Last updateWed, 05 Jun 2019 9pm

Visiting Ahmadi doctor gunned down for his faith in Pakistan


Dr. Mehdi Ali Chaudhary cardiologist from Ohio USA (younger brother of Chaudhary Hadi Ali sahib & cousin of Waheed Ahmad Chattah Melbourne) was shot dead in front of Bahishti Maqbarah ...Inna illaihe wa inna illaihe rajaioon.

Mehdi Ali was the youngest son of Choudhary Farzand Ali Sahib who was one of the pioneers of Rabwah and was close friend with Hazrat Musleh Maood (Razi Allah Anhu). Mehdi's maternal Grand father Master Ziauddin Arshad had the honour of teaching our beloved Imam Hazrat Khalifatul Masih 5th and was also martyred in 1974 becoming the first martyr of Rabwah. 

Mehdi was very intelligent and active not only in his academic activities and being the top student throughout his education in Talim-ul Islam High school and College Rabwah but also was very active volunteer for Jamaat at all levels as a member of Atfal-ul-ahmadiyya, Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, holding several different jamaat offices throughout his life.

It was his utmost desire for the service of humanity that inspired him to seek medical education and he completed his MBBS degree from Punjab Medical College Faisalabad surviving the atrocities ahmadi medical student had to bear with in the era of dictator General Ziaul Haq. He then served the ailing humanity by working in Fazl-e-umar hospital Rabwah until he immigrated to Canada in 1991/92. During that time he was the most pivotal force behind establishing the eye bank in Rabwah as one of the founding doctors of that institute.

After immigrating to Canada, he completed the MD degree course of united states, and started his residency training in medicine maimonides hospital Brooklyn in 1996. Since his mother who was the president of Lajna Imaillah for years in Rabwah, died of heart attack, he decided to pursue his higher education by specializing in Cardiology after completing his residency in medicine. His intelligent mind did not let him stop his education/training there and he decided to spend more time learning interventional cardiology rather than cashing his already long and tedious training and acquired skills. He became board certified internist, cardiologist, and interventional cardiologist. 

After spending six long years in residency and training, he moved from Brooklyn to Ohio and joined a group of cardiologists. He has been serving the ailing humanity there since then. Even though, he was too very busy as a respected and trusted cardiologist in the area, but he never let his volunteer spirit die. He continued to volunteer for jamaat in several different capacities and was pivotal in building Ahmadiyya mosque in columbus, Ohio area. He was also very active on the information highway by posting several videos challenging the lies about jamaat and bringing forth the truth about Islam Ahmadiyya on you tube and facebook. he was also a God gifted talented Poet writing poetry on diverse topics including ahmadiyyat, and our khulafa-e-ahmadiyyat. he had just posted his new poem on facebook last week.

He was not only donating cardiac stents sending them to Tahir Heart Institute Rabwah on a regular basis but he has been volunteering to go there personally and treat both Ahmadi and non Ahmadi patients in Tahir Heart Institute Rabwah. It was his current volunteer stint in Tahir heart Institute where he was martyred while serving the ailing humanity. 

He has earned double Shahadat by being martyred because of believing in Imam-uz-Zaman of this era and during the volunteer work of serving the ailing humanity both ahmadis and non ahmadis equally. he has left three young boys and a wife behind him to follow noble and reverend traditions.

May Allah elevate his status in Jannatul Firdous.Ameen.