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Lajna Imaillah Victoria



 Report Jalsa Maseh-e-Maud
Annual Calendar 2009| 5th Annual Nasiratul Ahmadiyya Summer Camp 


Jalsa Maseeh-e-Maud


By the grace of God, Lajna Imaillah (women’s Auxialiary) Victoria celebrated Jalsa Maseh-e-Maud on Sunday 10th of April 2011.
At about 11:30 am the Jalsa started with the recitation & translation of the Holy Quran followed by Hadith & a Poem. After that an Urdu speech was presented. The topic of speech was The Hospitality of Hazrat Masih Mauod. It was followed by a Deeni Maloomat competition on the Seerat of Hazrat Masih Mauod. After that an English speech on the topic The progress of Jamaat Ahmadiyya was presented.


Then a Sehat-e-Jismani Presentation was presented in which two English members from Countours Endeavour Hills came and spoke about our Body Mass Index, how is it calculated, its classification, how can we loose weight, the importance of diet & exercise etc. This presentation was very interesting & informative and all Lajna members enjoyed it.
In the end there was a Tabligh class. All lajna were given two simple questions about Tabligh to answer and then there was a general discussion on their answers and how we can do tabligh. A speech was presented on the topic how we can do Tabligh. After that Jalsa came to an end.




News Reported By: Attia Razi News Correspondent Victoria 5.08.2011


Musleh Maud (ra) Day

By the grace of God, Lajna Imaillah Victoria (women’s Auxiliary) celebrated Musleh Maud Day on Sunday 13th March 2011.

The program started at 11 a.m with the recitation of the Holy Quran and its translation followed by Hadith. An English speech was delivered on the topic Life of Hazrat Musleh Maud. A poem was presented by 2 young Lajna. After that two Urdu speeches were delivered. The topic of these speeches were Hazrat Musleh Maud’s period of Khilafat, & the life of Hazrat Musleh Maud.

Then there was a presentation about Sehat-e-Jismani. In this presentation an Ahmadi Doctor gave a lecture on the importance of walking and how to handle minor cuts from knives and needles etc at home. Dr. also gave answers to many of lajna’s questions. Sadr Lajna Imaillah Mrs. Kaukab Nasir then gave a concluding address in which she addressed some local issues.

The program came to an end after Dua.



News Reported By: Attia Razi News Correspondent Victoria 5.08.2011

Interfaith Dinner

By the grace of God, on Sunday, 13 Feb 2011, the women’s Auxiliary( Lajna Imaillah) Victoria organized and hosted an Interfaith Dinner with women of different faiths and ethnic backgrounds. A total of 92 guests attended the program. Among the guests were Turkish, Lebanese, Indians, Jews, Afghanis and Christians belonging to different churches, together with two Mayors, one member of state Parliament of Victoria & two councilors.  A welcoming team greeted these guests in the registration area with their name-tags. These guests were seated at different tables with their Ahmadi hostesses throughout the event.
The tables were beautifully set.

The even started at 6pm with the recitation & translation of selected verses from the Holy Quran by Lubna Ahmad. At 6:30 a welcoming address was given by our Sadar Lajna Mrs. Kaukab Nasir. This address was a brief introduction of Islam & Ahmadiyyat. It was followed by a presentation on Khilafat by Naureen Choudhry. Then the Mayor of the city of Casay (Shar Balmes) & the Mayor of the city of greater Dandenong (Cr. Rose Blades) gave their remarks. The guests also asked many questions. Lajna members tried to remove their misconceptions in a satisfactory way. After concluding remarks and Dua ( silent prayer) a group photo was taken and then the Dinner was served. All the guests enjoyed the meal.

A Bookstall was also organized where different Jamaat books & Pamphlets were presented. In the end Sadr Lajna Imailah Victoria thanked all the guests and the organizers.
This event was a great success and everyone enjoyed it. May Allah Almighty enable lajna Imailah, to serve Islam & Ahmadiyyat.



News Reported By: Attia Razi News Correspondent Victoria 5.08.2011

Meena Bazar

By the grace of God, Lajna Imaillah (women’s Auxiliary) Victoria held a Meena Bazaar (fair) on 16th of Jan 2011 at our Melbourne centre. It is held every year and is an entertaining and enjoyable event. All lajna members, children and guests enjoy the event.

The Meena Bazaar opened at 10:30 a.m. Some lajna members came early for setting up their stalls. There were many stalls like Mehendi, Gol Gappe, cakes, Nuggets, Chips, Beauty corner, Nomaish, Biryani, Zarda, seekh Kabab, Kher , Naan Haleem, Samosay, Ice cream, Kulfi, Drinks, Muffins, cosmetics & Jewellery, Frozen Samosay, Frozen Kabab for take away. There were also stalls for children like face painting, Stalls of Ballons & lollies. There was also a Book stall.

Some games were also arranged for lajna & children like Musical chairs & Ball in the Bucket for children. The winners of theses games were given the stall vouchers. There was also a first aid stall. The Meena Bazaar came to an end at 4 p.m.




News Reported By: Attia Razi News Correspondent Victoria 5.08.2011

Taleemi & Tarbiyati Class

By the grace of Allah Almighty, Taleemi & Tarbiyati class for Lajna Imaillah (women’s Auxiliary) Victoria and Nasirat (young girls) was organized on the 17th of October 2010.

 The program started at 11:15 a.m. with the recitation & translation of the Holy Quran followed by Hadith & Nazam.

Then Secretary Taleem presented the translation of Namaz & all Lajna revised it. Followed by the introduction of the Book, ‘Christianity: A Journey from Facts to Fiction’ was presented by Secretary Tabligh. Lajna were told about the importance of Tabligh and the methods for Tabligh.

Then a power point presentation was given by a young Lajna on the topic of “The Responsible use of Technology”. In this presentation Lajna were told about technology and what should the parents do to have the knowledge of what their kids are doing. They should also learn and get involved with their kids. Parents should set some reasonable rules & guidelines. Lajna were also told some tips of how to use the computer.
Discussion on the topic “The training of children and the Responsibilities of the mothers” was discussed. All Lajna participated in this discussion where they shared their experiences at home with their kids and some tips and good things to implement at home for the training of their children.

Then two young Lajna presented a power point presentation on the topic, ‘Titanic: The Artifacts exhibition’. Our 5 Lajna visited this exhibition which was held at the Melbourne Museum, on 7th of July 2010. In this presentation introduction of Titanic steam ship was given & some video clips of Titanic steam ship were also presented.

In the end Sadr Lajna Mrs. Kaukab Nasir gave the concluding address on some local issues. After the silent prayer lunch was served & then the program came to an end.



News Reported By: Attia Razi News Correspondent Victoria 3.01.2011

Interfaith Luncheon

On 21 February 2009 The Women’s Auxiliary (Lajna Imaillah) of Victoria was granted an opportunity to organize and host an interfaith luncheon with their non-Ahmadi guests to celebrate 100 years of Ahmadiyya Khilafat (Successorship). By the Grace of God, 8 non-Ahmadi guests from various faiths attended the event and were greeted in the registration area with nametags and a welcoming team. They were then accompanied into the main hall and seated at different tables each accompanied with a small group of Ahmadi women who were their dedicated hostesses throughout the event. The formal program started with the recitation of the Holy Quran (Chapter 59, verses 23 – 25) followed by translation in English. A brief introduction and welcome address was delivered, in which concepts such as “what is the essence of Islamic message, who are the Ahmadis, what is Khilafat, etc.” was presented. The formal part of the event was then closed with a silent prayer which was dedicated to the bushfire victims, followed by lunch and desserts

The ambience of the event was superb.  The hall was elegantly decorated, with a Khilafat Centenary backdrop and Islamic banners.  The luncheon was arranged in a banquet fashion, and each table was beautifully set.  The menu was quite elaborate.  This informal and comfortable atmosphere provided the guests an opportunity to ask many questions about Islam and Ahmadiyyat, and Lajna members were able to remove any misconceptions and answer questions in an informal, yet satisfactory way.  A bookstall was also organized for the guests, where different Jamaat books and pamphlets were present.  In the end, guests were invited to make any comments or share their feelings, which they generously did.  The overall opinion was that the luncheon was a great success and everyone enjoyed it so much so that nobody wanted to leave, despite the fact that the get-together lasted for almost 3 hours.

God willing, future events will be organized to keep a close relationship with all the guests who were present.  The guests also expressed their desire to continue this relationship and promised to invite Lajna members to events that they organize and host at other occasions.

May Allah shower His countless blessings on all the organizers and the members of Lajna Imaillah Victoria, who made great efforts in preparing the food, organizing the events, cleaning up, speaking to the guests and helped in numerous other ways, Ameen. May Allah Almighty enable Lajna Imaillah Victoria to serve Islam-Ahmadiyyat by propagating the true message of Islam around them and fulfill their pledge to our beloved Khalifa, Amen.


News Reported By: Naureen Chaudhry News Correspondent Victoria 08.03.09

Annaul Ijtema(Annual Gathering)

By the grace of God, the Annual Ijtema (Annaul Gathering)) for Lajna Imaillah Victoria (Women’s Auxiliary) and Nasiratul Ahmadiyya Victoria (young girls) was successfully held on the Saturday 12th and Sunday13th of July 2008. This is an event aimed at educating and increasing the knowledge of Lajna and Nasirat about Islam in an enjoyable manner.

On both days the Lajna and Nasirat took full part in all the events. Competitions held were Quran recitation, Quran memorization, speeches, recitation of poems, religious knowledge, bait bazi (memorizing the verse from the poems) and sports.

The standard of the preparation by all the participants was excellent, and the competition was very close. The program was well organized and all the members worked very hard to make it a success. Much knowledge was gained from the speeches and religious knowledge competitions.

Over all it was a very enjoyable program and was only possible due to the dedication and participation of all the people involved in it, the organizers, the people who competed in the events, all the participants and volunteer workers.


News Reported By: Lubna Ahmad News Correspondent Victoria 12.08.08

Khilafat Day

By the grace of God, on 27th of May 2008 the Victoria jamaat celebrated Khilafat Day which was part of the world wide celebration by the Ahmadiyya Muslim community on the completion of one hundred years of Khilafat (Successorship).

Lajna Imaillah (Women’s Auxiliary) Victoria took full part in these celebrations, which commenced with the tahajud (early morning) prayer. A small program was arranged for the benefit of the ladies gathered at the hall and was started in the usual manner with a recitation of the Holy Quran. Following this, a poem in the praise of Khilafat (Successorship) was recited by a group of Nasirat (Young girls). The highlight of the day was an event called Bazm-e-zaok in which participants presented poems and verses from the prominent poets of the Ahmadiyya community on the theme of Khilafat (Successorship). Following this ladies were invited to talk about their relatives who were companions of the Promised Messiah (the founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community) and also the relatives who were martyred in the cause of Ahmadiyyat. Quite a few ladies took the opportunity and shared interesting facts with those present. With this the formal proceedings for the ladies came to an end. The ladies participated with great enthusiasm in the whole program, which was nicely concluded with a wonderful dinner. 


News Reported By: Lubna Ahmad News Correspondent Victoria 26.06.08

Meena Bazaar(Fair)

By the grace of God, Lajna Imaillah (women’s auxiliary) Victoria held a Meena Bazaar (Fair) on the 11th of May 2008. This Meena Bazaar is held each year by Lajna (women) all across Australia and is always a fun filled event.

This year, there were quite a few different stalls of food, handicrafts, clothes, and also a beauty shop. The children were also entertained with lots of fun games. The Bazaar opened at 11 am and the day came to a close at 5 pm with a number of non-Ahmadi visitors attending also. Overall it was a successful event and an enjoyable social gathering for all concerned.


News Reported By: Lubna Ahmad News Correspondent Victoria 26.06.08

Jalsa Masih-e-Maud

By the grace of God, Lajna Imaillah Victoria (Women’s Auxiliary) and Nasirat-ul-Ahmadiyya (Young Girls) Victoria celebrated Jalsa Masih-e-Maoud on Saturday 12th of April 2008. This event predominantly commemorates the first initiation at hands of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as), the founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Islam, on 23rd March 1889.

The program started with congregational prayer followed by Tilawat (recitation) of selected verses of Surah Jumah from the Holy Quran. Speeches were delivered on the topics Devotion to Prayer of the Promised Messiah, Acceptance of Prayers of the Promised Messiah, and Achievements of the Promised Messiah. A poem was then presented by Nasirat (young girls) and a small quiz was held on the topic of the Promised Messiah (as). The program ended with Dua (silent prayer) and afterwards refreshments were offered. 

News Reported By: Lubna Ahmad News Correspondent Victoria 24.05.08

Jalsa Seerat-un-Nabi

By the grace of God, on 25th of April 2008, Lajna Imaillah (Women’s Auxiliary) and Nasirat (young girls) of Victoria, participated in the Jalsa Seerat-un-Nabi, held by the Victoria Jamaat. This event is held every year by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Islam to celebrate the life and achievements of Muhammad (may peace and blessing of God be upon him) the Holy Prophet of Islam.

A group of Nasirat (young girls) presented a poem by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as); the founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Islam and a Waqf-e-Nau Nasira (girl who has been dedicated in the service of God from birth) delivered a speech on some aspects of the life of the Holy Prophet (saw).

After the congregational prayers, refreshments were offered and the program then ended with Dua (silent prayer). 

News Reported By: Lubna Ahmad News Correspondent Victoria 24.05.08