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Day 2 - Jalsa 2010

Day 2

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Once again day two of the 26th Jalsa Salana began nice and early with Tahajjud prayers, followed by Fajr prayers and Dars-Ul-Quran.

2nd Session

The second session started at 10:30 am with Mirza Ramzan Sharif being the chairperson. A number of non-Ahmadi guests, including delegates and different community leaders were present in this session. As per tradition it started with the recitation from the Holy Quran by Muzaffar Ahmad Rana. A poem from the book of Promised Messiah (as) was then recited by Azhar Rehan Khan.

Speech 1: Importance of Education in Islam

The first speaker of the session was Dr. Omar Shahab Khan and the topic was ‘Importance of Education in Islam.’ He presented his speech in English with a well put-together slide show and references from Holy Quran, Al-Hadith and sayings of the Promised Messiah (as).  The very first revelation to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was “Read! Thou in the name of thy Lord who created.” This is the very first teaching of Holy Quran. Likewise in many parts of the Holy Quran, God Almighty asked human beings to acquire knowledge. The speaker quoted many verses from Holy Quran which indicated the importance of education.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also gave importance to education. He said it is mandatory for every Muslim man and women to acquire knowledge. He also asked to seek knowledge from cradle to death.  Not only this, but he advised Muslims to seek knowledge even if they had to go to China. From the life of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), one can find how keen he was for education. After the Battle of Badr he asked the prisoners as ransom to teach the children of Medina how to read and write.

The Promised Messiah (as) and his successors also described the importance of education. The Ahmadiyya Community has established hundreds of schools and hospitals throughout the World, where not only the Ahmadi students but also the non Ahmadi and even non- Muslim students are getting benefit from those schools. The third Khalifah, Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad (ra) set some targets for Ahmadi students, which included achieving top 3 positions in University, high school and secondary school. By the grace of Almighty Allah and with the blessings of Khilafat, Ahmadi students are fulfilling those targets despite all the adverse circumstances, specifically in Pakistan. The present Khalifah, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba) went a few steps further by setting the target of achieving the Nobel Prize. No doubt it is a big target and one needs to work hard to satisfy this. However, there is a strong belief that Ahmadi scholars, such as Abdus Salam who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1979 will come out with flying colours by achieving the Nobel Prize as it is the promise of Allah with the Promised Messiah (as) that He would excel his followers in knowledge.

Speech 2: A good citizen Responsibilities in Preserving the Enviornment

The second speech was also in English on the topic of ‘A Good Citizen: Responsibilities in Preserving the Environment’ and the speaker was Dr. Riaz Akbar. In his speech he briefly described the word citizen, environment and responsibility. In short citizen means the relationship between a person and a nation. The nature on earth surrounding us is the environment. Elaborating his speech he took Australia as an example and limited his topic on roads and water and the sewerage system of Australia. He said as people pay professionals to build or modification of our house they ought to pay government for the maintenance and constructions of roads, bridges. The community and the country is a big family so unless everyone shares their responsibility it would be very difficult for the government to maintain a safe road system. As part of their responsibility, the Ahmadiyya Community take part in the Clean Up Australia Day and work with the community hand in hand. Similarly, water is another resource of mother earth. One should apply commonsense on water use and try to save even a single drop. Throughout his speech he quoted from Holy Quran and the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to support his topic.

Speech 3: The Beauty of the Holy Quran

Last but not the least; a speech in English was delivered on ‘The Beauty of the Holy Quran,’ which was presented by the chairman of the session, Mirza Ramzan Sharif with the support of a slide show presentation. He said that all the scripts before the Quran were for certain group of people and in a certain geographic area. All the scripts were manipulated by the followers, except the Quran, which is still in its original form. Therefore, all the teachings of all the holy scripts merged into the Holy Quran. It was impossible for a person who had no academic education to be revealed all those prophecies, some of which were fulfilled during the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) lifetime, some after his demise and some are yet to be fulfilled. Unless these are the words of Allah, these prophecies could not take place. After revelation, the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) followers used to memorise the verses, write them on parchments, woods and stones. The first successor to the Holy Prophet (PBUH), Hazrat Abu Bakr took the initiative to put them on papers and later on Hazrat Umar, the third successor converted it into a book form and distributed hundreds of copies to the rest of the World. Hence, within the 19 years of the demise of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the Quran got its book form and was distributed everywhere and escaped from any human manipulation. Actually it is Allah who saved Quran from any fabrication as he said He revealed the Holy Quran and He would safeguard it.

Guest Speaker

Finally a few delegates and community leaders expressed their gratitude and wished for the success of the Convention. Among them were Louise Markus, Federal Member for Greenway and Shadow Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, who is also a very close friend of the Ahmadiyya Community in Australia. Cnr. Kathie Collins of the Blacktown City Council, another regular visitor to the Mosque also had the stage to express her feelings. The final opportunity was given to the Mayor of Blacktown, Hon. Cnr. Charlie Lowles, who commended the contributions of the Ahmadiyya Community in the diverse Blacktown City area and hoped that as a Community the Ahmadis continued to grow and he was confident that this would happen, as truth always prevails.

Ataul Awal Nasir then read out the message from the Honourable Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd.

Academic Awards

The final part of the session was an Awards Ceremony, where members of the Ahmadi Community who had achieved excellence in their education in the past year achieved a trophy from Ameer Sahib.

The session ended up with silent prayers, where after lunch was served for everyone, including the guests and delegates. This was followed by Zuhr/Asr prayers.

Mobile Blood Bank

As part of the service to humanity, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community had organised the Australian Red Cross Mobile Blood Bank to be at the mosque for members to donate blood. The Mobile Blood Bank was running non-stop throughout the day with around 45 members donating blood on the day.

Session Three

The third session of the 26th Jalsa Salana commenced at 2:40 pm. This was chaired by Nasir Kahlon, Naib Ameer of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association of Australia. It began with the recitation and Urdu translation of the Holy Quran by Qamar Ahmad Chohan. Saqib Mahmood Atif then presented the English translation. A nazm was read next by Fakhr Anwar.

Speech 1: Good Exhortation and Preaching

After this, the first of two speeches in this session was delivered by Murabbi Sahib, Maulana Masood Ahmad Shahid in Urdu. His topic was ‘Good Exhortation and Preaching.’ He quoted a number of verses of the Holy Quran that stating the importance of preaching, bringing people towards the Oneness of Allah and taking them away from the materialistic nature of the World. The speaker pointed out that preaching is the responsibility of each and every Ahmadi. He continued to describe a few excerpts from the Khalifahs. The World is heading towards disaster; hence the true message of Islam is required to be spread to save the World from destruction. Copying the perfect example of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is the best way for members of the Jamaat to follow to carry out the act of preaching.

Speech 2: Examples of Financial Sacrifices of the companions of Holy Prophet(PBUH)

The next and final speech of the session was by Mudassir Mahmood in Urdu on the topic of ‘Examples of Financial Sacrifices of the Companions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).’ The speaker quoted a few verses of the Holy Quran in relation to financial sacrifice as well relating a few sayings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). God does not need one’s money and for every financial sacrifice made with good intentions, God gives that person back even more money then what was given. One should open the hearts and spend in the cause of Allah. The speaker continued to narrate specific examples of financial sacrifice of a number of companions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), which were quite inspiring for members to follow. Finally, one of the Promised Messiah’s (as) sayings were narrated to end the speech, in which he stated that a person cannot love Allah and money at the same time.


Mohammed Sadiq then presented a poem, in which he wrote a few couplets himself describing the feelings he experienced during the Jalsa. Following this, a 5 year old Tifl, Kaweem Ahmad read the Qaseedah that he had memorised by heart.

MTA Australia Presentation

In conclusion, the MTA Australia Team presented an in-depth documentary / presentation on the big screen about the Khilafat Centenary Hall, which was being used for the first time in this year’s Jalsa by the ladies. The growing numbers of the Australian Jamaat over the past years initiated plans in 2001 to build a new facility to specifically cater for ladies and children but also include an industrial kitchen and a guest house. The foundation stone for the Hall was laid on the 21st of April 2006 by the current Head of the Worldwide Ahmadiyya Community, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba) during his tour of Australia.

After a few general announcements, silent prayers were led by Nasir Kahlon at 4:30 pm to conclude this session.


Maghrib/Isha prayers were offered at 7:15 pm and then dinner was served for all the Jalsa participants. For most of the members this signalled the end to a long and successful 2nd day of the 26th Jalsa Salana. However, a few members with a passion for poetry stayed back and an informal Mushaira was conducted by Dr. Omar Shahab Khan, where members of the Ahmadiyya Community recited self-written couplets.

 News Reported By: Syed Tariq Ahmad and Dr. Manzoor Ahmad Khan
Ahmadiyya Australia Web News Team

Day 2 - Ladies

Saturday the 3rd of April 2010, the second day of Jalsa Salana, Annual Convention, greeted us with a bright and sunny start to the morning. The car park overflowed once again with convention goers attending this extraordinary event. The first session of the day began with the recitation of the Holy Quran, along with poems and speeches from both Jamaat members and various dignitaries.

During lunch, the website team visited the various marquees in the Lajna Convention Complex.

Exhibition Area

This year the exhibition stalls were located within the new Khilafat Centenary Hall. Various stalls from each branch of Lajna Imaillah Australia displaying and selling items, which had been made or gathered over the year. Clothes, jewelry, decoration pieces, toys and plants were only a few of the items available for sale and the stalls were open throughout the day. There was a great buzz in this area as ladies were admiring all the wares for sale.

Guest Marquee

VIP Guests, the elderly and the physically impaired could be found conversing and enjoying most delicious meals in this marquee. The atmosphere was very lively as various discussions; both religious and other were undertaken.

Main Dining Marquee

This marquee was the main area where ladies enjoyed meals prepared by the hardworking cooks of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Australia. The organistion of this marquee was impeccable with food being served like clockwork ensuring everyone was fed. This goes to show the extremely hospitable nature that arises during this most blessed event. Tea and Coffee was also available throughout the day for those who needed a light refreshment and for those who stayed at the mosque overnight, breakfast is served daily.

Book and Food Stall

Both these stalls were also situated inside the new Centenary Hall, where various religious books and snacks were sold. The volunteers on duty in both stalls were very enthusiastic and eager to serve.

Mothers and Childcare Marquee

Both these marquees were a safe haven for those tired children and not to mention mothers. An area solely for the entertainment, feeding, and changing of children was a huge blessing for mothers who were attending this three day event.

Ladies Session

After Lunch and prayers, the Ladies session started. This session was very much anticipated by all the ladies, as members from their own auxiliary, Lajna Imaillah Australia, were presenting and speaking. The session began with a recitation of the Holy Quran by Sister Rana Nouman and was proceeded by a Nazm, (poem) by Sister Muneeba Ahmad. This poem was written by the founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) and was the blessings of God. This beautifully presented poem was accompanied by a slideshow of pictures adding to the depth and soul of the poem.

Address by National President Lajna

The National President of Lajna Imaillah Australia (Women’s Auxiliary), Mrs. Tamseela Saleh, then addressed the members. She focused on the social weaknesses, such as suspicion, spying and back-biting, which arise due to socialising and relation with one and another. Sadr Sahiba stressed that tthese weaknesses are linked - one leads to the other and unintentionally, a person is captured by the whirlpool of sins. She went on to explain that tthese social ills can cause cracks in relationships, homes may become the target of great displeasure and peace in the home could be lost and that as a result- we have to be strictly critical of ourselves to assure that none of our acts are against the teaching of our Lord. Sadr Sahiba further stated that we are the fortunate Jama’at which has not only the word of Allah to guide us, but also the life of the Holy Prophet which provide us with guidance at every turn of our life. She then ended her address with a prayer for the entire gathering, asking God for protection and guidance from such sins.

Speech 1: Fashion and Our Limits

Sister Amatul Mateen, who attended this blessed event all the way from Brisbane, Queensland, delivered the first presentation of the day. She spoke about Fashion and our limits. She emphasized the fact that it is the duty of an Ahmadi woman, whether rich or poor, to limit fashion in order to cover herself. She went on to talk about how for the sake of fashion, we spend needlessly and become part of the glamour race. This results in meaningless beliefs, such as greediness, showing off, inferiority complex, and unhealthy competitiveness. These low desires project loss of fear of and faith in God. She concluded with a prayer that may God enable us to refrain from materialistic ways, and reflect Taqwa (fear of God) in our daily practices. Amen.

Speech 2: Responsible Use of Technology

The next speech to be presented was by Sister Kaukab Nasir, President of the Victoria branch of Lajna Imaillah. She spoke on Responsible use of Technology and how God has blessed us with wonderful technology; however it is the proper use of these faculties that improve us. She further mentioned the risks one can face from this arena and how we should act in this online public domain in the same way as we act in other public domains - with integrity and respect. An important point mentioned was about how many of us are finding it very difficult to be part of this information highway. It is easy to be glued to the internet as it is an exciting domain, however addiction can cause our family life to be ignored, rifts between husband and wife due to many hours spent online late at nite. We must make positive use of the inventions God has provided us in this day and age, and always remember that modesty and chastity is a part of faith. She reminded us that in the online arena we must always remember moderation, restraint and discipline.

Final Speech

The final speech of the day was presented by Sister Mubarika Janud from Adelaide, South Australia. She spoke on Financial Sacrifice, primarily focusing on the financial sacrifices of women in Islam. She talked on the many financial sacrifices of Hazrat Nusrat Jahan Begumra (Mother of the faithfuls) and other various sacrifices women in Islam have made despite their poverty. The construction of the Berlin Mosque, costing 1.7 million Euros, is a shining example of women’s sacrifices.


Sister Rashida Zaid from Sydney then presented a poem which she had written on Youth is Beauty. A beautifully written poem with not only soulful words but also with a stern message to the youth.

Academic Awards

Academic and exhibition awards were then handed out to members, who had achieved excellence during the year. The session was then concluded with a silent prayer.

The web team will, Inshallah, bring you more news and interviews in tomorrow’s bulletin, so stay tuned.

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