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Jalsa Proceedings Ladies Venue - Day 2

The second day of the Annual Convention Australia 2013 was one that was eagerly awaited by all the Ladies of the Ahmadiyya Community. Today was the day in which Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba) was to address the Ladies of this community in person.

The following is a chronological sequence of events as they occurred:

10.00 am: Ladies started arriving in the Main Ladies Convention Marquee where ID cards were checked by the Ladies Division of the Security Team and it was ensured that all mobile phones were switched off.

11.30 am: All microphones and video equipment was tested by the Women’s Audio/Video Department.

11.50 am: Arrival of Appa Jaan (Huzur’s (aba) wife) – Hazrat Amatus Sabooh was escorted into the Main Ladies Convention Marquee by the Ladies Division of the Security Team and Respected Hajrah Mahmood (Wife of the National Ameer(President) and Missionary In charge). Both were received and greeted by Respected Ladies Auxiliary President, Mrs Anjum Khan.

12.12 pm: His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba), Fifth Successor of the Founder of Ahmadiyyat arrived in the Ladies Main Convention Marquee. All Ladies arose for his arrival and he was greeted with an uproar of Islamic slogans raised by the entire audience.

12.13 pm: Huzur (aba) asked for the session to start in the traditional manner of the recitation of The Holy Quran. Sister Raana Nouman recited verses 19-22 of Surah (chapter) Al Ashr of The Holy Quran and the translation was given in the Urdu language.

12.20 pm: Sister Hiba Tul Shafi then presented a Poem from Kalam Hazrat Musleh Maud (as); this is a collection of poems written by the Second Successor of the Founder of Ahmadiyyat.

12.28 pm: Huzur (aba) then asked for the next item in the program to commence, which was an Academic Award Distribution ceremony where Huzur (aba) and Appa Jaan presented medals to the recipients. The following is a brief outline of medals awarded:

  • High Achievements (90 or above ATAR) in HSC (Secondary School Year 12): 12
  • High distinction in Diploma (Tertiary Education): 2
  • Distinctions in Bachelor Degrees: 6
  • Masters in Recipients Respective Fields: 5
  • Completion of Doctorates in Recipients Respective Fields: 2
  • Excellence in Recipients Respective Fields: 5
  • International Academic Recipients: 3 (all from Pakistan)
  • Achievements in Essay Writing Competition held by Ansaar Auxiliary: 3 Lajna (Ladies) and 1 Nasirah (Young Girl)

12.35 pm: Huzur (aba) commenced his address to the Ladies Auxiliary. The following is a brief summary of his address:

His Holiness highlighted the importance of the Quranic verses that were recited at the start of the program (Surah Al Ashr verse 19-22). He pointed out that these particular verses are recited on the special occasion of the Islamic Marriage ‘Nikkah’ and the fact that the term ‘Taqwa’ (Fear of God) has been mentioned 5 times in these verses. His Holiness described how every good deed is based on ‘Taqwa’. Huzur (aba) went into depth and described how vital Marriage is in the Islamic World in comparison to the Western World. He mentioned how in the Western Culture marriage has become an optional practice, and other options, in the name of freedom, have reached to the extent of immoral and immodest living. He went on to say that these days, the new generation of Ahmadi Youth are giving more importance to the Western Culture’s concept of pre-marital relationships and understandings when there are other good things from the Western Culture they should be adopting.

His Holiness then talked about how the Holy Prophet of Islam stated that when looking for a life partner, one should look towards how pious their suitor is rather than their beauty, family, or wealth, because piety is what leads to proper moral training of the children and entire household.

Huzur (aba) then went on to remind the audience how they have pledged to believe in the Oneness of God and in the Man of God who came to propagate the right path. He reminded the gathering about how they are on the right path and to take another further step of ‘Taqwa’ to impress God the Almighty.

In conclusion His Holiness urged his audience to sincerely judge themselves in how much importance they are giving to worldly matters over religious involvement. He then recalled extremely inspiring stories of the new blessed Converts and of their journey in accepting Islam and Ahmadiyyat. Huzur (aba) stressed that we should convey our culture our religious beliefs to this country instead of vice versa. He stated that Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya needs to shine in Australia and be a beacon of light for others, Inshallah (God Willing)

1.27 pm: His Holiness then concluded his address with a silent prayer, after which he requested the next part of the session to commence.

1.27 pm: Poems in various languages were presented by groups of members of the Ladies Auxiliary from around Australia. Poems were presented in the Arabic, Urdu, Bengali, English, French and Punjabi languages.

1.40 pm: His Holiness then exited the Main Ladies Convention Marquee, accompanied by the President of the Women’s Auxiliary of Australia and the Ladies Division of his Security Detail.

10th October 2013, 12.40 am
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