Day 2 - Jalsa 2011

Day 2

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2nd Session

This session was also known as the Guest Session which goes back to the traditions of the early days whereby non-member/non-Ahmadi guests were invited to help understand Ahmadiyya message and relate and comment on the faith and the activities of the community. It is also an occasion when people of other religions and faiths and also members of the government come forward and express their views in regards to the values and work undertaken by the Ahamdiyya community. This is also a valuable opportunity to understand how this community is different from other sects of the Muslims.

Speech 1: Inter Religious Harmony by Syed Tariq Ahmed Sahib

The speaker commenced with the famous quotation from Martin Luther King, Jr. “We must learn to live together as brothers, or we are going to perish together as fools.” He then highlighted the relationship and dealings of the Holy Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (PBUH) with other religions. The Holy Quran states a few of the attributes of God in chapter 59, verse 23. The establishment of peace and maintenance of security must be the constant objective of all Muslims and non-Muslims alike. He then summarized the Friday sermon of Khalifa tul Masih V Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba) delivered on 10th of March 2006. Concluded his speech with the quotation from Karen Armstrong from her book, ‘Muhammad, A Western Attempt to Understand Islam’, pp. 265-266.

Speech 2: Institution of Khilafat and Establishment of Peace by Dr. Riaz Akbar sahib

Giving the understanding to the guests that why did Khilafat came in to being and the importance of Khilafat in our community. He mentioned that after the demise of the Promised Messiah, the electoral college of Jamaat elects a Khalifa (successor), once elected remains for the rest of his life. The present Khalifa is Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (ATBA); every Ahmadi seeks guidance from the Khalifa tul Masih V in all walks of life in terms of crucial decisions. He explained the barbarism of other Muslims over Ahmadi’s who are being tortured or martyred for no reason except to believe on the Promised Messiah whose coming had been predicted by the Holy Prophet (saw), yet the Ahmadi’s refrain from hurting or taking any kind of revenge of their plight rather they turn to Almighty Allah in prayers with tolerance and patience. Ahmadi’s have always been peace loving, law abiding citizens thereby contributing towards the growth of the country in any way they can peacefully.

Speech 3: Issue of Blasphemy by Khalid Saifullah Sahib

Punishment of Blasphemy in Islam is a hot and sensitive issue as every person perceives it differently and feels it's ones right to have a belief of ones choosing. It is morally wrong to interfere in the religious beliefs of other people. One should really take lessons from the Holy Prophet Mohammad (saw) who was given the title of Rahmat ullil Alameen meaning 'blessing/kindness for all mankind' and he not only respected and honoured other beliefs and has always pardoned his enemies of balatent abuse. The speaker prayed that Almighty Allah grant us the strength and tolerance to follow on the footsteps of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

There were about 40 non-Ahmadi guests who attended the second day of the Jalsa Salana 2011; some of the prominent guests were as follows

  • Hind Kourouche
  • Mr. Kevin Connolly MP
  • Hon David Clarke MLC
  • Senator Peter Primrose

Guest Speaker

Due to time constraint, only a few of the guests had the opportunity to express their views on diverse topics and they were of the opinion that Jamaat Ahmadiyya has been and is notably contributing towards the development of the nation in all walks of life. This community is a living example of the teachings of Islam and principles as opposed to the a number of other Muslim communities that they have come across. They also expressed their experience the Ahmadiyya community in Australia is truly peace loving and very hospitable community.

Some of the guests that were interviewed by the Ahmadiyya Australia website team have been attending this gathering in the past years also and were really impressed by the contribution and dedication, and promoting and consistently adhering to the community's motto of 'Love for All and Hatred for None'. They seemed to believe that this is the only community that is sticking to its motto and if one wants to understand the real meaning of Islam they should come and see the practices of the Ahmadiyya Community. They were of the opinion that they have learnt great deal about Islam while attending the convention for years and it has really opened up doors for them to understand that the Islam portrayed by the extreme factions is not the true picture of Islam through the speeches given by our learned speakers.

The second session ended at 13.00pm with the silent prayers followed by lunch and the combined prayers (Zohar and ASR prayers).

Session Three

Chaired by Khalid Saifullah Sahib (Naib Ameer).
Recitation of the Holy Quran by Muhammad Tahir Majooka Sahib.
Nazam narrated by Sheik Muhammad Shafeeq Sahib.

Speech 1: Namaz e- Wusta Ki Hifazat by Imran Karim Ahsan Mirza Sahib

Quoting the verses of Surah Nur of the Holy Quran, the speaker drew attention to the importance of praying five times a day regularly. Allah promised to establish Khilafat amongst those who are righteous. The first and foremost condition of being righteous is to be regular in prayers. According to Quran and Hadith it is mandatory for every single man and woman to observe prayer five times in a day in a prescribed time. With a projected slide show he briefly explained the times for prayer in different time zone. He also explained the importance of prayers in congregation and presented the historical evidence of combined prayers. From the history of Islam it is found that in different situations Holy Prophet (PBUH) observed combined prayers. According to his (PBUH) foretold, prayers would be combined during the period of Promised Messiah (aw). This foretold is fulfilled as combined prayers are offered now not only because of religious reason but also because of the short gaps between the prayer times in different parts of the world.

The speaker also drew the attention of the parents to become model for the children in establishing prayers five times a day. We should try to offer our prayers in congregation and at the right times. If it is not possible to go to mosque, we should attend the prayer centres or even at home in family congregation. It is the source of life and can safeguard us from all sin. As prayer is the main difference between a believer and a non believer so we should pay more attention to establish prayers as described by Quran, Hadith, and Promised Messiah (aw).

Speech 2: Financial Scarifies by Maulana Masood Ahmad Sahib

Stated the importance of financial sacrifice by quoting reference from the Holy Quran. The sign of a true believer according to Holy Quran as mentioned in Surah Bakara is keeping faith on Allah, observing prayers and sacrificing wealth in the cause of Allah from ones earning. The life of Holy Prophet (SAW) is the perfect example of financial sacrifice. Whenever he received some wealth from any source he used to spend in the cause of Allah. His companions, especially the successors also set example of financial sacrifice whenever they had chance to do so. Amongst them Hadhrat Abu Bakar, Hadhrat Umar was the leading models. They used to bring their entire wealth to Prophet (PBUH) to spend it in the development of Islam. We can see the same examples from Promised Messiah (aw) and his companions. There are hundreds or thousands of examples where the members of Ahmadiyya community opened their heart and sacrificed abundantly when they heard the call from the Khilafat. May Allah enable us to sacrifice our wealth for the cause of Allah till the Day of Judgment. 

The session concluded with the silent prayers followed by the dinner and Maghreb and Isha prayers.

Reported By: The Ahmadiyya Australia - Gents News Team

Day 2 - Ladies

By the grace of Allah almighty, the second day of Jalsa Salana began at 10:30 with the recitation of the Holy Quran. After this there were various speeches with topics including ‘The institution of Khilafat and the establishment of Peace’ and ‘inter-religious harmony’ and ‘the issue of Blasphemy’.

Today guests from outside the community were also invited to participate in Jalsa Salana and learn about the Ahmadiyya community. The guests were able to express their opinions and seemed to enjoy the colourful atmosphere of the Ladies venue.

After lunch and prayers the Ladies session of Jalsa Salana began with the recitation of the Holy Quran by sister Abida Zahid and a poem recited by sister Amtul Mateen Shams. After this the introductory speech by the National President of Lajna Imaillah Australia, Sister Tamseela Saleh titled ‘Aims and objectives of Lajna Imaillah’. Her speech highlighted the historical background of the formation of the Lajna Imaillah organisation, outlining why it was created also highlighting the responsibilities of Lajna members in contemporary society.

Following this speech was a beautiful recitation of the qaseeda by Nasirat from Adelaide branch. Then there was a speech by the President of the Queensland on the topic of ‘Observance of Prayers’. The speech brilliantly incorporated with verses from the Holy Quran , sayings of the Holy Prophet (Pbuh) and the Promised Messiah (as) regarding the importance of prayer. Sister Amtul Mateen further highlighted that one should remain watchful that the children are correctly and regularly observing five daily prayers. It is only through prayers one is able to achieve strength and succeed in this life and the hereafter.

A beautiful poem was then presented relating to ‘Shohada-e-Ahmadiyyat’ - Ahmadi martyrs. All along, a PowerPoint presentation displayed the pictures of innocent Ahmadis who lost their lives in the hands of religious fanatics. This created an emotionally overwhelming atmosphere. The final speech of the session was by Sister Shazia Azwar, President Majlis Al-Sadaqat. The title of the speech was ‘Role of a Woman as a Mother, Daughter and Wife.’ The speaker incorporated references of the teachings of Islam regarding women and these three vital roles. It was evident that all three roles are inter-related and that one must remain steadfast and unrelenting in order to win the love of Almighty Allah. A poem was then presented relating Shezada Abdul Latif Sahib, which was also very emotional.

The session concluded after prize distribution for Academic, Nasirat and Exhibition awards with Dua by Sister Tamseela Saleh.

Reported by
The Ahmadiyya Australia - News Team, Ladies & Families