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Lajna Sports Day 2008 - Sydney


10am on the 16th of August marked the start of the Annual Sydney Sports Day 2008. The sounds of Lajna rehearsing their marching formations could be heard as the head of sports, Mrs Ayesha Khan organised the judges at their respective tables.

The sports day was opened by the National President of Lajna Imaillah Australia, Mrs Tamseela Saleh and the first event of the day was underway. The Poem Khilafat ke so saal Mubarak (Congratulations on 100 years of Khilafat) played on the stereo while the first local branch (Halqa) marched around the sports field. The other branches followed in impeccable formation, with some chanting various lines relating to Khilafat.

The judges’ categories for marks were based on best banner, uniform and marching. Branch Al Mubarika was awarded first place for their spectacular banner followed by Branch Al Fatima in second place, and Branch Mariyam Sadiqa coming in third place. Branch Al Ayesha was awarded first in both uniforms & marching.

Once the marching was complete, it was time for Lajna to put on their running shoes and commence competition in various sports events from a food relay to the 100m sprint. The first sports event for the day was the 50m & 100m sprints, a quick dash to the finish line and showed great efforts from all participants.

 The variety relay was quite interesting with activities ranging from threading a needle to making a pasta necklace, swiftness and accuracy being the key to triumph. Next was the shirt relay, which required patience and precision from all competitors. Great team spirit and laughter was held by all.

The whistle then blew for the baton relay, which finished as quickly as it started. The food relay was next and is always an anticipated event that is quite amusing and entertaining for all Lajna members. Drinking coke from a glass while hands are tied behind your back and then eating spaghetti from a plate without utensils, is always highly entertaining. The traditional game of Tug of war, which followed, always demands much strength and endurance, but is always enjoyable. The last event for the day was Snatch the hankie

and is an event, which requires a lot of strategy and skill from Lajna members. Some branches implemented particular clever team strategies to earn points and all participants tried their best to make their branch proud!

The competitions were concluded with a hearty lunch and presentation of the sports awards by the National Sports Secretary, Mrs Ayesha Khan.

 The First place Results in each event were awarded as follows:


      • Long Distance Walk:  Miss Saida Ahmedi (Al Ayesha)
      • 50 Metre Sprint (under 25): Miss Saida Ahmedi (Al Ayesha)
      • 100 Metre Sprint (under 25): Miss Saida Ahmedi (Al Ayesha)
      • 50 Metre Sprint (over 25): Mrs Mehwish Choudhry (Mariyam Sadiqa)
      • 100 Metre Sprint (over 25): Mrs Mehwish Choudhry (Mariyam Sadiqa)
      • Shirt Relay: Branch Al Mubarika
      • Variety Relay: Branch Al Fatima
      • 50 Metre Relay: Branch Al Ayesha
      • Tug of War: Branch Mariyam Sadiqa
      • Food Relay: Branch Al Ayesha
      • Snatch the Hankie: Branch Al Ayesha

The day was then concluded with a silent prayer led by the National President of Lajna Imaillah. She also mentioned the departure of Mrs Ayesha Khan as head of Sports and requested for prayers for the Centenary Khilafat Year (celebrating 100 years of Successorship).

Congratulations to all winners and participants, for without you the day would not have been as successful and enjoyable as it was.


Reported By Mrs Farhana Ahmedi News Correspondent NSW
Edited By Embreen Khan – Editor In Charge Ladies and Families20.09.08