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Peace Luncheon

One will agree that in today's turbulent world, peace is a word which is commonly heard of due to the hostilities that surround us. The question which arises here is whether or not that wo read more..

Cleanup Australia Day

On Sunday the 7th of March 2010, large groups of people from various communities around Australia took part in the Clean Up Australia Day. Out of 7084 Clean Up Sites registered around the nation, the... read more..

Humanity First Australia

Young Men and Kids Walk for a Noble Cause On Sunday, the 8th of January 2006, Majlise Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Australia and Humanity First jointly organised a 'Walkathon' in order to raise funds for the ... read more..

South Australia

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community In South AustraliaEarly History The first Ahmadi to arrive in South Australia was Dr. Zaid Bin Abdul Kader who came in 1968 to study for his Ph.D. degree in Botany (P read more..

Community Services

Tsunami disaster The Ambassadors and the dipmlomats of most of the countries hit with recent tsunami disaster in Asia have admired and appreciated the contributions made by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Ass read more..

Building Projects

 Among a large number of projects and activities by the grace of Allah, Ahmadiyya community, Australia also undertook a number of building projects to express its gratitude towards the bless read more..


Brief History       Ahmadiyyat in Australia BackgroundDr. Ijazul Haq wrote two letters to Wakil-ul-Tabshir, in regards to forming a Jamaat in Australia on the 10th of July 1979 and read more..


Five Fundamental Pillars Of Islam The five fundamental acts of worship in Islam are: 1. Declaration of Faith2. Prayer3. Fasting4. Pilgrimage5. Zakat Now, one by one... read more..

Our Beliefs

Introduction of Ahmadiyya Muslim beliefs in the words of Promised Messiah (AW)• Our faith • Allah the Almighty • The Holy QuranThe five fundamental pillars of Islam•  Declaration of Faith | Prayer | read more..

Brief History

  The Promised Messiah from Qadian, India The Ahmadiyya Community was founded in 1889 by Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, (on whom be peace) of Qadian. The Community has been continuously progressing read more..

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