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15th April - Ladies Session and Huzur's Address 2006

Jalsa Salana, Australia
The Annual Convention

History in the making - Huzur's Visit to Australia 2006

Ladies Session with Appa Jaan
And Huzur'z Address

Date: 15/04/06
Time: 10:30pm-1:50pm

Before this session began, Hazrat Sayyada Amatus Sabooh (Hazur's wife) entered the main hall. Out of respect everybody stood up as she entered and then sat back down as was requested by Appa Jaan herself.

There were two trained camera women along with the few other people in their team, from the MTA Department taking care of the audio and visual side of things, so that the broadcast is able to reach all sections of the women's Jalsa area.

This session began traditionally with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Mrs. Andleeb Ahmedi and was translated in English and Urdu.

There was a poem (nazam) recited by Mrs. Shahnaz Shah which was followed by a speech by Mrs. Amtul Malik Najam, titled 'Khilafat and our responsibilities' translated by herself in both English and Urdu. Mrs. Najam highlighted that, Khilafat is the continuation of Prophethood and allows the spirituality to flow and become deeply rooted. This was followed by another poem written by the Promised Messiah, recited by a young girl from Melbourne Miss Durr-e-Ajam. Next in line was a speech titled 'Exemplary Sacrifices by Muslim Ladies' presented by Mrs. Abida Mubassar, the President of the Women's Auxiliary in Queensland, Mrs. Rozia Sharif of Sydney then translated this in English.

The next feature of the program was the Awards distribution Ceremony for the Annual Exhibition.

Young Girls Arts & Crafts Competition
Mohsinat (14 &15) - Handbag with beadwork decoration

-1st Hina Mahmood (NSW)
-2nd Faiza Anayat (NSW
-3rd Mahreen Khaliq (SA)

Qanitat (10-13) - Necklace and bracelet

-1st Sitara Jat (QLD)
- 2nd Samina Khokhar (SA)
- 3rd Maaham Shams (NSW)

Salhat (7-10) - Mug Paintings

- 1st Saira Zerfisham (QLD)
- 2nd Zahida Khan (VIC)
- 3rd Anum Ahmed (VIC)

Lajna (Women's Auxiliary) - Annual Exhibition, 2006
Shadow Work
-1st Romana Butt (South Australia)
-2nd Sharifan Akhtar (South Australia)
-3rd Rubab Awais (South Australia)
Ribbon Work
-1st Najam-ul-Saher (Sydney)
-2nd Nasheen Nawaz (South Australia)
-3rd Maryam Janud (South Australia)

This award distribution session was followed by silent prayers by Hazrat Sayyada Amatus Sabooh.

The hall was slowly filling up to its brink, due to the fact that the next feature of this program was Huzur's arrival!!

There were a number of announcements made so that the atmosphere that His Holiness was to walk into would be as perfect as ever.

Huzur's Address to the Women

The slogan 'Ahlan-Wasahlan Wa Marhaba' was repetitively raised whilst we were eagerly waiting for Huzur(aba) to enter the building.
Then after a line of security women His Holiness appeared at the top of the stairway, when immediately every single woman in the hall stood up (as a sign of respect) and started raising slogans of positive sayings as Huzur(aba) entered. His Holiness then advised the audience to be seated.

The recitation of the Holy Quran was then recited by Mrs. Najma Shaheen and was translated in Urdu. The tune was so melodious that the atmosphere with Huzur sitting there ever so gracefully was indescribable. There was then another poem recited. "I was sitting directly in front of His Holiness but there was a flower piece on the table, which was covering Huzur's lower part of the face, so I could only see his eyes. With the tunes of the poem penetrating throughout the entire hall and the view of His Holiness's eyes, emotions were running wild, and I personally wanted this to go on forever"!

A welcome Anthem was next by a group of young women, thanking His Holiness for visiting us here in Australia and expressing feelings of excitement of seeing him. Then an Academic Award Distribution ceremony was held with Huzur(aba) presenting the medals.

His Holiness then addressed the Ahmadi women of Australia. Huzur's address covered important issues such as what an exemplary Ahmadi Woman should be like. He talked about the roles and responsibilities of women as the maid servants of Allah. As far as moral development of the children of this community is concerned, His Holiness stated that as wives and most importantly as mothers of our future generations it is important that mothers improve their own moral and spiritual ways before going on to conveying them on to their children. He also said, let Allah Almighty grant all women good, respecting partners in life, who will also join in the bettering of their lives and for them to go down the right path and assist us to grow and mature ourselves to please Almighty Allah. (More details on the address will be posted later).

Whist Huzur(aba) was delivering his speech there was a department that simultaneously translated his speech into different languages specifically for individuals that are from a non Urdu speaking background. These people were allocated a separate seating area and were provided with head phones so that there were able to understand what His Holiness was saying on the spot.

Silent prayer was led by His Holiness, and finally Huzur(aba) said "Assalaam-alaikum" (peace by with you) and made his way to the hall downstairs. As he reached the hall, His Holiness was welcomed with an English poem recited by the young girls of our community, he waited a bit and then made his way back to the mission house.

Session Report

Date: 15/04/06
Last Session of the Day Report

There was one major highlight for this session, which was the Banquet Dinner. This was arranged so that guests around Australia had the opportunity to come and see how our community works with the special privilege of having our beloved Hazrat Mirza Masroor (aba) Ahmad attending it as well. The report of this dinner is being presented separately.

Exhibition department

The response received here is once again positive for this session, they are able to make constant sales of all sorts of items. Thus raising money for worthwhile funds.



This department had some special activities running for the children. There was an attendance of 39 children all up. They started care at 4pm and ended at 5:30pm.
    " The special activities prepared were marble paining, pasta frame making and watching specially ordered DVD cartoons.


The security team had the honoured opportunity to guard Huzur during the course of the Women's session. Mrs. Ayesha Khan is a fortunate member who got the opportunity to stand directly behind Huzur, she also had the opportunity to proclaim slogans out loudly and was very proud to be able to do so, with the presence of Huzur.


The MTA team was busy at work as all other departments. However, I must say that they had a job that was new to them, hence daunting and difficult but they carried out there work beautifully. They were required to carry out the live filming of Huzur's address to the Women's Auxiliary and at the same time keep track of all possible audio and visual hiccups. Job well done.

Signing off for today, the 15th April 2006, 11.32pm
News Team Ladies & Families