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Lajan Imaillah Brisbane and Bundaberg



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Meena Bazar Queenland | 13th Annual Gathering (Ijtema) Queensland

Jalsa Masih-e-Maud Brisbane | Khilafat Day Queensland


History of Lajna Imaillah Queensland, Australia

Lajna Imaillah Queensland is the auxiliary organization of Ahmadi Muslim Women in Queensland State and was established in 1995 in Brisbane.  Mrs. Mansoora Solangi was appointed President at the time and the strength of the body was 5. Mrs. Zameela Maqbool was later elected as the President and served for four years.

Queensland State now incorporates two Branches; the existing Lajna Imaillah Brisbane whose incumbent President is Mrs. Abida Mubashar elected in 2003, and the newer Lajna Imaillah Bundaberg formed in 2005, whose current President is Mrs. Zubeda Zia, appointed to her role at the branches inception.

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History of Lajan Imaillah Brisbane | History of Lajna Imaillah Bundaberg