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Announcements Jalsa 2006

We gladly announce that by the Grace of Allah, the 22nd Annual Convention of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Australia will Insha-Allah be held at Masjid Baitul Huda, Sydney on April 14th, 15th and 16th 2006. This Jalsa (Convention) as a matter of fact is the branch of the same Central Jalsa of Qadian, which was started in 1891 by the Promised Messiah(as).

Scholars of the Jamaat will address the gathering on spiritual, religious and scholarly subjects, which will be quite heart warming and very enlightening. All brothers and sisters are requested to come and take full advantage of these valuable speeches and receive the blessings of Allah.

Various Jalsa Departments will be in full mode with volunteers working tirelessly to make sure the organisation of the Jalsa is successful. It is my request to all members of the Jamaat to cooperate with all Jalsa volunteers on duty.

I would like to request all members of the Jamaat to pray to God Almighty that He showers His blessings on this gathering and make it a complete success. Ameen.

Officer Jalsa Salana
Mohammad Sarwar Shah

Volunteers required for Jalsa Salana

Like every year, we need good number of volunteers for the upcoming Jalsa Salana. It is therefore requested to the members of the Jamaat to come forward and offer themselves to be a volunteer for this blessed Jalsa Salana. May Allah bless you all!

Ahmad Khalid
Nazim Duty