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June 2014

Ramadhan Mubarak

Ramadhan Timetable Melbourne-Sydney- Adelaide - Perth - Canberra - Brisbane - Darwin- Nationwide `The Holy Quran states: `O ye who believe, fast... read more..

A Chapter from the history of Ahmadiyyat in Western Australia

This photos are of the grave of Mr. Hassan Moosa Khan Sahib, first Ahmadi Muslim in Australia. His grave is located in Karakata Cemetery, Perth, Western Australia.   The following is the wr... read more..

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in South Australia

Early History The first Ahmadi to arrive in South Australia was Dr. Zaid Bin Abdul Kader who came in 1968 to study for his Ph.D. degree in Botany (Plant Genetics) at Adelaide University. After obtain... read more..

Visiting Ahmadi doctor gunned down for his faith in Pakistan

Dr. Mehdi Ali Chaudhary cardiologist from Ohio USA (younger brother of Chaudhary Hadi Ali sahib & cousin of Waheed Ahmad Chattah Melbourne) was shot dead in front of Bahishti Maqbarah ...Inna il read more..

Converted Ahmadi under Threat

PAKISTAN: A Call to protect the life of a converted Ahmadi and his family under constant threat from religious extremists in Pakistan Please see the report below and sign the petition by going to t read more..

Late Maulana Mahmood Ahmad Shahid's Opening Address at Jalsa Salana

Faith (Imaan) in Allah. A Believer and Muslim should offer his prayer as if they are seeing Allah in front of them. If this is not possible then they should be as though Allah is seeing them. Allah i... read more..


  Cleanup Australia Day Press Release Australia Day Dinner Victoria Australia Day Parade Melbourne  Muslim-Christian groups gather to promote peace, harmony, to read more..

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