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Day One - 25th of March 2005

Day One - 25th of March 2005

The 21st Annual Jalsa Salana for Australian Ahmadiyya Muslim Community inaugurated on 25th March 2005 in Sydney. By the Grace of Allah, it was a glorious and spiritual event for all Ahmadis present at that occasion.

Gents Jalsa Gah
| Lajna Jalsa Gah

Gents Jalsa Gah - 25th of March 2005

Inspection by Ameer Saheb, Australia

  • Maulana Mahmood Ahmad, National Ameer & Missionary Incharge undertook an inspection of all the departments involved in the 21st Annual Convention of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Australia at Masjid Bait-Ul-Huda in Sydney on the 25th of March 2005 in the morning at 10.00am.
  • Ameer saheb gave advice to all the officers (nazims) and volunteers (muawineen) participating in the Jalsa to carry out their responsibilities on time and help out the guests from Inter-state and overseas in every possible way.


Reported by: Syed Tariq Ahmad from Al-Huda Mosque, Sydney.
Correspondent, Ahmadiyya Australia website



  • Jalsa preparations seemed to be started months ahead, members of Khuddam, Atfaal and Lajna Imaillah worked very hard and spent large number of hours to complete all preparations on time.
  • A number of large and colourful marquees were erected for different departments. The weather was beautifully mild and sunny particularly in this season of rain and hailstorm it seemed to be the result of constant and sincere prayers of members of the Jamat.

Participants and Registration:

  • The participants of Jalsa came from different areas within Australia and overseas. Representatives were from Singapore, Solomon Islands, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Bundaberg, Perth and Canberra.
  • This year new ID cards were introduced for people participating in Jalsa Salana. Each card had printed names as well as serial barcode for security as well as statistical purposes. The technology was serving well and all participants were registered in time. Every member was requested to display their IDs all the time during Jalsa.

Friday Prayer:

  • Participants of Jalsa were served lunch followed by Jumma prayer with Khutba about concept of Dujjal, Gog and Magog with respect to modern times. References were made to an overwhelming culture of permissiveness, which is being spread and need to remain steadfast and help others stay on the right path was emphasised.
  • By the mercy of Allah and prayers of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih, Jalsa participation seemed to be increased by large number, it was the first time in our history that Jalsa hall was full and members had to offer Friday prayer outside on the ground.

Official inauguration:

The Jalsa Salana was officially inaugurated by the hoisting of the Jamat-e-Ahmadiyya Flag and the Australian Flag by Maulana Mahmood Ahmad and Musa Bin Masran (Missionaty Incharge of Solomon Islands) respectively at 2:45pm. Mahmood saheb led silent prayers after the flag hoisting and then the first session of the Jalsa got underway.

Inside the Jalsa Hall:

  • Inside Jalsa hall the stage was beautifully decorated with banner illustrating a prophecy of Hazrat Masih Maood (AS).
  • The Jalsa proceeded at 3:35 PM with chairing of Ameer saheb. There was recitation of Holy Quran followed by Nazm.

Part -I Session - 1

    Ameer Sahebs Speech

  • Ameer saheb read message from Hazoor Khalifatul Messih V regarding Jalsa Salana. The main message was about the responsibilities of Ahmadis in Australia about Tableegh. He urged every Ahmedi to strive for the spread of Ahmadiyyat and Islam in Australia.
  • It was followed by a speech from Ameer saheb related to the arrangements and responsibilities of the participants of the Jalsa. He explained the history of Jalsa Salana and the Barkaat involved in it. First part of the session of Jalsa concluded with Dua.

Part-II Session -1

  • The second part of the session started at 4:15 chaired by Khalid Saifullah Khan saheb, Naib Ameer Australia. The first speech was titled 'Existence of God, the scientific perspective'. The speaker explained existence of God with respect to reasoning and logic.
  • The second speech was speech 'Exemplary Family Life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).'
  • Mr Muhammad Assad Leslie Norris, from Solomon Islands, delivered the last speech. He spoke about the introduction of Ahmadiyyat in Solomon Islands and the achievements made by Jamat there.
  • Through out Jalsa session Atfaal (young boys) were providing drinking water to the participants of Jalsa.
  • The speeches was followed by announcements and Dua.
  • This marked the end of Day one of Jalsa Salana Australia - 2005.


Reported by: Gulfam Ahmed and Hassaan Bashir from Al-Huda Mosque, Sydney.
Correspondents, Ahmadiyya Australia website

Lajna Jalsa Gah - 25th of March 2005

It's the first day of Jalsa Salana and we are all so excited. We wait for this special gathering all year and start preparing for it months before hand, which makes it even more exciting.

  • It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining down on us, making us feel warm and cozy. Everybody had a smile on their faces. Ladies meet one another after so long and some meeting each other for the first time and the children had sheer excitement on their face walking in holding on to their mothers and gazing at everything that was around them, the beautiful flowers, the tall bright minarat, all the different color tents for various things such as registration, Lajnas Exhibition but the one thing they were very happy to see was the children's tent. That had all the fun toys, coloring books and pencils, and a lot of other activities that are organized for the children for all three days.
  • Everything went very smoothly today. The day started with lunch, where everybody got to meet and greet each other and have a lovely conversation. That was followed by Huzoor's Friday sermon with announcements and then by Juma prayers. Shortly after that was when the Jalsa had actually begun. With firstly, Ameer sahebs speech, followed by a nazam them a variety of interesting speeches, some in English and some in Urdu.
  •  At around 6:00 the session had ended. The ladies then got to wonder around browsing at the different stalls in the exhibition tent that were set up by different halqas in Sydney and also ladies from interstate. It was then namaz time that was then followed by dinner.
  • It was a very pleasant day. Meeting each other and also meeting new people. It's always nice to see new faces attending our Jalsa, showing us how important this occasion is and making it just as special. Can't wait until tomorrow!


Usma Shah
Assistant News Editor (Lajna), Ahmadiyya Australia website
Reporting from Lajna Jalsa Gah