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Interfaith Symposium at Australia's Largest Mosque


The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community hosted its annual ‘Interfaith Symposium and Iftar Dinner’ to commemorate the Spirit of Sharing in the Holy month of Ramadhan at Baitul Huda Mosque (The House of Guidance), in Marsden Park, Sydney on Saturday 9th of June 2018. The theme of symposium was "Fasting in My Religion" and over 600 guests attended the event.

The proceedings started with recitation from the Holy Quran and its translation in English.

The National President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Australia, and Grand, Imam Mr. I. H. Kauser explained the purpose of the event:

“It is high time to bring people, communities and nations on one platform to enhance love, respect and harmony between the great religions of the world. Discussing diversity, sharing commonalities and customs of each other strengthen the ties. Fasting is one of the customs common in all religions of the world. For this noble task, we have religious leaders who will highlight how they fast in their religion.”

Number of eminent religious scholars of Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Christianity spoke on the occasion and shared the history and practice of fasting as prescribed by their respective religions.


Mr Radhakrishan Sharma from Hindu religion stated: “Veda states Fasting is good for the health and mind”

Fasting3     Fasting4   
Mr Radhakrishan Sharma                            Mrs Tahlia Sweeney

Mrs Tahlia Sweeney from Christian faith stated: “We are all unique in our own way, when we fast we recognize we need God more than ever”

Rabbi Gad Krebs from Jewish faith said: “We fast to show our love to God by giving up food”

Fasting5  Fasting6   
Rabbi Gad Krebs                                Imam Imtiaz Naveed

Imam Imtiaz Naveed of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community said: “Fasting is one of the most important pillar of Islam. In Islam It’s about self-reformation”

Fasting7  Fasting8 
Rev Fr Shenouda Mansour                        President David Harper

Rev Fr Shenouda Mansour from Coptic Church stated: “We fast to say no to sin. Fasting can help in one’s worldly matters”

President David Harper from Morman faith stated: “Fasting helps repel Satan. Fasting brings out the humbleness in people”

Rev Mark Boyley from the Anglican faith stated: “Jesus (peace and blessings) said reason for fasting is to lower yourself in the eyes of God”

     Fasting9 Fasting10
Rev Mark Boyley                              Imam Mr. I. H. Kauser

The National President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Australia, and Grand, Imam Mr. I. H. Kauser made the concluding remarks and thanked all the speakers. He said:
“Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has been taking part in interfaith events since 1896 and we always invite our neighbours and community friends to our events and today under this roof, as you may see around you, we have people of different faiths, different backgrounds and different origins sharing food, sharing thoughts and sharing smiles and this is the real spirit of what we call ‘sharing is caring’. The tradition of fasting is part of each religion. There may be different ways of practicing this tradition but this is the common ground that can truly unite various faiths once again and this is the teaching of the Holy Quran that calls the people of all faiths to common grounds and this is the real objective of this interfaith symposium. I hope and pray that our small efforts bring great fruits and may we gather all humanity on the platform of love, peace, harmony, respect and cooperation.”
The symposium concluded with silent prayer led by Imam Kauser for world peace and prosperity of our great country Australia. All guests enjoying the delicious Iftar dinner and thanked all the volunteers.


About the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community:
The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a very peaceful, law abiding, nonviolent and loving community. Founded in 1889, the Community spans more than 200 countries with membership exceeding tens of millions. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is the leading Islamic organisation to categorically reject terrorism in any form. Similarly, the Ahmadiyya Community is the only Islamic organisation to endorse a separation of mosque and state. Today, it continues to be an advocate for universal human rights and protection for religious and other minorities. It champions the empowerment and education of women. Its members are among the most law-abiding, educated, and engaged Muslims in the world. For the official website of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Australia, please visit: www.Ahmadiyya.org.au or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.