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Brief History


Ahmadiyyat in Australia


Dr. Ijazul Haq wrote two letters to Wakil-ul-Tabshir, in regards to forming a Jamaat in Australia on the 10th of July 1979 and then on the 20th of July of that same year. On the 15th of August 1979, a Tabshir letter was received by Dr.Ijazul Haq, giving permission to form a Jamaat in Australia. This letter was signed by Mirza Tahir Ahmad, who was the acting Wakil-Ul-Tabshir at that time.

  • Hassan Moosa Khan was the first Ahmadi in Australia. He was born in 1842 and passed away in 1939. He is buried at the Karrakatta cemetery in Perth, Western Australia and his grave site no. is 0071. Hassan Moosa Khan came to Australia as a camel driver and he accepted Ahmadiyyat in 1903. He had two brothers, who entered into the Ahmadiyya Jamaat earlier and were also the companions of the Promised Messiah.
  • The Ahmadiyya Jamaat in Australia was formally formed in the early part of the year 1980. The first office bearers were the following:
    1. President - Dr. Ijazul Haq
    2. Vice-President - Mr. Shamsu Dean
    3. General Secretary - Mr. Aziz Dean
    4. Finance Secretary - Mr. Amjad Ahmad Khan Rana
  • The land for the mosque at Marsden Park (Sydney) was purchased in 1983.
  • Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV first came to Australia on the 16th of September 1983 on his way to Fiji, but his formal visit started on the 25th of September 1983 at 8:10pm, when he arrived from Fiji via Qantas Airways, flight no. QF94. Hazrat Maulvi Muhammad Hussain (Sahabi; companion of the Promised Messiah) also came to Australia on the same day. Hazoor laid the foundation stone of Bait-ul-Huda Mosque on the 30th of September. He left Australia on the 7th of October 1983 from Lane Cove Motel, where he was residing.
  • Hazoor's second visit to Australia was in 1989. He arrived in Sydney from Fiji on the 14th of July 1989, via Cathay Pacific Airways, flight no. CP25 at 8:55am. It was a Friday and Eid-ul-Adha as well. Hazoor went to Auckland on the 15th of July 1989 and then returned to Australia on the 16th of July. He departed Australia on the 18th of July 1989 at 12 noon.
  • The first missionary, Mr. Shakil Ahmad Munir and his wife, Mrs. Naima Munir came to Australia on the 5th of July 1985.
  • The Ahmadiyya Jamaat in Australia was registered as the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association of Australia Inc. on the 7th of September 1987.

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