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 waqafenauuk1By the grace of Almighty Allah, 10 Waqfeen-e-Nau and 1 Non-Waqfeen,as well as 2 office bearers had the opportunity to visit UK to meet Huzur-e- Anwar (may Allah be his Helper) and tour Markaz. The planning for the visit began in early 2017 with letters of prayer and approval written to Huzur-e-Anwar. After initial approval was given, Ameer Sahib suggested that dates should be amended due to flight expenses being costly. Dates were amended and approval again sought.
Circulars were sent across all Jama’at in Australia for names to be forwarded for interested Waqfeen. The department received 16 names, however
due to visa restrictions and complications we could only finalise 10 Waqfeen and 1 non waqfe nau who had been given approval from Huzur-e-Anwar. Tickets were purchased and preparation finalised. Interstate waqfeen (Queensland and Adelaide) made their own way to Sydney where the group left together. 3 members of the group were already present in the UK and to meet up with the group.

Tuesday, 16th January 2018 – Departure from Sydney, Australia

At 12pm all members of the group assembled at Masjid Baitul Huda to meet with Ameer Sahib and receive words of advice before the journey and offer Zuhr & Asr prayers. Ameer Sahib instructed to pray for the success and safety of the journey and to gain maximum benefits when in Markaz and learn Jama’at practices. After the prayers, all parents present along with other members silent prayer was offered. The group then left for Sydney International Airport.


Upon arriving, the group checked in and then made their way through security checks. Before the flight, lunch was eaten together and then we boarded the flight to Dubai. The flight was 14 hours and a long one! We offered prayers and conversed together and National and Naib Sec.Waqfe Nau continued to regularly check on the waqfeen throughout the flight.

Wednesday 17th January 2018 – Dubai-London and seeing Beloved Huzur-e-Anwar

The group reached Dubai at 12.40am and were quite tired and relieved to be off the plane. We stretched our legs briefly knowing our connecting flight was only an hour away by the time we went through the clearance and reboarding process. The journey to London was 8 hours as we reboarded and offered our prayers accordingly.
Upon reaching London airport we went through boarder security who asked some questions of the group but cleared us. Wed were greeted by a UK Khuddam who were to escort us to our accommodation which was to be Baitul Futuh. The journey from the airport was interesting and tiring due to the peak London traffic and therefore took us just over an hour. Alhamdolilah upon arriving at Baitul Futuh, Murrabi Silsila Farukh Ahmad Sahib and Musharaf Ahmad Sahib who also serve in the Central Waqfe Nau department greeted us warmly and organised our accommodation accordingly. We also were pleased and honoured to meet many of the dedicated members of the UK Jama’at who were serving diligently. After settling in and having breakfast, we offered our Zuhr and Asr prayers at Masjid Baitul Futuh. We met with Murrabi Silsila Feroz Alam Sahib who kindly gave us a tour of the MTA studios at Baitul Futuh and provided details of how things were done as well as introduce us to some MTA workers.


After lunch the minibus had arrived to take the group to Masjid Fazl where at last we would again be blessed to lay eyes upon Huzur-e-Anwar (may Allah be his Helper) and to have the blessed opportunity to pray behind him once again. The atmosphere and feeling within the group was beyond excitement and awe as for most of us it was the first time visiting Markaz. The organisation,facilities and the setup was outstanding and overwhelming. We made our way to Masjid Fazl,having met many respected elders and members and sat patiently in the first row awaiting Beloved Huzur-e-Anwar to come and lead Maghrib prayers.
As we had arrived well before the time for prayers (a practice we observed throughout our journey to ensure we maximised our opportunity to pray behind Huzur (may Allah be his Helper), Waqfeen offered nafl prayers and recited the Quran.
Finally the time had arrived for our first prayers behind Huzur in the UK, and upon him entering and greeting the members with salutation we observed his glance towards the group members before he began prayers. The pure joy we experienced at that moment and seeing our beloved Imam was so refreshing and aweinspiring.
As I observed the Waqfeen after prayers had concluded and Huzur had left and the real excitement and lift in their actions and words, despite their tiredness and exhaustion I sensed that already they had reached a state of success in their visit. Between Maghrib and Isha it was planned that each day waqfeen would participate in a lecture by Respected Office Bearers. Today the waqfeen were honoured to listen to Respected Aamir Safeer Sahib, Editor of Review of Religions.
His lecture provided an insight into his personal journey and service for Jama’at and provided Waqfeen with valuable anecdotes of the blessings of following Khilafat and being around Huzur. He provided guidelines for Tabligh and encouraged Waqfeen to read extensively and write articles.
After Isha prayers behind Huzur-e-Anwar and taking some photos for memories we were taken back to Baitul Futuh where we enjoyed a delicious dinner and hit the beds soon after.

Thursday 18th January 2018 – Jamia Ahamdiyya UK

We awoke early the next morning at 5am and although Fajr started at 6:45am we regularly went very early to be able to pray in the front rows behind Beloved Hazoor (may Allah be his Helper).After Fajr we headed back to Baitul Futuh, rested for a while before proceeding to Breakfast then get ready to leave for Jamia UK in Surrey. The drive was almost an hour long as we entered the premises for Jamia Ahmadiyya UK the group was mesmerised and in awe of the lush and dense vegetation surrounding the long driveway and coming through it wondering what Jamia would look like. Upon reaching the end of the driveway, there stood Jamia in its entirety a magnificent and
beautiful institution set in a private sanctuary,indeed the perfect place to mould true servants of Allah.
After meeting staff and teachers, we met with Principal Sahib, Respect Mirza Inaam Ahmad Sahib who warmly welcomed the waqfeen and told them to enjoy the experience and learn as much as they can.
Waqfeen then toured the Jamia facilities meeting with staff and students in particular a Q &A session with 7th year students who gave them an insight into life at Jamia and their journey. We then had lunch with some teachers of Jamia and waqfeen introducing themselves followed by Zuhr and Asr prayers. Waqfeen then completed their tour of Jamia seeing the sporting facilities available and the open grounds.
The tour was outstanding in summary having seen the complete facilities available to students including separate dormitories for juniors and seniors, meeting rooms, staff rooms, halls, library, kitchens, dining halls, prayer halls, gym and indoor sports, soccer and cricket grounds,swimming pool, basketball and tennis courts as well as open grounds for jogging and walking and various study areas. The tour was an eye opener and Waqfeen did not hesitate to inform me that they really cant wait to join Jamia no matter where it is although in UK it is always more dear to heart as Khalifa-e-Waqt is present.
The group then headed to Masjid Fazl to offer Maghrib and Isha behind Huzure-Anwar (may Allah be his Helper).
After maghrib we were blessed to be provided a lecture by Respected Imam Sahib, Ataul Mujeeb Rashid Sahib, who facilitated Q&A session with the Waqfeen and in the process taught us many valuable lessons and practices to live our lives by and how to fulfil one’s waqf in sincerity. After Isha prayers we made our way back to our accommodation at Baitul Futuh, had dinner and retired for the night.


Friday 19th January 2018 – Friday Prayers behind our Beloved Huzur

We again awoke at 5am and made our way to Masjid Fazl where we offered tahujjud and offered Fajr behind Huzur. We made our way back to Baitul Futuh and after resting and breakfast and began our preparation for Friday prayers. The group made their way early and after waiting in Tahir hall to be allowed in, we quickly made our way in and sat in the first row. There was a general sense of excitement and feeling of blessing amongst the group having experienced this only from our television back home, but sitting there and offering prayers for spiritual elevation and thanking the Almighty for this opportunity it was very overwhelming. Huzur-e-Anwar (may Allah be his Helper) entered and after delivering his sermon we offered our prayers and Huzur left to carry on with his busy schedule. We then enjoyed a delicious lunch and left for Deer Park where Jama’at Offices were located. Once we had arrived we were fortunate to visit many offices and respective office bearers and workers including Tasneef (publications), Russian Desk, Bangla Desk,Review of Religions, Makhzan-e-Tasaweer, Al-Fazl and of course Central Department of Waqfe Nau.


Waqfeen then had a sitting with Respected Murrabi Silsila and Central Waqfe Nau Office Head, Luqman Ahmed Kishwar Sahib. Luqman Sahib questioned the waqfeen about their trip and their future decisions and gave them other advice about their waqf. Waqfeen then headed back to Makzane Tasaweer for further viewing of Jama’at history through photos while National Sec. had a meeting with Luqman Sahib. After offering maghrib prayers at the salat hall in Deer Park, the group headed to Masjid Fazl to offer prayers behind Huzur-e-Anwar. It was also finalised that inshallah we would have mulaqat with Beloved Huzur tomorrow. With this in mind the waqfeen were elated that the time to meet Huzur was not far. We headed back to Baitul Futuh, had dinner and retired to bed.

Saturday 20th January 2018 – Mulaqat with Huzur-e-Anwar (may Allah be his Helper)

Due to our schedule we offered Fajr at Baitul Futuh on Saturday and therefore enjoyed some additional sleep time. However with time quickly approaching for Mulaqat the group were too excited and after fajr began getting ready for the day. After breakfast we headed to Masjid Fazl and upon arrivingmade our way to Mahmood Hall where we were informed would be our Mulaqat. Due to a Khuddamul Ahmadiyya group from Germany also present there was some uncertainty whether we would go first or them. Suddenly we were informed Huzur would be meeting the German group first and that we should quickly leave the Hall and wait in the Private Secretary’s office for Huzur and that our mulaqat would now be held in Huzur’s office. It was so sudden that upon reflection it was rather so blessed for us that we would have the opportunity to meet Huzur in his office. We waited standing almost 25minutes in the limited space of the Private Secretary office, jetlagged, tired but eager to meet Huzur.
Finally we were informed Huzur’s mulaqat was finished and that very soon Huzur would walk past us through to his office. Huzur walked past and stopped momentarily glancing at the group and humorously remarked in Urdu aftersaying Salaam “Ok. Very healthy people have come to visit me” and then proceeded to his office. We too followed and upon entering Huzur asked everyone to be seated. The Mulaqat was special and the way in which the group received the love and affection of Huzur-e-Anwar makes one speechless. Huzur asked each Waqfeen to introduce themselves and their intentions which all said were to join Jamiah. Huzur was so happy at hearing this and then began a Q&A session where Waqfeen asked Huzur questions and also requested prayers for their families. Huzur was so relaxed with the waqfeen and shared some very beautiful moments of laughter and humour thoroughly enjoyed by all. The mulaqat went for 30 minutes in total including an opportunity to take a group photo. The waqfeen then received a pen from Huzur and then made their way for Zuhr and Asr prayers. Following prayers the waqfeen went to nearby shops and enjoyed Nandos for Lunch and conversed with each other about the mulaqat
and then shopped for a bit before heading back to Masjid Fazl for Maghrib. Following Maghrib they enjoyed a lecture delivered by Respected Abdul Majid Tahir Sahib, Additional Vakeel-ul-Tabshir, who related some inspiring anecdotes about miracles he witnessed of Khalifatul Masih including some during Huzur-e-Anwar’s visit to Australia and gave waqfeen some valuable words of advice about waqf and the need to stay attached to Khilafat.


After Isha prayers behind Huzur, the waqfeen met with some members from the security team and then headed back to Baitul Futuh, having a quick dinner before heading to bed after a memorable day.

Sunday 21st January 2018 – Family visits

After our normal routine of praying fajr behind Huzur-e-Anwar we made our way back to Baitul Futuh and from here the group left for different destinations with relatives and friends for the day. After a day with loved ones waqfeen returned in the evening and retired for the night.

Monday 22nd January 2018 – Islamabad and Hadeeqa-tul Mahdi

After another early rise at 5am the group with some understanding that the visit was quickly approaching an end, headed to Fajr at Baitul Fazl and then soon returned back to our accommodation and had breakfast. The group left for Islamabad in the morning and after a decent drive reached the destination. Due to construction we were unable to enter certain areas, however saw from afar the new facilities being built. We offered dua at the grave of beloved Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV (rh) and his beloved wife Sayeda Asifa Begum Sahiba and spent quite some time there in silence praying and remembering beloved Huzur (rh). We then made our way to Khailun-Lir-Rahman Horse Riding School, where waqfeen enrolled and became members and then enjoyed some horse riding.


We then left for Hadeeqa tul Mahdi and upon arriving saw the location where the blessed Jalsa Salana UK is held. The waqfeen briefly stopped and saw the location and met the local caretaker of the facilities before heading back to Masjid Fazl, offering our Zuhr and Asr during our drive back. We offered our maghrib and siha behind Huzur and between the prayers enjoyed another special lecture with Respected Abid Khan Sahib, Press & Media Incharge, who provided a recount of some memorable anecdotes relating to Khilafat and its blessings and miracles which he witnessed.
The waqfeen thoroughly enjoyed his talk and asked questions. We also had mulaqat with Respected Ameer Sahib UK, Rafiq Ahmad Hayat Sahib who warmly welcomed all the Waqfeen and asked about the tour and then gave each waqfeen a gift. After Isha we headed back to Baitul Futuh, had dinner and went to bed.


Tuesday 23rd January 2018 – Last day in UK and back to Aus.

With a heavy heart, Waqfeen rose early and made their way to Masjid Fazl for their last prayer behind Huzur for this trip. National Secretary and Naib Secretary Sahib were given permission to stand nearby where Huzur leaves the mosque from and were able to convey a message for prayer and informed Huzur we were leaving today and that we kindly request for special prayers for our safe journey, which beloved Huzur acknowledged.
As some waqfeen were remaining behind they left with their relatives, while the rest of us began packing and preparing for our flight. The first group left for the airport around 9am. Unfortunately 2 of the waqfeen’s booking had an issue and missed their flight and so had to leave with the second group which left around 2pm. Both groups left the UK safely,however the 2 waqfeen had some further issues with their tickets in Dubai but thanks to Allah were able to safely board their flight in the last moment. Alhamdolilah both groups arrived safely at their destinations and returned from the UK winter to Australia’s hot summer of high temperatures. The waqfeen submitted their journals to National Secretary Sahib and also stated their joy and thanks to Allah they were given the opportunity to be a part of this special visit. May Allah enable all Waqfe Nau to fulfil their dedication with sincerity and humbleness.
We are grateful to Allah the Almighty for having enabled upon us this successful visit and allowing us to meet and pray behind our beloved Huzur (may Allah be his Helper).

Courtesy: Ahmadiyya Gazette Australia