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Building Projects

 Among a large number of projects and activities by the grace of Allah, Ahmadiyya community, Australia also undertook a number of building projects to express its gratitude towards the blessed institution of Khilafat. Centenary Khilafat Hall and Melbourne Jamat Centre are two notable projects that are not are of significant millstones in the history of Jamat in Australia but also are prominent Centenary building projects worldwide - particularly in the southern hemisphere. Huzur atba himself laid the foundation stone and blessed the opening of the Centenary hall and highlighted the blessings of such valuable centres of spirituality.
Centenary Khilafat Hall at Masjid-e-Alhuda, Sydney

The facility houses a number of amenities. The design is multifaceted and provides portability to house large number of activities in a modifiable area and may serve the essential purposes for a long time to come. 
  • Jalsa Gah (convention centre), auditorium extension keeping in view space shortage in the Mosque for most of the main events.
  • Resident tarbiyyati classes for interstate Atfaal, Nasirat, Lajna and Khuddam during holidays, held separately on the lines of Taleemul Quran and post-matric tarbiyyati classes in Rabwah.
  • Teaching programs for growing number of Waqf-e-nau.
  • Offices and activity spaces, particularly for Lajna Imaillah and also for Khuddamul Ahmadiyya, Ansarullah and other departments of the Jamaat.
  • A video projection, operational room and archive facility for MTA, Australia.
  • Residential component for interstate and international guests.
  • More private multi-sports indoor area particularly for growing Lajna and Nasirat.
  • A child/infants minding facility for Lajna while they participate in Jamaati programs/Jalsas.
  • A modern Langer Khana/full commercial cooking facility that caters Jamaat's rapidly growing major functions (e.g., Jalsas, Ijtamas, etc).
  • Lectures and seminars facility.
  • The facility may also house moderate size weddings, funerals, and other social events.
  • Storage space.
Guest House in Qadian

Guest House of Jamat Australia in Qadian is also a Centenary Khilafat 2008 project. It is in the process of construction right now.

Main features of this guest house are:

  • It is approx. 8100 sqm of built area comprising of ground and a first floor.
  • It has 6 guest rooms and 2 double bed family units.
  • Enternace Lobby, TV lounge, dinning hall, Kitchenand two servant quarters are all located at the ground floor

    At this stage foundation work is in progress. Brother Mohammad Athar ul Haq Incharge Tameriraat from Qadian informs us of any site / design issue. The design is mainly suggested by Jamat Australia


Ahmadiyya Centre Melbourne

 Jamaat Ahmadiyya Victoria has been looking for a place for own centre since then. After  almost a decade of efforts and prayers, Alhamdollilah! By the grace of Allah almighty Jamaat has found a place that includes a Place of Worship (Mosque), Community Centre and Mission House. This place is located at 6 Liesureland Drive on top of a hill in the beautiful suburb of Langwarrin which is almost 45 km in south east of Melbourne city centre. Jamaat Ahmadiyya Victoria purchased this place in October 2006 that is currently being called as Ahmadiyya Centre Melbourne.


The land size is three hectare in total with a huge castle looking building in the middle of the block. Local community calls this place as “The Castle”. May Allah make this Ahmadiyya Centre a real castle of Islam and Ahmadiyyat. Ameen

The history of this place dates back to nearly 30 years ago, when an amusement park called Leisureland Fair  was established on this site over an area of about 200 acres with a steam train which would run between 5 Km away the  car park and the amusement park itself. About 15 years ago, it was divided into hectare blocks and the area was re-zoned as “Low Density Residential Zone”.

Ahmadiyya Centre’s property consists of three blocks of a hector each, and its total area  is a bit over 7 and half acres. The building of this Centre was used to be a Reception Hall of the amusement park. The hall had a formal sitting arrangement for almost 2000 people.