Jalsa Salana 2006 - Ladies Final Day

Jalsa Salana, Australia
The Annual Convention

History in the making - Huzur's Visit to Australia 2006

Jalsa Salana 2006 - Ladies Final Day

Date: 16/04/06

This morning was involved with the preparation of the Women's Jalsa area for Huzur's up coming concluding address that was to be relayed from the gents marquee.

It must be noted that the mood around the entire women's Jalsa area today was some what downhearted and low, obviously due to the fact that it is last day of the Annual Convention.

Whilst Huzur(aba) entered the men's marquee, the men started raising slogans. It would prove valuable to say that when Huzur(aba) gave the men more of an opportunity to continue raising the slogans the women found it quite amusing, because the men just kept on going…no matter how their voices came out.

You could here sounds of people whispering during the course of the award distribution ceremony; however when Huzur stepped up to deliver his concluding address, the hall was found to be soundless immediately. It was Amazing!

Around 1pm, Hazrat Amatus Subooh (Huzur's wife) walked on to the stage from the VIP seating area in the main hall. In the meanwhile before Huzur(aba) entered, a group of young girls prepared a selection of mixed poems to recite as Huzur(aba) proceeded into the hall.

His Holiness then entered which was around 5 minutes after Appa Jaan went on stage to be together with him.

When reciting the poems the girls were a little nervous in the beginning but His Holiness was very accepting and made the situation comfortable for everyone, by throwing in a few light comments.

The representatives of the Queensland poem group then began reciting the poems which they had been practicing for a while.
Huzur(aba) then asked if there was anything else that the women would like to carry out. This is where the representatives of the South Australian poetry group acquired a chance to recite a poem with the presence of Huzur(aba). His Holiness then proceeded downstairs to the other hall.

The reaction and behaviour displayed by the children as our beloved Khalifa walked in to their area, was truly mind-blowing. Their love for the Calif of the time was clearly portrayed through there keenness, passion and enthusiasm of wanting to run to Huzur(aba) and either cuddle him or even touch him.

A while after Huzur (aba) left, salat was then offered, after which everyone split into different directions doing different things in their respective departments.

The Three Day Annual Convention might have finished, but there are still a few events which will be accompanied by Huzur(aba) such as Waqf-e-nau (The children of parents who have dedicated their lives to serve the community) classes and also the Young Girls classes. Stay in tune for details and photographs that will be posted on this very website soon!!

Signing off for today, the 16th of April 2006,09.20pm
Ladies & Families Team