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Fasting in My Religion Adelaid South


By the grace of Allah, the annual ‘Fasting in my Religion’ event was organised by Adelaide South Jama’at on the 26th May, 2018 at Noor Mosque. Preparations began weeks in advance to invite distinguished guests, decorate the Mosque distribute out over 100 flyers to nearby residents and friends of local members. The session began with an interfaith seminar entailing speakers from various different faiths speaking on the topic of ‘fasting’ in their religion. Following recitation of the Holy Quran, guest speakers covered the perspectives of Christianity, Buddhism, Mormonism, Hinduism and Islam.

The Speaker list with their respective topic is listed below.
- Lane Rochow: Fasting in Mormonism
- Reverend Sue Ellis: Fasting in Christianity
- Dilip Chirmuley: Fasting in Hinduism
- Imam Atif Ahmad Zahid: Fasting in Islam.
- Gunhild Jonsson: Fasting in Buddhism
- Imam Inam ul Haque Kausar: Keynote address on Fasting in various religions.

In addition to the above, Katrine Hildyard an MP for the cabinet of South Australia also spoke some words in light of our Jammat’s involvement in the community. Following the session, Iftaar was served at Maghrib, while the guests listened and learned the translation to the Adhaan.


Lane Rochow: Speaker for Mormonism
Lane serves as a lay minister and adviser as part of an executive counsel to the ecclesiastical presidency that oversees eight Latter-day Saint congregations south of Adelaide. In particular, Lane advises the presidency on matters pertaining to their missionaries and public affairs. He spoke on behalf of the Mormon faith, addressing the audience in regard to fasting mentioned in the scriptures from the Bible and the Book of Mormon.

Gunhild Jonnson: Representing Phillipa Rowland from the Buddhist Faith
Philippa Rowland, current President of Multifaith SA, is a lay Mahayana Buddhist. She shared some thoughts from a humble practitioner’s perspective, not as an an ordained Buddhist nun or a trained Buddhist Scholar.

Dilip Chirmuley: Speaker for Hinduism
Dilip is a senior member of Adelaide’s Hindu community and Multicuhas lived in Australia for 52 years. He has been involved in Multicultural Affairs at both Federal and State levels. For his service he was awarded the Centenary Medal for Services to Australian Society and was awarded an AM for leadership Roles in Multicultural and Hindu Organisations. Dilip is also a Hindu Priest and marriage celebrant.


Reverend Sue Ellis: Speaker of the Uniting Church
Reverend Sue Ellis has been a Uniting Church Minister for 20 years and is currently serving as the Moderator. The Moderator is the elected Spiritual and Pastoral leader of the Uniting Church in South Australia. As such she is the official spokesperson for the Church in the public sphere. Sue spoke about fasting in the Christian faith and told a personal account of her abstinence from ice cream (her favourite dessert) during a period of her life. The money she saved from iced cream was donated to a charity instead.

Imam Atif Zahid: Speaker of Islam
Our local missionary, Imam Zahid presented the Islamic perspective of Fasting. Beginning with the commandment of fasting mentioned in the Holy Quran, Imam Sahib highlighted the importance of fasting in terms of spirituality as taught by the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) as well as the rudimentary rules and regulations. He also covered secular benefits of fasting such as boosted immunity and detoxification of the body.

Imam Inam Ul Haque Kausar: Keynote address
The concluding and keynote address was presented by the National president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Australia, who was the distinguished guest for the event. Respected Ameer Sahib enlightened the audience with his wise accounts of interfaith fasting. In the middle of his address, the fast was opened and adhan was presented, which he, himself translated simultaneously.

Subsequent to Iftaar, the guests were guided to the dining hall to enjoy a delicious meal. Alhamdolillah, there was a total of 62 guests (from the men’s and ladies side) along with 60 members of the local Ahmadiyya community. By the grace of Allah, this event was a success. May Allah give us the power to hold more successful interfaith tabligh events in the future. Ameen.

Courtsey of Ahmadiyya Gazette Australia