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khilafat Centenary Committee

To mark the completion of hundred years of Khilafate Ahmadiyya on 27th of May 2008, Huzur atba in early 2005 announced that Ahmadiyya Community worldwide will celebrate Khilafate Ahmadiyya Centenary in 2008.
Huzur atba also approved a worldwide program as guideline for the entire Centenary year and this program was undertaken by all the Jamat units worldwide.

Khilafat Centenary Committee
Huzur atba also formed a worldwide Khilafat Centenary Committee under the chairmanship of Ch. Hamidulalh sahib, Wakile Aala Tehrike Jadeed. Also, such committees at country level were also formed to undertake variety of activities and projects worldwide. Huzur atba very kindly approved a Khilafat Centenary Committee for Australia also, the members of which are ;

  1.  Chairman  - Mahmood Ahmed sb, Ameer Australia  -
    2.    Deputy Chairman  - Nasir Mohammad Kahlon
    3.    Secretary  - Dr. Tasir Ahmad Bashir
    4.    President Khuddamul Ahmadiyya, Australia
    5.    Officer Jalsa Salana
    6.    Officer Jalsa Gah
    7.    Representative of Sadr Lajna Imaillah, Australia
    8.    Representative of Sadr Ansarullah, Australia
    9.    Member and current Internal Auditor  - Sultan Ahmad
    10.  Member – Mirza Ramzan Sharif

Later on, a number of associate members were added to enhance the implementation of progress.

The Australian Centenary Khilafat Committee regularly met to plan and undertake the centenary programs, initially every three months when the program was initiated in 2005.