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MTA, Muslim Television Ahmadiyya, Australia is a branch of MTA International which is based in the UK. MTA is a non-profit organisation broadcasting a variety of religious, educational and recreational programs 24 hours a day. The channel is free to air, via satellite and was founded by the late 4th successor of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, the beloved Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad. A constant reminder of this notion is in the name MTA, which stands for Muslim Television Ahmadiyya and also Mirza Tahir Ahmad. Further details in regards to this can be found at http://www.alislam.org


Now, a little about the humble beginnings of MTA Australia. In the early years before satellite transmission, here in Australia we were receiving Huzur's Friday Sermons, Question/Answer Sessions and other various programs on audio and videocassettes from London.

During the early nineties there was a desire on the part of the Jamaat to receive live MTA transmission. So Ameer Sahib approached members within the Jamaat with media contacts to devise a plan for receiving this transmission. In 1993 Brother Musa Bin Masran arranged with Australia's National University to record Friday Sermons through their satellite as they had absolute transmission of all current programs.

In the following year with the help of Dr. Riaz Akbar, Jamaat then decided to install Jamaat Australia's own satellite dish in the arid part of Northern Australia, namely Darwin. In November of 1994, Farhad Jan Khan organised for the Jamaat to import and install a dish from the USA at Masjid Bait-Ul-Huda in Sydney. Mr and Mrs Hamda Kahlon funded this entire project. The dish from Darwin was then donated to the Jamaat in Papua New Guinea.

With the help of Brother Salahud Dean, MTA Australia was further developed with the introduction of 3 cameras and an online digital video mixer. This equipment was used not only for recording purposes, but also for live broadcasts to our Lajna audience located in another part of the mosque, during Jalsa's and other productions.

In 1999 team MTA Australia experienced some administrative changes with the introduction of younger members. The current team revamped the whole upper left wing (previous kitchen and dining hall) of the mosque into a studio for conducting interviews, storing archives, video production and editing.

Current viewing in Australia:
In Australia, satellite dishes have been installed in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide. There are also approximately 70 privately owned dishes installed by Jamaat members to view MTA programs in their homes.

Our Productions

Our productions have been sent to MTA, International in London and with the Grace of Allah Almighty, productions on Jalsa Salana's, Nazm's, Kangaroos, Koalas, The Sydney Motor Show, Imam Sahib's visit to Australia, Clean Up Australia Day and many others have been telecasted.

Technical Setup

New video cameras have been purchased to comply with current trends in digital photography. Along with this a digital recorder and player was also necessary. With advancements in video editing software, MTA Australia has also kept up to speed with the introduction of new computers to run the specialised software. Our editing team has been recently restructured into 3 sub-teams working more efficiently at 3 editing stations within the studio.

One of our major projects that has been in the pipelines for many years was a whole new approach to live editing, in that we were able to edit Jamaat functions and programs whilst they were in concert from a separate location, this being our MTA studio. For this to occur, a whole new cabling system was designed and implemented.

The Team

With all these changes it was adamant that our team grew in numbers to accommodate such advancements and maintain our efficiency at a consistent increase. Thus, our team now constitutes a total of 13 members within several teams.

The Uniforms

Fitted individualised uniforms have now been designed for all members, with the MTA Australia logo on one side and the members name on the other. These are worn at all major internal Jamaat functions and also when we are in the public eye.

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The satellite dish set up advice

MTA, International could be found at:

Frequency: 03760 | Symbol rate: 26000 | Polarity: horizontal | Pid pcr: 08190

Pid video: 01070 | Pid audio: 01071