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February 2013

Hudhur(aba) Address

On 17 October 2016, the World Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, the Fifth Khalifa (Caliph), His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad was welcomed to Canada’s Houses of Parliament by Prim read more..


Sub-Auxiliary of Ahmadi Girls  Nasirat-ul-Ahmadiyya Australia has been divided into three groups SALIHAT ages 7-8-9 and 10 yearsQANITAT ages 11-12 and 13 yearsMOHSINAT ages 14-15 years Nasi... read more..

A Message to Lajna Members

Dear Sisters, Assalamo-Alaikum Wa Rahmatulah. I hope and pray that with the Grace of Almighty Allah you are in the best of health. May this blessed month of Ramadhan bring unlimited bounties for you... read more..

Lajna Imaillah Pledge

  (The practice is that on the occasion of meetings members standup and repeat the pledge jointly)ASHAHADO AL LAILAHA ILLALLAHO WAHDAHU LA SHARIKA LAHU WA ASHAHADO ANNA MUHAMMADAN ABDOHU WA RASULOHU.... read more..

Lajna Imaillah ACT

  Annual Calendar 2009... read more..

Lajna Imaillah South Australia

Interfaith Symposium Report | Annual Calendar 2009 read more..

Lajna Imaillah Victoria

   Report Jalsa Maseh-e-Maud Annual Calendar 2009| 5th Annual Nasiratul Ahmadiyya Summer Camp    Jalsa Maseeh-e-Maud   By the grace of God, Lajna Imai read more..

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