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Huzur (aba) Inspects Jalsa Arrangements - Gents

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Before commencement of any Annual Convention of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, it is a tradition where (if present in the country) the Khalifatul Masih (aba), the Head of the Worldwide Ahmadiyya Community inspects all departments to review the preparations for the Jalsa and also to offer suggestions on how to improve the arrangements.

We are blessed and fortunate enough to have His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V (aba) visiting us here in Australia this year. A brief account of the inspection:


17:09hrs Huzur (aba) departs the mission house to have a tour of Jalsa offices, facilities and operations. The office bearers accompanying Huzur (aba) included Nasir Kahlon, Sarwar Shah, Khalil Sheikh, Taseer Ahmad Bashir, Omer Shahab Khan, Ahmed Umer Khalid, Saqib Mahmood Atif, Zulfi Khan and Ejaz Ahmad Rana. Some of Huzur’s (aba) staff including Munir Javed, Abdul Majid Tahir, Mubarak Ahmad Zafar and Abid Waheed Khan also accompanied Huzur.

17:12hrs Huzur (aba) while passing by, enquired about the purpose and function of the fire water storage tanks installed for the Khilafat Centenary Hall. The accompanying Jalsa officers tried to provide some information in this regard.

17:13hrs Huzur (aba) arrived at the main kitchen, a part of Khilafat Centenary Hall that was being used to cook food for the large number of Jalsa guests. Volunteers of various food preparation departments lined up with notable discipline to welcome Huzur (aba). Huzur (aba) checked one of the large cooking pots and asked questions regarding the food preparation activities. He also provided advice involving various relevant activities.


Huzur (aba) also asked questions about the number of guests expected for Jalsa. Afsar Jalsa Salana, Sarwar Shah provided the relevant information. Huzur (aba) also shared information about various Ahmadiyya conventions and gatherings worldwide to provide a broader context.

17:16hrs Huzur (aba) entered ladies side where he inspected facilities for ladies Jalsa venue and services. Ladies inspection report.

17:20hrs Huzur (aba) left the ladies venue and entered Muslim Television Ahmadiyya’s (MTA) exhibition where he provided useful advice on how to improve the exhibition and be truly representative of the community’s history.

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17:25hrs Huzur (aba) arrived at the Book Exhibition Marquee. He provided valuable instructions to volunteers on how books and literature could be better displayed. He also enquired about the availability of some recently published books.

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17:28hrs Huzur (aba) inspected Security and Parking arrangements and asked questions about various aspects involving these facilities.

17:33hrs Huzur (aba) arrived at the main marquee where he waited for few minutes to provide an opportunity to Jalsa volunteers to line up in their respective sections. Subsequently, Huzur (aba) walked through and provided the privileged blessing for the heads of each section to shake hands with His Holiness.

17:37hrs Huzur (aba) arrived at the stage to be seated which was followed by the recitation of Holy Quran by Muzaffar Ahmad Mirza.

17:42hrs Huzur’s (aba) addressed the Jalsa volunteers. He reiterated the fact that it is Allah who actually helps us to undertake such enormous activities. However, a large number of volunteers perform various functions. Some of these volunteers have years of experience of undertaking such responsibilities whereas, there is also a large number of volunteers who are new to such responsibilities, he mentioned. It is the duty of the experienced volunteers to guide the new comers with love and care. Moreover, the new volunteers should learn their role and also aim to introduce new innovations to facilitate ongoing improvement of this momentous task which is rapidly growing in size.

17:50hrs Huzur (aba) inspected the MTA operation that is aiming to telecast Huzur’s (aba) Jalsa addresses for its worldwide audience.

17:52hrs Huzur (aba) generously provided an opportunity to Jalsa volunteers to have a cup of tea with him. Later on, he proceeded to his office to meet with the families who had come to see him.

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