Jalsa Proceedings Ladies Venue - Day 1

The main purpose of this blessed convention is to enable every sincere individual to personally experience religious and spiritual benefits. Australia’s 29th Jalsa Salana will remain as an event blessed with the presence of our Beloved Caliph.  The day started with the traditional Flag hoisting, Followed by the Friday Sermon.  We were also blessed to have Apa Jaan-  Hazrat Amatus Sabooh present among us.

As His Holiness has the knowledge and experience of all the administrative departments and affairs at almost every tier and level of our community, his suggestions under special divine guidance, put many issues in perspective and which were also taken on board from Thursdays Inspection by all the respective departments. By the grace of Allah, all the Jalsa departments were up and running on full mode tirelessly to serve the guests of Promised Messiah (as).

l3Registration Team: was well-coordinated team for the peak registration time All members and  guests were told beforehand to apply for a Jamaat Identification card so there would not be any inconvenience.

MTA Team: had a glitch in the morning but was resolved later on


Security Team performed there duty with patience as their duty required dedicating time to each bag or item  that was bought on the Jalsa Gah.


Ziafat Teamworked efficiently to serve the guests with the delicious food. 


The Exhibition consisted of a variety of items from handmade wall hangings, table runners and special items made by girls and ladies auxiliary. 

Written by Tooba Wahab