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Comments and messages from our worldwide audience

Jalsa Salana, Australia
The Annual Convention

History in the making - Huzur's Visit to Australia

Comments and Messages from Our Worldwide Audience

During our coverage of Jalsa 2006 and the Australian tour of Huzur(aba), we received a large number of messages of support, felicitations and suggestions from every corner of the world. For the interest of our wonderful audience, Ahmadiyya Australia website is proud to present few of these messages that are selected randomly.

We are also grateful to all who wrote us as it is impossible to reply every one individually. Please remember the Ahmadiyya Australia web team in your kindest prayers. Jazakommullah (May Allah bless you!)

Ahmadiyya Australia website

Name Sender: Tofeq Hargey
Location of the sender: Cape Town, South Africa

    Assalamu Alaikum. As an ahmadi from Cape Town, I find your website an excellent source of reference covering Huzur's visit to Australia. I especially enjoy the daily updates of Huzur's activities.
    Keep up the good work and may Almigty Allah reward you all and may your Jalsa Salaana be a huge success.

Name Sender: Ahmad Tabshir Choudhury
Location of the sender: Bangladesh

    Assalamo Alaikum wa Rahmatullah. First of all I would like to congratulate my respected Ameer sahib of Australia and all members of his jama'at on the occassion of the Jalsa Salana 2006. This year and the Jalsa is very significant and special one as Huzoor has graced the occassion with his kind presence. I would also like to congratulate other participants who have come from different countries to attend the Jalsa and meet Huzoor. A few number from Bangladesh are also attending this great occassion. They all are lucky. We those could not attend the jalsa physically will be with you all spiritually and inshAllah will be watching through MTA. Our best wishes and pray that may Allah grant a great success to this blessed jalsa and protect you all. Finally, my sincere regards and to our beloved Huzoor. Wassalam,

    Sadr, Majlis Ansarullah, Bangladesh

 Name Sender: Mohammad WAHAB
Location of the sender: Vienna, Austria

    Dear Brothers!
    Asslamo Alikum wa Rehmatullah!
    It is the first time I visit your Site! Really good work. God bless you.
    Mohammad WAHAB (General Secretary)
    Ahmadiyya Muslim Gemeinde Österreich e.V.

Name Sender: Frank Bauman
Location of the sender: Zurich, Switzerland

    I am a student of the Contemporary Religions. I find the Australian site of Ahmadiya community very useful to understand its message and how it is practiced in day to day life. The annual convention seems to be of prime importance and I thank you for bringing every detail to the world.
    Thanks you

Name Sender: Muhammad Shafique Tahir
Location of the sender: University of Arkansas, USA

    Dear Amir sb
    I received the blessings of Jalsa Salana through internet. I extend my gratitude and congratulations to you and all members of Ahmadiyya Jamaat Australia on organizing this successful annual convention. By the grace of Allah you and your team did a great job. Please convey my special regards to Dr. Taseer on developing a good web site for Australian Jamaat. (Mashallaha).

    Thank You
    Muhammad Shafique Tahir (PhD)
    Visiting Scholar
    University of Arkansas, USA

Name Sender: Anis Ahmad Chaudry
Location of the sender: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

    Assalam-o-Alaikum w.w.
    Jazakomullah Ahsanal Jaza !
    What an excellent efforts and site.
    May God bless you all manifoldly with the best of two Worlds.
    Anis Ahmad Chaudry

Name Sender: Javed Bhatti
Location of the sender: USA

    Mubarak to you all for an excellent Jalsa. .......

Name Sender: Saqib Manzoor
Location of the sender: Vancouver, Canada

    Assalam-u-Alaikum, I visited this site after a while and it
    felt pretty good to see the fruits of all the efforts that you all guys' have been putting into this. Congratulations to you all. Keep up the good
    work. Wassalam.

Name Sender: Dr Salahuddin
Location of the sender: India

    assalamualaikum.w.w may allah make this jalsa memorable
    filled with his blessings.

Name Sender: Zahid Rajput
Location of the sender: Toronto-Canada

    Salam, Congratulations for updating and preparing a nice
    page on the web. Good Job. Keep up the good work.

Name Sender: Ahmad Bashir RN(22213)
Location of the sender: Baltimore, Md, USA

    Please give my salaams to Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V and may he have blessed and productive journey, Insha-Allah.

Name Sender: Rahmat Ali Bt.
Location of the sender: Kby.Lama Sel., JAKARTA 12240, Indonesia

    Asslmlkm.wr.wb.. My Cousin (Dudi Abdullah Sahib) is Qaid of Majelis Khuddamul Ahmadiyah Indonesia - Local Kebayoran. He is a Secretary Waqf-i-Nau Local too. We saw lecture about Waqf-i-Nau on *pdf file of Jalsah Aussie Program. We would like to get that paper from you. Thank you. Jzkmllh.ahsnl.jz. Aameen. Wsslmlkm.wr.wb..

Name Sender: Bashir Ahmad
Location of the sender: Canberra

    Can you post information about sydney weather during jalsa days.

Name Sender: Nabeel
Location of the sender: Peace Village

    You have a good site, it is only missing one thing? Nazms. I think you should have Nazms song by the Australia Jam'at put on the site as well.
    Also please put the Jalsa Salana Nazms as well.