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18th April Highlights - Huzur(aba) in Australia

         Jalsa Salana, Australia (The Annual Convention)

History in the making - Huzur's Visit to Australia 2006

Day 8 Highlights - 18/04/06


 Before Waqefate Nau & Young Girls (Nasirat) Classes

All the children eagerly gathered in the downstairs hall, where there organizers assisted them in final preparations, before commencement of the class with Huzur.

Roohi Sharif- Presentation on the Sydney and our community - when asked how she was feeling advised that 'although nervous was ready to go as she had practiced a lot.'

Sabah Butt- Presentation on South Australia and our Community - How do you feel - "Never seen Huzur before so standing in front of him I would feel a little scared and different"

The hall was filled with each of the states huddled together in small spaces repeatedly practicing their assigned tasks before appearing in front of Huzur(aba).

Waqefate Nau Class

It was said once by our Khalifa(aba) that 'the sense of sacrifice associated with Waqfe Nau begins before the birth of the child devoted to the scheme when his/her parents make a pledge with Allah in the noble example of Hadhrat Maryum (may Allah be pleased with her) as well as Hadhrat Ibrahim (on whom be peace) and other prophets of God who made fervent prayers for their children', (Alislam.org). This system is regarded as one of importance due to the devotion and sacrifice brought out by the individuals involved. This department has been running for a while now and was initiated by Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad.

  • On the 18 of April 2006 at around 10am Khalifatul Messiah the 5th walked into the Baitul Huda Mosque. The missionary in charge was present as well as selected teachers.
  • A variety of topics were covered in this class. The Australian Ahmadi Community was honoured to experience the company of our beloved Khalifa, His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad. There was the traditional beginning with the recitation of the Holy Quran, its translation then an Anthem titled Ahlan Wahsalaan Wa Murhaba and then a Hadith (Sayings of the prophet (PBUH)).
  • There were a number of girls presenting all sorts of speeches and poems.Selected cities of Australia were spoken about and were informative for everyone.
  • It was interesting to observe Huzur(aba) glancing around the hall, which was decorated for the Jalsa Salana with banners all around.
  • The speeches included a speech titled 'Our God' which was in Urdu. Huzur then asked how many girls understood the Urdu language. Fauzia Nigar then spoke about the characteristics of the Holy Prophet (SAW) - explaining how the prophet spoke e.g. very calmly and respectively. Many other speeches followed.
  • There were many poems recited, one of which was titled 'all attributes are to God who is eternal', other poems included in the program were, Hai dusta kibla numa, and a Kaseeda was also recited. Huzur(aba) watched them as they carried out their work and at times shut his eyes looking as though he was in a total mode of relaxation in the praise of Allah by the melodious tunes presented.
  • This session was conducted separately from the Young Girl's classes on the whole, but the Young Girls (Nasirat classes) were to be next on Huzur's agenda for the day. Gifts were distributed to the girls towards the end of the session.

Young Girls (Nasirat) Classes

Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood Ahmad or the "Promised Son" felt that in order for the community to be structural and organised he should establish central and regional branches. These branches would then be able to direct individuals down the right track. For this arrangement to be successful and for community wellbeing, separate organisations were formed. As a result, one of these organizations is known as Nasirat-ul-Ahmadiyya (Young girls of Ahmadiyya). It is essential to note that this organization holds and maintains moral and organisational training for all young girls between the ages of 5-15 within the community so that they can become discipline members of the women's auxiliary.

The young girls of our community have Sunday classes held once a week. Through this they gain the opportunity to be able to learn and acquire religious knowledge on a regular basis.

On the 18th April 2006, the young girls of this community were able to partake in this class with the presence of his Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad. There was a lot of excitement and nervousness in the air. The girls walked into the room with Huzur found at his chair prepared for this next session. The Missionary in charge Mr. Mahmood Ahmad was present along with the MTA crew and a hand full of teachers.

  • The first item of this session was naturally the recitation of the Holy Quran followed by its translation. Hadith was next and then a beautiful poem recited by Nida Sarfraz.
  • There was a welcoming address organized for Huzur(aba) which was undertaken by a competent young girl. This was followed by a comprehensive presentation by group of girls, one by one talking about each of the Promised Messiah's children, their lives and works they had done for the community.
  • There were a number of speeches and presentations conveyed, including informative talks on each of the major states of Australia such as Melbourne, South Australia, Queensland and more.
  • There were a variety of group poems and religious anthems performed, which were done gracefully, with each separate branch representing their own individual states/territories.
  • Huzur then concluded the session with the distribution of gifts. The day ended with all the teachers and young girls' receiving lunch on behalf of the community.


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Huzur's other activities

  • After the Waqfat-e-Nau and Nasirat Classes, Huzur (aba) had a meeting with Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Australia at 12pm that lasted for around an hour.
  • Huzur (aba) then led Zuhr and Asr prayers at 1:30pm. After this, there was an Aameen Ceremony. This is conducted when a child completes reading the Holy Quran for the first time. There were 17 children in total, which included 9 girls and 8 boys. Huzur (aba) listened to one or two verses from the Holy Quran from each child very patiently. Each child sat next to Huzur (aba) and his Holiness chose a random verse from the Holy Quran for him/her to read. Huzur (aba) carried out this ceremony in a very friendly manner, made sure that the children were comfortable and praised them for their efforts. Huzur (aba) led silent prayers at the end and then sweets were distributed to everyone present.
  • Huzur (aba) returned to the mission house for a couple of hours before returning to the mosque at 4:30pm to hold a meeting with the National Majlis-e-Aamla of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.
  • This meeting lasted for 2 hours, where after a photo session was held. Photos were taken with Huzur (aba) for the National Majlis-e-Aamla, for the Sydney Majlis-e-Aamla, for the Website Australia Team and separately for the Ladies Website Australia Team.
  • Huzur (aba) then had his last family meeting session in Sydney. He graciously met another 24 families starting from 6:45pm and finishing at 8pm. The German delegation and a couple of Non-Muslim guests were also included in this meeting session.
  • Huzur (aba) led Maghrib and Isha prayers at 8:30pm and then a special dinner was organized with Huzur (aba) and all the volunteers who worked during the Jalsa Salana. As tradition, all the Nazimeen served the Muawineen, who were all seated in front of Huzur's (aba) table. After a delicious dinner, Huzur (aba) led silent prayers, which was then followed by a photo session. Huzur (aba) patiently had his photo taken with all the various departments of the Jalsa Salana.
  • Huzur's (aba) 8th day of his tour to Australia ended after the photo session as Huzur (aba) left the gents' food marquee and made his way back to the mission house.


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