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A Day Out - Ansraullah Sydney

Majlise Ansarullah, the Ahmadiyya auxiliary of men above 40 of Sydney had a picnic day on 4th of June 2006.

The picnic was organised on the sprawling lawns of the Reservoir Park at Propect next to the water reservoir. The original location that was a 2 hours bus ride from the Mosque towards the Mounatins was cancelled due to a rainy forecast. By the grace of Allah the day turned out to be nice and sunny with periods of clouds covering the sky.

Total of 58 members attended including 2 Khuddam and 4 Aftal. Few of the non Ahmadis attended the occasion also that provided a valuable opportunity to exchange the views.

As per program the members started arriving at 11.00am. The food preparation team lead by Br Naseer Mustafa and Br Azhar Rahim was preparing for the event from a day before. Two BBQ fires were set up around 11.00am while the rest of the members enjoyed playing cricket. The food team members also joined on rotational basis.

At 12.30pm, a generous lunch of kebabs, steaks and a healthy green salad accompanied by the breads of different kinds was served. The participants seemed to have enjoyed the variery and the taste.

Two teams were formed and a game of soccer was played after lunch. Majority of the members participated in the game as now days the Soccer World Cup is pumping up everyone in Australia also. A few seniors lead by Khalid Saifullah Khan sahib became the spectators and supporters. Ameer and Missionary Incharge Mahmood Saheb officially referied the game. He was found to be actually quite easygoing on the players. Two halves of approximately 20 minutes each side were played. Sadr Majlis Ansarullah also played and showed the touch of his own experience in the game.

Tea was served on completion of the game after which all members joined hands to clean up before leaving.

The program ended with Dua (silnet prayers) led by Ameer Sahib.