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Day 2 - Jalsa 2007

Day 2

The 2nd day of the 23rd Annual Convention began nice and early with Tahajjud prayers being offered in congregation at 4:10am on the 7th of April 2007. This was followed by the Fajr prayers and then Maulana Qamar Dawood Khokhar delivered a ‘dars’ (short talk). Breakfast was served after this, while some people decided to get some more rest before the start of the 2nd session of the Jalsa Salana.

2nd Session

Participants began streaming into the mosque after 9:30am with the weather still being overcast and a slight chill present in the air. As everyone slowly grabbed their seats in the Jalsa Gah, the 2nd session of the Annual Convention commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Mubashir Ahmad Javed along with the translation in English.

Speech -1: Advent of Imam Mehdi (as)

This session was chaired by Chaudhry Khalid Saifullah and he then invited Zafar Mustafa to deliver a religious poem (nazm). Next, the first speech was presented by Dr. Tariq Ahmad Mirza in Urdu on the topic of ‘Advent of Imam Mehdi (as) according to Quran and Hadith.’ He started by mentioning that the advent of a God’s Messenger is a test for his people and then he continued to highlight various verses of the Holy Quran and a number of Hadith to prove his argument.

Speech -2: Institution of Wasiyyat

The 2nd speech in this session was the first of the English speeches in a line of three to be presented. It was delivered by Malik Imran on the ‘Institution of Wasiyyat.’ The speaker pointed out that many social and economic systems have come in place, such as socialism, fascism, communism but all of them have failed as they always have some short-comings. The only system or institution claimed by the Promised Messiah (as) to be the ‘New World of Order’ is the Institution of Wasiyyat. The Promised Messiah (as) wrote the book titled Al-Wasiyyat (The Will) and informed of two glad tidings, the establishment of Khilafat and Wasiyyat. The speech continued with various quotes from this book stated by the speaker. He mentioned the revelation received by the Promised Messiah (as) in regards to ‘Bahishti Maqbira’ (Heavenly Graveyard) and the people to be buried in this graveyard would be the ones destined for heaven and blessings of all kinds would be descended on this graveyard. The conditions for one to be buried in the graveyard were elaborated and the prayers made by the Promised Messiah (as) with deep compassion for the ones to be buried here were also mentioned. The speaker brought his speech to an end by highlighting the number of members already entered in this blessed institution and then finally encouraged the rest of the members of the Community to join as well in light of the advice and wishes made by the present Khalifa of the Ahmadiyya Community, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba) during his tour of Australia last year.

Speech -3: Importance of Zakat

After this, a nazm was delivered in the most melodious tone by Imran Chandio to break up the sequence of speeches. Ramzan Sharif presented the next speech on the topic of ‘Importance of Zakat.’ He began by mentioning the system of Zakat, which is to provide the due share of the poor and needy from the rich and wealthy. He then elaborated by pointing out that Zakat is a means of cleaning and purifying one’s soul. The Zakat disbursements are meant to be flexible and are for everyone in need regardless of race, colour or religion without any humiliation, as the payments are made through various institutions. The speaker presented a really strong and powerful argument with the whole concept of Zakat being explained surrounding around the idea that wealth should be kept in circulation and not be stagnant in the hands of the wealthy.

Speech -4: Islamic Concept of Veil (Pardah)

The final speech of this session was made by Maulana Qamar Dawood Khokhar on the ‘Islamic Concept of Veil (Pardah).’ He stressed that Islam does not deny women’s rights but in fact holds them in high esteem. Back in the old ages women were treated as ‘goods’ or ‘cattle’ but Islam has raised their status. The ‘hijab’is an obligation on Muslim women and the speaker backed this up with various verses from the Holy Quran and Hadith. He explained that ‘hijab’ is a means of liberation for women and it’s a protection against abuse and temptation. The veil honours women, contrary to the accusations made by non-Muslims that it is forced on women by men and is not practical in today’s life. It actually frees women and it embodies the mercy of God to them.

Lunch, Meeting of AMAA and Prayers

After a session of very informative and interesting speeches, the session ended at 12:22pm and gave the audience a well-deserved chance to stretch their bodies and re-energise themselves with lunch that was served at 1:00pm. Prior to lunch, the Ahmadiyya Medical Association of Australia had a short meeting of their committee. This was followed by the offering of Zuhr and Asr prayers in congregation whereafter everyone re-entered the Jalsa Gah in the mosque for the 3rd session of the Jalsa Salana.

3rd Session

The 3rd session of the Annual Convention commenced at 2:30pm and was chaired by Nasir Kahlon. It began with recitation of the Holy Quran and the English translation by Musa Bin Masran. Next, Parwarish Hussain delivered a nazm quite beautifully leaving the audience in a sort of a trance.

Speech -1: Effects of Alcohol on Society

Azhar Khan then presented the first speech of the session on the ‘Effects of Alcohol on Society. This was a very well delivered speech with a number of verses from the Holy Quran quoted in regards to guidelines about spiritual and moral aspects of a person. Then the speaker further pointed out that alcohol is the most widely used and abused drug and it has many short-term and long-term affects on humans, both physically and mentally.

Speeches 2: Characteristics of the Promised Messiah (as)

The 2nd and final speech of the 3rd session was made by Mujeeb-Ur-Rehman Sanauri on the ‘Characteristics of the Promised Messiah (as).’ If the speaker was to elaborate all the characteristics of the Promised Messiah (as), the topic could no way have been given full justice due to time restrictions, hence the speech was focused on the Dawat-e-Lilah (Invitation to God) carried out by the Promised Messiah (as). Various heart-warming and inspiring events were described that shone light on this specific characteristic of the Promised Messiah (as). In conclusion the speaker reminded everyone to convey the message of God to the World and to put their words into action.


Another nazm was then delivered melodiously by Fakhr Anwar and this was followed by an award distribution ceremony, which was for various members of the Ahmadiyya Community with outstanding academic achievements. The conclusion of the award distribution ceremony brought an end to the session at 3:40pm.

    The Promised Messiah (as) was quoted as saying that “the Jalsa must not be taken like other ordinary gatherings” and you could see this evidently in this Jalsa with the bond of brotherhood among members of the Community very strong as seen by the way members embraced each other with smiles on their faces and open hearts.

Majlise Shura

The Majlis-e-Shura continued on from their last session from the previous day at 5:00pm and continued on till Maghrib and Isha prayers were offered in congregation at 6:30pm. Dinner was served to everyone at 7:00pm, whereafter the Majlis-e-Shura gathered again for one last time for the Election of the National Majlis-e-Aamla. This brought a successful end to the 2nd day of the 23rd Annual Convention by the Grace of Almighty Allah. With one day left in the Convention, you could sense a bit of melancholy in the air among the members of the Community but there was still much to look forward for the last day of the Convention as guests and VIPs from outside the Ahmadiyya Community were scheduled to visit the mosque and take part in the 4th session of the Convention.

Syed Tariq Ahmad, Hassan Bashir & Musa Bin Masran reporting
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Day 2 - Ladies

Saturday the 7th of April saw the second day of this blessed event. The first session of the day began with the recitation of the Holy Quran, along with poems and speeches. After the main session, preparations for the women’s session were underway.

After Lunch and prayers this session started with recitation of the Holy Quran by Mrs Maha Odeh. This was followed by a poem by Mrs Amatul Mateen. The national president of Lajna Imaillah. the Women’s Auxiliary Mrs. Tamseela Saleh, then addressed the members. This was followed by a poem by the young girls from the Queensland branch. Mrs Helen Musa then presented a speech titled ‘Patriotism according to my faith’. A presentation by representatives of the Sydney Branch took place on the topic of ‘The Universal Sequence of the Chosen ones’, using a power point presentation. This captured the interest of the audience as well as the younger members. Academic and exhibition awards were handed out to members, which had achieved excellence during the year. The session concluded with silent prayer.

During the course of the day, the web team set out to ask guests some questions about their feelings of their experiences about this annual convention. Stay tuned for their responses in tomorrows bulletin.

Reported by News Team - Ladies & Families

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