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21st April Highlights - Huzur(aba) In Australia

Jalsa Salana, Australia
The Annual Convention

History in the making - Huzur's Visit to Australia 2006

Day 11 Highlights - 21/04/06 (Part -1)

Friday Sermon

Synopsis of Huzur's Friday sermon

  • Huzur (aba) arrived inside Bait-Ul-Huda Mosque at 1:35pm.
  • He commenced his Friday Sermon by highlighting his experiences in Australia so far, including the Jalsa Salana.
  • His Holiness then mentioned the various groups of people he has met living in Australia with the majority of them being from Pakistan.
  • He advised that everyone is responsible for their own actions and we all should continually examine what expectations the Promised Messiah (as) has from all of the members of his Jamaat.
  • As the Promised Messiah (as) had advised us, we should keep strengthening our faith.
  • We should look into our own hearts and try to keep it pure and clean at all times.
  • A true believer is one who is kind to everyone and shows love and affection for all humanity.
  • One should learn to keep his or her anger in control and practice to forgive others.
  • Practicing what your preach is also vital, hence one should set a good example for others.
  • Huzur (aba) then highlighted the three different states of the soul that exist in a person and advised everyone to keep working hard to get to the highest and purest state by keeping an eye on your weaknesses and continually praying to Allah.
  • Huzur (aba) then turned his attention to Tabligh (preaching) and advised the Jamaat in Australia to make solid plans for Tabligh and wished that every member of the Jamaat could get involved in the field of preaching and spreading the beautiful message of Ahmadiyyat throughout this nation. (Detailed summary to follow…)
  • Huzur (aba) then led Friday prayers and Asr prayers at 2:25pm.


Signing off for now, the 22nd of April 2006,01.20am
Syed Tariq Ahmed - Editor News Gents