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Baitul Noor Mosque

New Ahmadiyya Mosque opened in Adelaide South


The city of Adelaide in South Australia has been known to be the city of churches. By the Grace of Allah the Almighty Jama’at Adelaide South has been very fortunate to have two mosques now in the city of Adelaide. The first Mosque established in Adelaide, South Australia was the Mehmood Mosque, located at the west side of city. For the past four years Jama’at Adelaide South was hiring a church, for offering Friday prayer, and halls for offering daily prayers, as Mahmood Mosque waslocated at an hour’s drive. Jama’at Adelaide South was looking for a place in south Adelaide to make a permanent place of worship.
Alhamdolillah with the prayers of Huzur-e-Anwar (May Allah be his Helper) and all Jama’at members this dream came true and Jama’at was able to purchase a church in the suburb of Morphett Vale, which has now been converted into a Mosque. Huzur-e-Anwar (May Allah be his Helper) has graciously named it “Noor Mosque” (House of Light).
This is the first mosque in the southern suburbs of Adelaide. The almost 3000 square meter property features three halls, several offices, kitchen, a shed, a play ground and ample car parking. Around 300 Jama’at members live around a 5km radius of the now, Noor Mosque. Jama’at members have been coming to offer 5 daily prayers in large numbers since its’ opening in January. The building was purchased in January 2018. All members of Jama’at were strongly encouraged to participate in this blessed scheme and contribute in purchasing of House of Allah. By the sheer Grace of Allah the Almighty a number of remarkable examples of sacrifices were seen in the Jama’at.
It was opened for the very first time on the 9th January 2018. All members of Jama’at were invited to offer Nawafil prayers and sweets were distributed to celebrate this historic moment.


On 22nd of the January 2018, members of the Jama’at offered Friday prayer in this Mosque for NEW MOSQUE IN ADELAIDE SOUTH “MASJID NOOR”
the first time. Respected Imam Inam ul Haque Kauser Sahib, Ameer and Missionary in-charge of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Australia lead the Friday prayer and appreciated the sacrifices of the members of Adelaide South Jama’at that they had made to purchase the Mosque.
As homes, schools, and shopping malls surround the Noor Mosque, the Jama’at has seen this as a great opportunity to send out the message of love, peace and harmony to the local residents by holding a reception.
The preparations started after receiving approval of the Open House date for the 3rd of March by Respected Ameer Sahib. Daily Waqar-e-Amal was held to clean and decorate the entire Mosque. Lights and a new sign of the Noor mosque were displayed along with the Jama’at Motto “Love For All Hatred For None”.
Open invitations were sent to all the local residents and dignitaries to join the Jama’at members for a
welcome dinner. The invitation grabbed the attention of the local media and news was published on several newspapers, of the first ever mosque for the south of Adelaide.
On 26th of March 2018 the news, “New home for Muslims as church converts to mosque” was published in the South Australian newspaper “The Advertiser”. Moreover it was also published in a locally circulated newspaper “The Messenger”. Alhamdolillah this news of this new Mosque reached almost half a million people of South Australia.
A total of 6 metings were held in preparation for this Open House event. During the meetings under the guidance of President of Adelaide South Jama’at, Fareed Bajwa Sahib, Secretary Tabligh and Secretary External affairs worked very hard to ensure a positive outcome through this event. The entire Mosque was painted from the inside and out. The display of lights on the outside walls of the Mosque also drew attraction from the surrounding residents. Furthermore a digital screen LED was displayed at the edge of the road to notify the public about the day.


On the day, guests arrival started at 4:45pm. After a warm welcome by Reception team, guests were seated. Around 150 guests including Unitarian church representatives, Federal and State MPs,Mayors, Councillors, local government officials, neighbours and local community members attended the dinner.
Respected Ameer Sahib hosted the welcome dinner where he was joined by the Hon. Amanda Rishworth, Federal MP, The Hon.Katrine Hildyard MP, Deputy Mayor City of Onkaparinga, and many other people from all walks of life.
The proceedings began with a recitation from the Holy Quran and its translation in English followed by National Anthem by young boys under 15 years. Mr. Fareed Bajwa President Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Adelaide South gave a welcome note, he said;“This is the first ever event of Noor Mosque and let it be the plate form for many to come and I can ensure that we do not need end these events for guests to come and take a look. Our doors and hearts will always be open for you. Anyone who wants to come and say hello to us…. I want to ensure you that we Ahmadiyya Muslim Community will work tirelessly to built a better and peaceful future for our generations to come. May this Mosque be a source of light …. And a source of eternal peace for all of us.”
One young boy, aged 13, Haseeb Massan had a speech on the topic of “House of Peace’. He expressed his emotion of joy for buying a Mosquein his neighborhood area. He also said this mosque is a House of God which in reality means of Houseof Peace, where we spread love, affection, peace and brotherhood for all people.
Another short speech was delivered by one young girl, Sofia Gondal, on the topic of “My Pledge as an Australian Ahmadi Muslim”. In her speech she explained her duties to her country being a Muslim girl. She said, “My pledge, reflects the same message as of the Australian national anthem. Let me assure you that for my nation I will strive to be a wellmannered, highly educated, respectable Ahmadi Muslim Australian citizen”.
After this speech, Mr. Monus Ahmed Deen Shaikh Sahib, presented another speech in which he briefly explained the history of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and its humanitarian services worldwide. He also briefly explained the volunteer work, which the community members are doing towards the advancement of Peace and
the community’s motto “Love For All Hatred For None”. A number of guest speakers spoke very highly on the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association South Australia’s continuous involvement in interfaith dialogue, community services and initiatives such as holding Australia Day celebrations, Clean-up Australia Day, Tree planting day, Cancer Council, Red Cross, Novita, Salvation Army Food Bank and participating in different appeals. Amanda Rishworth, Member of the Australian Parliament for Kingston acknowledged all the community’s work including Australia Clean up day, Australia Day celebrations and contributing continuously in different charities. She said: “As I know the Ahmadiyya Muslim community wants to do, is to built better understanding between faith and really focus on what hold our community together not what has a part. I would just like to congratulate you on your persistent, thank you all the work you do, I hope this is a very happy and spiritual and place of reflection and worship for many years to come.”
Hon. Katrine Hildyard Member of South Australian Parliament for Reynell said, “I know that you too as a community welcome and include people and that you are a community of worship and spirituality and love…. Thank you to each and every one of you for truly living your values, for living your mantra of “Love For All And Hearted For None” in the way that you severed our community and indeed that every thing that you do and particularly the way that you serve our most honorable community members…. Thank you for your big hearts, thank you for the light that you bring to our community, the living of your values makes a real difference here in the south and beyond and thank you for choosing this part of southern community to call your new home.”
Deputy Mayor of Onkaparinga City, Gary Hennessy said, “I think its very important we heard an explanation of all of the work of Muslim community that your community has done but we never read that in newspapers because papers do not want to talk about good stories…I just would like to on behalf of all Onkaparinga to welcome to our city, we hope that God blesses you in your works and in your faiths and that we built a phenomenal partnership of faith together.”
In his concluding speech Hon. Inam ul Haque Kauser Sahib, National President and Missionary in-charge of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Australia after acknowledging all guests said, “I thank you all very much from bottom of my heart on behalf of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. You made our day…. The Holy
Prophet (Peace be Upon him) said; ‘you cannot be thankful and grateful to the Creator unless Reverend Sue Ellis Leader of Uniting Church was also present and stated:
“As Moderator of the Uniting Church in South Australia, I great the leaders of this new Mosque and pray for the light of God to bless your worshipers. We are pleased that this place of worship will have a new life, and the ways of loving service to the world will continue. Jesus said, “Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven (Mathew 5:16)..... It is important for us that this building which was built for the Glory of God now comes in its journey to you, we are excited by that…. It is a joy for us that the love of God will continue to be known here and the service of God will come from this place still.”


Reverend Sue Ellis, Leader of Uniting Church. you become thankful tofellow human beings.’ At this very special event I am very thankful to God Almighty and very thankful to Australia that they has enabled us to keep this house as a place of worship… we have been given the freedom of speech, freedom of conscious and freedom of religion, which is a great gift which Australia has given to us. We are very thankful to God”. The event came to conclusion with the silent prayer that was followed by a delightful dinner. All guests enjoyed the program and were very thankful to the Jama’at for opening the Mosque for them. At the end a few residents gave very positive feedback. One
of the members said, “I just like to say I am pleased to come here today. I think the message “Love For All Hatred For None” has to be a message that all of us should live by, I think the option to come along and to meet people and listen to everyone what they say was absolutely excellent and that good build for our community to make community stronger and help us all with our lives”. Another neighbour of the Mosque said: “I came today to my old church and I am very impressed I really like the way you people are promoting peace. I also tell others that its really good place to see people and to come in and have some peace time”.
One more resident said: “I have never been touch in any Muslim community, but I really enjoyed the welcome your community gave to us. It is something very beautiful to hear from you that all you want to spread all around the world is love…. I will be in touch with your community in future as well.”
May Allah the Almighty give us strength to make this place always a place of Peace and to promote the true teachings of Islam and Ahmadiyyat. May we always be aware with our responsibilities towards this House of Allah the Almighty.