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21st April Highlights - Huzur(aba) lays the Foundation

Jalsa Salana, Australia
The Annual Convention

History in the making - Huzur's Visit to Australia 2006

Day 11 Highlights - 21/04/06 (Part -2)

Foundation Laying Ceremony of the 'Khilafat Centenary Hall'

Huzur (aba) has very kindly named the proposed multipurpose building facility at Baitul-Huda Mosque as "Khilafat Centenary Hall" in view of the Khilafat Centenary in 2008.

  • Huzur (aba) arrived at the foundation site at 2:45pm, where the program began with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Hafiz Rana Qasim Khan.

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  • The event was being telecasted live to the worldwide audience through MTA.
  • His Holiness then viewed a display of the plan and features of this multi-purpose facility.
  • Dr. Taseer Bashir Khan, the Coordinator of the Project was briefing Huzur (aba) on this project while he was viewing the display.
  • The facility would house a multi-purpose hall, a guesthouse, a large-scale kitchen for gatherings like Jalsa Salana that also satisfies Australian food regulations; offices for the auxiliary organisations, offices and a child care area for Lajna (Ladies), a hall projection system for training programs in the hall, bathrooms and toilets. The facility will be built with low-cost materials and a large proportion of work will be undertaken by volunteers from the Jamaat.
  • The Khilafat Centenary Hall would have the capacity for 1363 people to pray, 1125 persons to sit on chairs and 8 indoor games could be played on alternative basis. It could also be used for social gatherings such as marriages, where segregation among men and women will be easily arranged.
  • At 2:53pm, Huzur (aba) placed the historic foundation stone for the building of the 'Khilafat Centenary Hall.'

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  • This was followed by Huzur's (aba) wife, Hazrat Appa Jaan Sahiba placing another stone.
  • The following members also placed stones on the site:

  1.        National Ameer and Missionary In-Charge, Maulana Mahmood Ahmad,
  2.        Additional Vakilul Tabshir, Abdul Majid Tahir,
  3.        Huzur's (aba) Private Secretary, Munir Ahmad Javed,
  4.        Naib Ameer Australia, Khalid Saifullah,
  5.        Naib Ameer Australia, Nasir Kahlon,
  6.        Sadr Majlis Ansarullah Australia, Mumtaz Maqbool,
  7.        Sadr Majlis Lajna Imaillah Australia, Mrs. Amtul Malik Najam,
  8.        Sadr Majlis Khudammul Ahmadiyya Australia, Amzad Habib Khan
  9.        Coordinator of the Khilafat Centenary Hall Planning and Construction Team, Dr. Taseer Bashir Khan.
  10.        In addition to the above list, a representative from Waqfat-e-Nau, Fozia Almas Ahmad and a representative     from Waqf-e-Nau, Abdul-Rahman both placed a stone each on the foundation site.

  • Huzur (aba) then led silent prayers, which was followed by a photo shoot with the Khilafat Centenary Hall team who are: Coordinator Dr Taseer Bashir Khan, Engr. Feroz Ali Shah, Engr. Amjad Uppal, Builder Mohammad Shafique, Engr. Farhad Jaan Khan, Archt. Azhar Rehan Khan, Engr. Vincent Breed and Naseer Ahmedi.

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  • Sweets were then distributed to everyone and Huzur (aba) made his way back to the mission house at 3pm.
  • Lunch was served for all at this time as well.
  • His Holiness then left Baitul Huda Mosque at 5:20pm for the Airport to leave for Brisbane. May Allah keep him safe in his journey to Brisbane and then on to Adelaide and May he return to Sydney safe and sound with the Grace of Almighty Allah.

Please stay tuned we will keep you informed of Huzur's engagements during this tour also.


Signing off for today, the 22nd of April 2006,01.20am
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