Day 1 - Jalsa 2011

Day 1

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The members of the Ahmadiyya Community prepare for an important event that has  become an ongoing tradition every year and it is celebrated in almost every country where the Ahmadiyya Community exists (about 200 countries). This annual convention called Jalsa Salana was initiated by the founder of the community, the Promised Messiah (aw) more than 100 years ago. "In 1891 the Promised Messiah (AS) decided to hold the first Jalsa Salana. Accordingly, the first Annual Conference was held from December 27th to 29th at the Aqsa Mosque in Qadian. Seventy five members attended that year, next year 327 members attended the Jalsa, and the last Jalsa Salana attended by the Promised Messiah (AS) in 1907 there were two thousand participants. The last annual gathering that was held in Rabwah, Pakistan in 1983, more than two hundred thousand attended the blessed meeting.

With a few exceptions it has been held since then every year in many countries of the world like the UK, Germany, India, Canada, & the USA. Over 32,000 members took part in the Jalsa Salana held in Germany in August 2000. The UK Jalsa Salana attracted 22,000 members in July 2000, while around 12000 members participated in the Canadian Annual Conference in 2003. The attendance of Jalsa Salana held in different parts of the world continues to grow by the grace of Allah. Here in Australia Ahmadiyya Community of Australia gathered at the Bait-Ul-Huda Mosque in Sydney to participate in its Annual Convention - 27th Jalsa Salana.
Preparations had begun a few months in advance to host this blessed gathering. Guests from other states, including ACT, QLD, VIC, SA and WA started coming to the Bait-Ul-Huda Mosque a few days prior to the commencement of the Jalsa.


The inspection started at 9.45 am in the morning of 22nd April 2011 by Ameer Sahib and the Missionary In charge of Ahmadiyya Association Australia, Maulana Mahmood Ahmed Sahib who was greeted by various officials of the Jalsa; He inspected the preparations to cater the guests of the Jalsa Salana 2011. He visited various Marquees and other amenities and met with the volunteers along with giving advices to be vigilant and to perform to the utmost in order to serve the guests of the Jalsa Salana.

Flag Hoisting

The actual proceedings of the Jalsa Salana traditionally start with the ceremony of flag hoisting. The Australian flag was hoisted by the president of the Victorian chapter of the community as the highest number of Jalsa participants on the occasion came from Victorian chapter. The Jamaat Flag was hoisted by the Ameer Sahib followed by the silent prayer.

An evening before the inspection Ameer Sahib addressed the volunteers in order to give advice and guidelines as below

  • The spiritual importance of hosting the Jalsa Salana
  • Emphasis on the prayers
  • To serve as a khaadim and the importance of the hospitality, tolerance, patience and humbleness.
  • To remain vigilant and stationed at the respective places rather than roaming around and chatting with friends.
  • Cooperation of both guests and the volunteers so as to make the event successful.
  • Importance and good treatment of the guests that would be arriving on the second day of the Jalsa especially the guests who had been invited from various walks of life and outside the Jamaat.

Opening Session

The session was chaired by Ameer Sahib, Maulana Mahmood Ahmed, Missionary In charge Ahmadiyya Association Australia.

Recitation of the Holy Quran was done by Br. Rana Ijaz of the verses of Chapter 4 (Surah Nisa) of the holy Quran with English translation.

Nazam was taken from Hadhrat Masih-e-Maud's spiritual poetry and was presented by Saqib Mahmood Sahib

Message from Huzoor for Jalsa Salana 2011 read by Ameer Sahab

After this, Ameer saheb spoke to the participants. He praised Almighty Allah for blessing us the opportunity to organise the Jalsa Salana this year also. He also prayed that every Ahmadi is safe and returns safely. He mentioned about the first Jalsa that was officially started by the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Community Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed, the Promised Messiah, 100 years back which  was attended by only 75 people.

He emphasised that Allah the Almighty laid the founding stone of this Jalsa and the purpose of this convention is to gather as not an ordinary event but to participate in a blessed caucus for self-reforming, learning religion and reinforcing internal spiritual evolution. He further went on to explain the purpose of the creation of mankind and recited the verse from Surah Jinn that clearly explains the purpose of the creation, quoted few ahadith (sayings of the Prophet Mohammad PBABH) in regards to building mosques for the purpose of facilitating worshipping Allah and the importance of this process. In his speech he addressed the need of building mosques throughout the country where Ahmadis reside.

He advised international Ahmadi students studying in Australia to fulfil their visa obligations as are the islamic teachings. He also emphasised on strong and harmonious family relations and happy shared domestic environment in view of the importance Islam stresses on.

Peace and Harmony in Families by Mohammad Amjad sahib: - The crux of the speech was the importance of peace and harmony in the relationship of husband and wife. A amicable domestic environment is the basic unit of the fabric of a sound and contented society. For this notable duties have been laid out in the Holy Quran, Ahadith and have repeatedly been emphasised in the life of the Promised Messiahs(aw). The speaker stressed the fact that a good relationship amongst husband and wife will automatically set the basis of good children. He concluded his speech on one of the Eid Sermon of Khalifatul Masih IV (ra) which was in itself an eye opening speech for all of the members of the Jamaat.

The first session concluded around 5.00pm in the evening with the silent prayers and then the guest were served dinner followed by Maghreb and Isha Prayers.

Reported By: The Ahmadiyya Australia - Gents News Team

Day 1 - From Ladies Perspective

By the grace of God, the 27th Jalsa Salana, the annual gathering of Ahmadiyya community in Australia began on the 22nd April at 9:00 with an inspection round of Ameer Sahib, the head of the Australian Jamaat. After visiting through all the departments on ladies and gents sides and providing advice for various arrangements, jobs were set to continue with the same enthusiasm as every year.

Around 1pm participants of all ages – ladies, young children and babies in their mothers laps started to pour in to participate and share spiritual festivity of the Jalsa Salana. People coming from all over Australia including, South Australia, Queensland and ACT. There were also some international guests who also arrived.

With tents put up everywhere serving different purposes, though the Centenary Hall was setup as Jalsa venue for ladies, excitement started to spread around as participants ate their lunch and headed for the Friday Prayers. After the Friday prayers, the opening session of Jalsa began, with Ameer sahib’s opening speech advising on some challenges faced in the community, which was followed by a speech on the topic of peace and harmony in families. This concluded the first session with prayers led by Ameer sahib.

The excitement continued with Lajna members socialising, shopping at various stalls setup in the exhibition tent and purchasing food from the food stall. Various craft competitions were also held which was also exciting for Nasirat and Lajna members - young and old.

Overall, all went smooth and it seemed that ladies and girls enjoyed their first day at Jalsa Salana well.

Reported by
The Ahmadiyya Australia - News Team, Ladies & Families