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23rd April Highlights - Huzur(aba) visits Adelaide

Jalsa Salana, Australia
The Annual Convention

History in the making - Huzur's Visit to Australia 2006

A brief report of Huzur's (aba) visit to Adelaide

On Saturday 22nd of April, at precisely 2035hrs CST (Central Standard Time), Flight No: QF 665 from Brisbane, carrying Huzur (aba) and his entourage touched down at the New Adelaide Airport and within less than 20 mins Huzu (aba) was greeted by members of 'Majlis Amla Adelaide', Lajna Imaillah, and some visitors from Sydney. Two children presented bouquets to Huzur (aba) and Begum Sahiba, before they were escorted to their car.

The trip to their Hotel, 'The Oaks' on North Terrace in CBD Adelaide took about 15 minutes and most of the members of Huzur's (aba) staff stayed at this hotel. After everyone had been allocated to their rooms, Maghrib and Isha prayers were offered at 2130hrs before dinner was served, which had been prepared and brought to the hotel by Secretary Ziafat and his team.

The following day, Sunday 23rd of April, Huzur and his entourage left the hotel at 1005hrs and drove straight to Aldinga to the Jamaät property- the venue for the day. Huzur (aba) arrived at 1100hrs and was met by a group of Jamaät members representing different countries, but who call Adelaide home. A group of Atfal presented a tarana and the Nasirat sang a nazm.

A tree planting ceremony followed, when Huzur (aba) planted two trees (Mulberry and a Mandarin tree) at the front of the house facing the Lower Southern Mount Lofty Ranges.

Mulaqats (meetings) began in earnest at 1130hrs and continued on until 1415 followed by Zuhr-Asr prayers and then lunch, which was enjoyed by everyone present.

A short while after lunch at around 1510hrs Huzur (aba) stepped out of his room and began filming the surroundings with his personal camera. A short photo session with Majlis Amla Adelaide, Ansarullah and Khuddamul Ahmadiyya also took place.

Surprisingly, despite what appeared to be an extremely hectic schedule, Huzur (aba) had about 25 minutes to spare, before their scheduled departure for the airport at 1600hrs. Huzur (aba) took the opportunity to go for a short walk around the property asking questions about olive farming. Huzur (aba) also graciously agreed to conduct Ameen for two children at a parent's request, met a non-Ahmadi gentleman and was presented a souvenir by Sadr Sahib Jamaät Adelaide before leading silent prayers.

His Holiness and his entourage left Aldinga at approximately 1600hrs for the airport for their flight back to Sydney, which was due to depart at 1755.

Z'hur Rasool Butt
Reporting from Adelaide