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Day 3 - Jalsa 2010

Day 3

From the Venue - Men | From the Venue - Ladies

The last day of the 26th Jalsa Salana commenced as always with Tahajjud prayers at 4:10 am, with the early start due to day light savings, followed by Fajr prayers and Dars-Ul-Quran.

Final Session

The final session started at 10:00 am with Khalid Saifullah, Naib Ameer of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community being the chairperson. It began with the recitation and English translation of the Holy Quran by Rana Ejaz Ahmad. A nazm written by the Promised Messiah (as) was next recited by Syed Zafar Mustafa in the most melodious tone.

Speech 1: Islamic Culture Pardah

The first speech was presented by Mirza Imran Ahsan Karim in English on the topic of ‘Islamic Culture: Purdah,’ supported by slide shows. He quoted a few verses of the Holy Quran in regards to the importance of veil. He then mentioned that in recent times in Western Europe, specifically in France, there have been actions to ban the veil as the French Government feel that the veil causes a human rights issue. 5 million Muslims live in France out of a population of 62 million and the French Administration categorise this 8 per cent of the population as a lower level of society and hence a road block to the advancement of the French society. The speaker covered three key issues, including the decadence of modern society, value of chastity and segregation of sexes in Islam. Natural urges of human beings need to be controlled. Man cannot have unlimited and unrestricted pleasure however me may desire it. The Islamic concept of segregation is only to be understood in the context of measures to protect the sanctity of female chastity and the honour of women in society, so that the danger of violating these objectives are minimised. He ended his speech by relating a few excerpts of the Promised Messiah (as) in relation the purdah, including emphasis that one should always keep their eye sight downwards.

Alm-e-Inami Presentation

As per Jamaat tradition, this year the Alm-e-Inami awards were given in the Jalsa Salana instead of the National Ijtema. The Alm-e-Inami award is given to the best performing Majlis in the whole year. Firstly, Sadr Majlis Ansarullah Ahmadiyya Australia, Amjad Khan announced the first three positions achieved in the year 2009, with Majlis Al-Sadaqat in Sydney coming 3rd, Majlis SA achieving 2nd and the winning Majlis being Majlis QLD. The current Zaeem of Majlis QLD, Shafqat Gohar and the previous year Zaeem, Abdus Salam Aslam both came up to receive the flag from Ameer Sahib.
Next was the turn of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Australia. Usman Mahmood, who is the National Khuddam Mutammad, announced the winners for the year 2008-2009, with Majlis VIC achieving 3rd position, Majlis QLD coming 2nd and first position won by Majlis SA. Qaid Majlis SA, Fareed Bajwa came up to receive the flag from Ameer Sahib.
Lastly, the Atfal prizes were given for achievements in the year 2008-2009. Majlis VIC came 3rd, Majlis QLD achieved 2nd place and the winner was Majlis SA. The winning shield was given by Ameer Sahib to Nazim Atfal SA, Basharat Ahmad Chohan.

Concluding Speech Increasing Level of Worship

The final speech of the session and the Jalsa Salana was done by Khalid Saifullah. This was in Urdu and it was regards to increasing the level of salat and worship. This was in line with the theme of the Jalsa, which was salat. He pointed out that Huzur (aba) has been continually reminding the members of the Community to increase their level of worship. The purpose of creation for man is to worship Allah. Any success in life for a person can be attributed to prayers. The five daily prayers are the strongest weapon against enemies and sins. To see if one has fear of Allah, it can be seen that this person would pray salat with care, regularity and attention. For this sort of person, a heaven on earth can be experienced in a number of ways. One should safeguard their salat, so the salat can keep them safe. This would make the person enter the spiritual house of the Promised Messiah (as), hence save them from the evils of the World and a pending destruction. The first thing to be judged by Allah after death will be salat. Without salat, there is no religion and no point doing any other good deeds. Further, salat in congregation is advised to gain even more blessings. Ablution holds more meaning that just physical cleanliness, as one is cleaning the body parts that he/she may use for ill purposes, hence one should pray while doing ablution to stay away from such acts. The speaker went on to explain the meaning and commentary of the various prayers in the salat. Finally, he ended with the prayers that may the salat not just be actions, may all the members of the Ahmadiyya Community follow all of Huzur’s (aba) advices and may Allah always keep the members on the righteous path. After this, he gave a brief summary of his speech in English and also thanked all the participants and workers of this Jalsa on making this a success. 

The final session concluded with silent prayers at 12:05 pm led by Khalid Saifullah.
Zuhr/Asr prayers were offered next followed by lunch. The meat served during lunch was from the Aqeeqah of Zara Piracha, daughter of Ataul Qudoos.

As the lunch ended, one could sense a feeling of disappointment in the atmosphere, as members were sad that this blessed convention had come to an end. However, they were going away with a renewed faith and a refreshed spirituality.

By the Grace of Almighty Allah, the attendance of this 26th Jalsa Salana was around 1,621, which included 18 guests from overseas.

News Reported By:Syed Tariq Ahmad and Dr.Manzoor Ahmad Khan
Ahmadiyya Australiawebsite

Day 3 - Ladies

Sunday the 4th of April - the final day of the three-day Annual Convention greeted convention goers with warm weather matching the warm-hearted atmosphere that had been created within the convention complex over the past 2 days.

Concluding Session

As this was the final day of the Annual Gathering, members arrived early in the morning for proceedings to start on time. The first session started with the recitation of the Holy Quran, followed by a Nazm (poem) and a combination of speeches, with the concluding address given by Ch Khalid Saifullah Khan, Naib Ameer Australia. Saifullah Sahib spoke on raising one’s standards in worshiping God. Jalsa Salana 2010 was then concluded with a silent prayer after which afternoon prayers were conducted and lunch served.

Interviews with Guests

During lunch, the Ladies web team was out and about amongst the general gathering to discover their feelings and experiences while attending the Annual Convention here in Australia. One of the duty holders in charge of the childcare marquee, Sister Waheela Mirza, was the first to be interviewed. We asked about her responsibilities in the childcare facility, to which she replied, “Basically we supervise children, providing them with activities while their parents attend the Jalsa”. When asked about the types of activities that are provided, she said, “we offer different types of craft activities such as painting/colouring, we play games and have books and play dough for the kids and we also have nursery rhymes, story time and snack time”. She conveyed her greatest thanks to all those volunteers who assisted in childcare, and said that “without their help none of this would ever have been possible!” Overall she enjoyed being able to give parents the chance to listen to the Jalsa proceedings and loved being with the children.

A guest Mrs. Bushra Sharif visiting from Canada was also interviewed. She said that “she loved meeting everyone, especially those who she has not met in a very long time”. When asked how Australia Jalsa compares to that of Canada, she replied “it’s wonderful; obviously the Canada Jalsa is on a much larger scale, but Australia is not far behind, its good to see such great teamwork and hospitality, and the Khilafat Centenary Hall is simply beautiful”. She really enjoyed the speeches saying although they were few in number, they were of very high quality; she particularly enjoyed the ladies speeches during the ladies Jalsa session. Mrs. Sharif thoroughly enjoyed her time over the past 3 days and wishes she could visit more frequently.

The ladies web team also talked to a few guests at yesterday’s guest luncheon. They all commented on the welcoming atmosphere that was felt everywhere they went and the fantastic hospitality of all the Jamaat members. They were impressed with the hard work that had been put into the Jalsa and how beautiful it was that the entire day was focused on bringing people together.

The Ladies website team has found it a privilege and a joy in speaking to all guests and thank them for taking time out to speak to us. We pray for their safe travel back to their home countries and states within Australia and look forward to seeing them again in the near future, God willing.

Emotions were high now, as the event had officially come to a close and the day was winding down. Many new and old friends had been met and it was time to once again say farewell until next years Gathering. It has been a privilege and joy bringing you the highlights of this most extraordinary three-day Convention. With this the Ladies and Families team sign off, God willing, we will meet again next year, till then we pray that may God keep you all in his safe Grace. Ameen.

Reported by News Team - Ladies & Families

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