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Day 3 - Jalsa 2009

Day 3

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The final day of the 25th Annual Jalsa Salana, the 13th of April 2009, commenced once again nice and early with Tahajjud prayers at 4:20am followed by Fajr prayers and Dars-Ul-Quran. Breakfast was served for everyone throughout the morning until 10am.

Final Session

The final session of this silver Jubilee Jalsa Salana started at 10:20am. This session was chaired by Ameer Sahib and began with the recitation and translation of the Holy Quran by Hafiz Nasir Ahmad Asif. Zafar Mustafa read a nazm next in a very melodious tone.

Speech 1: Progress made by Ahmadiyya Jama'at in Solomn Islands

The first speech of the session was delivered by Ahmad Muneeb Tasima, the Tabligh Secretary of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat of Solomon Islands. He talked on the progress made by the Ahmadiyya Jamaat in Solomon Islands with the assistance of a slide show presentation shown to the audience on a projector screen. The speaker initially gave a brief background on Solomon Islands and then went on to talk about the progress of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat in the country. The Jamaat was established in May 2003 and by the Grace of Almighty Allah has now progressed leaps and bounds with the total Tajneed totalling up to 1,000 members. The speaker described his experiences in West Kwaio in the Island of Malaita and how the Jamaat grew in Sinafolo and Lau Lana Villages through the efforts of Musa Bin Masran and the speaker himself with Divine support from above. By Allah’s Grace, the Khilafat Centenary Jalsa was also held in Solomon Islands in November 2008.

Speech 2: Brief History of Jama'at Sierra Leone

The next speaker was Abu Bakr Siddique Ghamanga, who migrated to Australia a few months back from Sierra Leone. He is an Ahmadi by birth and mentioned that he was deeply honoured and humbled to address the audience on the occasion of the 25th Jalsa Salana of Australia. He highlighted a brief history of the Sierra Leone Jamaat and mentioned a number of missionaries that had been to the country to help spread the message of Ahmadiyyat. By the Grace of Allah, there are now 300 mosques, 175 primary schools and 41 secondary schools run by Ahmadis in Sierra Leone. One of the doctors that served for many years in Sierra Leone is Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad Choudhary (his interview was done on the 2nd day can be found day two’s report) and he was present at this Jalsa Salana. The speaker expressed that him addressing the audience and the previous speaker’s address from Solomon Islands in this Jalsa highlighted the universality of the Ahmadiyyat Jamaat and he was now proud to be part of the Australian Jamaat.

Ameer Sahib pointed out Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad Choudhary’s achievements and services to Jamaat and invited him to distribute the Khilafat Centenary Awards. Dr. Imtiaz was greatly humbled and thankful for this honour.

Khilafat Centenary Awards

Before the actual Khilafat Centenary Awards, a special award was given to a 6 year old boy from QLD, Ata-Ul-Karim Gohar, who memorised the complete Qaseedah by Promised Messiah (as) with translation. Dr. Taseer Bashir announced the names of all the winners.

Concluding Speech

Ameer Sahib then read out the pledge by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba), which Huzur (aba) read out on the 27th of May 2008 in line with the Khilafat Centenary with all the members repeating after Ameer Sahib.

Ameer Sahib advised the members of the Ahmadiyya Community to establish one congregation prayer at every home. He then moved on to the issue of the use of the internet and protecting one’s chastity. He highlighted the great benefits of the internet, such as the Al-Islam website that has a great plethora of knowledge as well as You Tube videos, where one can find a large number of Huzur’s (aba) question and answer sessions.

Ameer Sahib warned the youth of the evils of various social sites, such as Facebook, MySpace as well as pornography available on the Internet. Parents have the responsibility to monitor the computer and Internet usage of children. Protecting one’s chastity is a moral virtue and has a very high value in Islam. Ameer Sahib quoted Quranic verses to emphasise this. He further talked about MTA and how it is a great blessing that Ahmadi houses need to take advantage of. Ameer Sahib also mentioned the current Huzur’s (aba) Friday Sermon of the 30th January 2004 where Huzur (aba) reminded parents’ responsibility to supervise their kids’ usage of Internet and to find out about the friends’ of their children. He further advised parents to really train and put more effort into their Waqf-e-Nau children. Next, he reminded the audience to their commitment to Khilafat. Listening to Friday Sermons should be a regular thing and Huzur’s (aba) guidelines should be practiced. Ameer Sahib pointed out that Khilafat and Ahmadiyyat will continue to grow no matter what. He stressed that the Khilafat Centenary prayers should be on-going. Finally, he thanked all the volunteers and participants. Silent prayers followed at 12:40pm led by Ameer Sahib, which signalled the end of a most memorable and enjoyable Jalsa Salana.

It surely was a historic Jalsa Salana and members left the Mosque with a renewed spiritual energy and keenly waiting for the next year’s Jalsa. The total attendance of the 25th Jalsa Salana was 1649 members including guests from outside the Ahmadiyya Community.

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Day 3 - Ladies

Sunday the 12th of April - the final day of the three-day Annual Convention greeted convention goers with warm weather matching the warm-hearted atmosphere that had been created within the convention complex over the past 2 days.

As this was the final day of the Annual Gathering, members arrived early in the morning for proceedings to start on time. The first session started with the recitation of the Holy Quran, followed by a Nazm (poem) and a combination of speeches, with the concluding address given by Maulana Mahmood Ahmad, Ameer and Missionary In-Charge Australia. Ameer Sahib spoke on the need to maintain Islamic values in today’s technological generation. Jalsa Salana 2009 was then concluded with a silent prayer after which afternoon prayers were conducted and lunch served.

During lunch, the Ladies web team was out and about amongst the general gathering to discover their feelings and experiences while attending the Annual Convention here in Australia. This year we decided to gather the opinions of the younger girls about their experiences at this year’s Jalsa.

We talked to two Nasirat (young girls) from South Australia – Noormah Mirza and Bariah Khan and one from Sydney – Madiha Sarfraz. They all enjoyed this year’s convention much more than last years saying it was more organized this time around and the food was much better also. Their most enjoyable speech of the Jalsa was on the Progress of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Australia, which was delivered on day one, saying it was good to know a bit about how the Community was established here in Australia.

The ladies web team also talked to a few guests at yesterday’s guest luncheon. They all commented on the welcoming atmosphere that was felt everywhere they went and the fantastic hospitality of all the Jamaat members. They were impressed with the hard work that had been put into the Jalsa and how beautiful it was that the entire day was focused on bringing people together. One guest in particular, Ms Belinda Heath, said that the “Ahmadiyya Community shares many synergies with the teachings of Social Science and Organisations such as Landmark Education. The common link is in the desire of each to make a real difference in the lives of all human beings such that they are able to fulfill on what matters most to them”.

The Ladies web team members found it a privilege and a joy in speaking to all guests and thank them for taking time out to speak to us. We pray for their safe travel back to their home countries and states within Australia and look forward to seeing them again in the near future, God willing.

Emotions were high now, as the event had officially come to a close and the day was winding down. Many new and old friends had been met and it was time to once again say farewell until next years Gathering. It has been a privilege and joy bringing you the highlights of this most extraordinary three-day Convention. With this the Ladies and Families team sign off, God willing, we will meet again next year, till then we pray that may God keep you all in his safe Grace. Amen.

 Written By: Embreen Khan Editor - Incharge
Reported by News Team - Ladies & Families

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