Jalsa Preparation Arrangements

“We are Ready to greet our guests

at our 29th Annual Convention (Jalsa Salana) Australia”

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Australia is holding its 29th Annual Convention from 4th to 6th October 2013. This convention holds its own importance as the convention has been blessed by the arrival of the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba).

In order to discuss the annual convention arrangements, our web correspondent team met with senior officials designated for the convention and produced herein below a short discourse.  

Mr. Nasir Kahlon, Afsar Coordination Jalsa Salana

Our Web Correspondents team met Mr. Kahlon today and discussed various aspects of his department during the 29th Jalsa Salana Australia. Mr Kahlon stated that there are about 45 auxiliary units functioning to facilitate the Jalsa proceedings which have been organized into three functional groups. The coordination structure is built in such a way that Mr. Kahlon receives reports from only the three heads of those groups. Each group has an internal structure for reporting to their respective heads.

Such a structure ensures cohesive coordination, he maintained. All operations are subject to ongoing review; however, he was satisfied with the overall coordination arrangements. Regarding the inspection of Jalsa Salana arrangements, Mr Kahlon asserted that the inspection went very well despite a few very minor issues that have been resolved.

Replying a question on resources, Mr Kahlon stated that “producing the best results by living within our limited resources has always been a distinctive honor of Jamaat Ahmadiyya; the same is being pursued”.


“Producing the best results by living within our limited resources has always been a distinct honor of Jamaat Ahmadiyya; the same is being pursued”.

 Mr Nasir Kahloonnasir

 Afsar Coordination Jalsa Salana

Regarding his past Jalsa experiences, Mr Kahlon informed us that he has been in Australia for the last 33 years and has attended all annual conventions witnessing the steady progress of the Jamaat from just a few people to thousands. Now the passionate volunteers require no micro-management, they run things self-reliantly ensuring a successful Jalsa.

Mr Mohammad Sarwar Shah, Afsar Jalsa Salana & Mr Ahmad Khalid, Naib Afsar Office Jalsa

Our web correspondent team met with Mr. Mohammad Sarwar Shah, Afsar Jalsa Salana and Mr. Ahmad Khalid, Naib Afsar Jalsa Salana Office regarding the arrangements of this momentous event. Our questions ranged from the general arrangements to the accommodations, food services and toilet facilities. Both of the Jalsa officials provided detailed answers to our questions.

Speaking about the reception of Huzur on his arrival at the Baitul Huda Mosque, Mr Sarwar stated that approximately 1200 members of the community will gather on both sides of the road (about 1KM long) singing poems, religious enchantments and Islamic slogans.

In response to the general arrangements to greet and look after approximately 4000-4500 guests, almost 1000 volunteers (men & women) are taking active part with great enthusiasm to prepare for this auspicious event. For accommodations, an adequate number of marquees have been put in place along with related provisions like mattresses etc. Guests are being accommodated in nearby hotels and caravan parks also.


“We are eager to serve our Jalsa guests and have made profuse preparations by expanding marquees, kitchen, food services and toilets. The blissful efforts are aimed to ensure blessed days as envisaged by the Promised Messiah(AS) ; all are requested to pray for success of this blessed event”.  



Mohammad Sarwar Shah, Afsar Jalsa Salana & Ahmad Khalid, Naib Afsar Jalsa Salana

Responding to questions on food services including cooking and distribution, Mr. Sarwar Shah described that the kitchen, cooking stoves and storage facilities have been extended to prepare and distribute food for all the guests. Similarly, water supply and electricity facilities have been upgraded. As such, an adequate number of mobile toilets have also been placed in both ladies and men areas to cater to the large number of guests.

Speaking on potential difficulties Mr. Khalid informed us that all contingency plans have also been put in place.

Regarding the food menu, he informed us that separate marquees have been allocated to cater for general guests, guests from Fiji and other islands as well as diet food. Another marquee will also serve Huzur’s staff and missionaries.

On the question of Market (Bazaar) within Jalsa area, Mr. Shah specified that unlike previous years, auxiliary organizations will have stalls this year under very strict operational guidelines.
Mr Rana Ijaz Ahmad, AfsarKhidmat-e-Khalq Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya

Mr. Rana Ijaz Ahmad, Sadr Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, is looking after the Jalsa’s security arrangements including traffic and parking segments. Providing a brief run down on security arrangements, Mr. Rana stated that surveillance cameras have been installed around the premises in addition to strict physical checking at the entry points. Entry will be restricted to ID card holders and everyone will be required to go through scan-gates to ensure a secure venue in every aspect. Special arrangements are also made to deal with contingency situations. He confirmed that all the required arrangements are in place to deal with any emergency situations. On the other hand, WH&S (Work Place Health and Safety) procedures are also implemented. He was completely satisfied with the team and the security system.

Mr. Rana mentioned that adequate car parking arrangements have been ensured to meet the parking needs of the Jalsa. Three parking lots are dedicated for this purpose including one specifically assigned for disabled guests. As a contingency, other facilities can also be arranged in case the number of vehicles exceeds the forecast. He maintained that golf carts will be running between parking lots and the Jalsa venues in order to facilitate less mobile guests. 

“Our pleasant, friendly and courteous team wishes to greet 4,000+ guests of the Promised Messiah (aw) to 29th Annual Convention of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Australia. Suggestions of improvements, will be heartily welcomed”. 


Rana Ijaz Ahmad

Afsar Khidmat-e-Khalq &

Sadr Khuddamul Ahmadiyya

 Dr. Omar Shahab Khan, Naib Afsar Jalsa Gah

Replying to our question on the preparation of the Jalsa Gah, Dr. Omar Shahab stated that the work had been initiated at the start of the year but it paced up over the last three months. Today, the Jalsa Gah is ready including the stage, backdrop and MTA stations. There are a few additional things that are now being put in place like audio, video, lighting etc. However, everything is very much on target.

Dr. Shahab said that the main marquees will be able to accommodate an expected number of 4000+ guests including the ladies side.

He further asserted that preparations have been made in the light of their past experiences, including the Jalsa of 2006, when Huzur visited Australia, as well as the issues written in the Red Book which is maintained on conclusion of the Jalsa every year.

Dr. Shahab further detailed the theme of the backdrop. He stated that “the delightful theme of this year’s Jalsa is peace”, depicting a revelation of the Promised Messiah “There is peace in our abode of love”. “Also Doves represent peace, blue colour signifies sky while the platform is in sandstone colour representing earth”.


“The delightful theme of this year’s Jalsa is peace”, depicting a revelation of the Promised Messiah “There is peace in our abode of love”.

Dr Omar Shahab Khandromar

Naib Afsar Jalsa Gah


 Mr. Muhammad Amjad Khan, Naib Afsar Jalsa Salana-Food Services

Providing an overview of the food services, Mr Amjad Khan stated that his department will be serving local, Inter-state, overseas, Tabsheer, guests in Huzur’s convoy and guests needing dietary food; thereby aggregating around 4000+ guests. Separate marquees are accordingly allocated in both men and women sides. Similarly, a separate marquee was installed to serve food to guests from Island to serve special food. A small section has been allocated on a 24 hours basis where they can have tea, drinks and food at their convenience. He maintained that parallel arrangement has been made in the ladies side as well. Good coordination is in place with food cooking and supply to efficiently serve an increasing number of guests.

Speaking about the number of volunteers, Mr. Amjad Khan informed that 55 and 65 volunteers in food services are respectively involved in men and women side. A duty roster is in place showing detailed duty times for every volunteer. He requested guests to adhere to allocated mealtimes as it helps avoid pressure.

He said that “the success lies in planning, coordination and adhering to the system; that is all we have envisaged with faith in Allah to bear fruits to our efforts”.


“the success lies in planning, coordination and adhering to the system; that is all we have envisaged with faith in Allah to bear fruits to our efforts”.


Muhammad Amjad Khan

Naib Afsar Jalsa Salana –Food