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Day 2 - Session 3 of Jalsa Salana Australia 2006

Jalsa Salana, Australia
The Annual Convention

History in the making - Huzur's Visit to Australia 2006

Day 2 - Session 3 of the 22nd Jalsa Salana Australia

  • The third session of the 22nd Jalsa Salana Australia began at 3:20pm on the 15th of April 2006 after Zuhr & Asr prayers and lunch.
  • The Ameer Jamaat of Indonesia, Abdul Basith, chaired this session.
  • The session commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Mohammad Ashraf Janjua and the translation was presented by Ali Sajjad Shah.
  • A religious poem was delivered next by Azhar Rehan Khan in a very melodious tone, leaving the audience wanting for more.
  • This was followed by the first speech of the session by Khalid Saifullah Khan on the topic of the 'Difference between Ahmadis and Non-Ahmadis.' This very essential topic especially for the knowledge of all our Non-Ahmadi guests was presented in English.
  • The speaker mentioned that as John the Baptist came as the likeness of Elijah, the Promised Messiah (as) similarly came as the likeness of Jesus.
  • The speaker then highlighted the main differences between Ahmadis and other Muslims.
  • Ahmadis differ from other Muslims mainly on the issue of death of Jesus (as) and Jihad.
  • Ahmadis disagree with the notion of non-Ahmadis that whoever denounces Islam should be killed. The true teachings of Islam do not allow us to punish or take forceful action against such people, but on the other hand teaches us to show patience, to respond in a civilised manner and to pray and seek help from God.
  • The next speech was by Dr. Taseer Bashir Khan on the topic of 'Propagating the Message of Ahmadiyyat in the Information Age.' This speech was also delivered in English, as were all the speeches in this session.
  • The speaker initially pointed out that it is vital on every Muslim man or woman to acquire as much knowledge as possible.
  • The World is now a very rapidly changing World, a World divided between rich and poor as well as between information rich and information poor.
  • The World Wide Web has the benefits of affordability among its many other benefits; hence it should be used more commonly to spread the message of Ahmadiyyat to the World.
  • The first guest speaker of the session was Councillor George Bilic from the Blacktown City Council.
  • He talked about meeting people of different backgrounds and mentioned the different types of multiculturalism, such as integration where relating to other communities is involved.
  • He further told the audience the positive and valuable contribution the Ahmadiyya Jamaat in Australia had made in the community.
  • This was followed by a speech by Dr. Riaz Akbar on 'Islam and World Peace.'
  • The human race is suffering death by the hands of other humans more than ever before.
  • The Ancient Romans defined peace as the absence of war.
  • Genocide is an act of crime against peace, like the murder of 930,000 people over a period of 3 months in Rwanda where the Hutus killed the Tutsis.
  • The cycle of revenge could embed conflict over generations.
  • After the fall of Mecca, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) issued a general pardon to all his enemies, which highlights his tolerant and peaceful practices.
  • The Holy Quran disapproves of creating disorder.
  • The second guest speaker for the day was Laurie Ferguson, Federal MP for Reid.
  • He wished that Australia should campaign on multiculturalism overseas.
  • He also pointed out to the worrying tendency to ignore human rights violations of minorities in the fight against terrorism allies.
  • The last speaker for the day was Dr. Omar Shahab Khan in English.
  • The topic of his speech was the Life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) - Religious Tolerance.
  • The speaker highlighted that Islam teaches respect for all the Prophets and we all need to learn to respect other religions as well.
  • He urged everyone to cooperate with others despite the religious differences present.
  • The Holy Prophet of Islam always practiced tolerance and even prayed for his enemies and non-believers.
  • With a silent prayer, this 3rd session of the 22nd Jalsa Salana Australia came to a close at 5:45pm.


Signing off, the 15th of April 2006,02.00pm
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