was pleased to know that they were.
  • Huzur(aba) was also curious about a display of flowers by Al-Nasira, and the way that was put together.

Book stall

Huzur(aba) browsed through the books display which the ladies had put up for sale and was presented Ad- Duha (The brightness of the sun) magazine which is published by the Lajna Imaillah, the womens auxiliary of the Ahmadiyya Australian Community.
Huzur(aba) made sure that there were books both in English and Urdu for sale due to the fact that we are catering for a wide range of languages. He was also told that there were children's books available as well.

Childcare tent

Huzur(aba) was interested as to what sorts of programs are arranged for the children, and was told accordingly. As there were a couple of children representing this department he asked "does your mother leave you here kids". This tent is specifically for 4-7 years old.


The registration system in Australia has improved. The community has developed a scanning system, which includes all individuals present on the day and everyone is given name tags for identification purposes.
Upon arriving at this tent Huzur(aba) asked the representatives where there name tags were. He tested the scanner and was showed what happens to the information when processed into the system.

His Holiness then gracefully exited the Ladies Jalsa area by saying "Assalaam-alaikum" (Peace be with you all)…truly the sign of a Holy man.

Signing off for today, the 13th April 2006, 10.01pm
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