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Late Maulana Mahmood Ahmad Shahid's Opening Address at Jalsa Salana

Faith (Imaan) in Allah.

A Believer and Muslim should offer his prayer as if they are seeing Allah in front of them. If this is not possible then they should be as though Allah is seeing them. Allah is with us always, wherever we are and whatever is in our hearts and minds. HE is always present with us; never leaving our side. Then how is it possible that a Believer and Muslim allow themselves to do bad deeds which incur Allah's displeasure?

As Huzhur aba has explained in his Friday Sermons repeatedly, that through logic, rationale and argument we have clearly established the death of Jesus (peace be upon him). However, if we don't have our Lord, Almighty Allah in our hearts and minds, then winning a debate about the death of Jesus (peace be upon him) is pointless and quite meaningless.

Gratefulness and Thankful to Allah

I emphasize that the majority of Jamaat members in Australia have come from a difficult predicament in places such as Pakistan where we couldn't practice our faith or live a normal life without fear of persecution, ridicule and harm. Our members from the Middle East region have also had similar persecution in their countries of origin.

We need to constantly remember and be grateful to Allah who has brought us to this wonderful country - A country where we have ready access to Mosque and we can practice our faith without fear of persecution. There is a great responsibility on us to fulfil our obligation to Allah and His house of worship by coming to the mosque regularly to offer salaat in congregation. We need to be thankful to Allah for His enormous blessings and mercy on us that we have these privileges which we didn't have in places where we have come from.

At times, it appears the Mosque is too far away for some of us. However, Allah has blessed almost each household with the facility of cars and means of transport where one can easily come to Mosque. If one cannot come during the week due to work commitments and scarcity of time, then at least one should make every effort to come to the mosque on the weekends.

Throughout the year there are numerous functions and Jalsas held at the Mosque, such as Masih-e-Maud Day, Seerat-un-Nabi Jalsa, etc. Shouldn't a true Ahmadi Muslim make some sacrifices to at least attend these important functions to please their Allah? It is in the name of The Promised Messiah that we have   come to this land and so we need to show our gratitude to Allah and his Messiah by attending at Mosque frequently.

Refrain from idle talk and embrace good deeds

Our lives are given to us by Almighty Allah as a favour and benevolence. In return, we need to respect our being for Allah's sake. Too often we invite disease in our being by listening to idle talk, useless and unproductive habits such as listening and getting involved in other people's family disputes, husband and wife quarrels, etc. eventually leading to gossip. These are often persons who are not even remotely associated with the family and yet they seek to spread rumours and gossip. Such actions affect the individual's moral state and impacts on the wider Jamaat's moral state.

We need to safeguard from such evils for the sake of Allah and invest our energies in good deeds and habits which are beneficial for our moral and spiritual health, as well as the health of the wider Jamaat.

Treatment of new Members to Jamaat

Alhmadolillah, we in Australia are slowly making progress towards inviting the wider community to our Jamaat through Tablig and new Bai'aits. We have made efforts to help new members understand the key aspects of Islam, salaat, financial sacrifice and obedience to Khliafat. Though these key tarbiyyati matters are important for our new members in the practice of their Islam and Ahmadiyyat, what is increasingly becoming important is the need to engage with and embrace our new members at a social level. Social isolation can be a key deterrent for new members of our Jamaat. They need to feel included, assimilated and assisted with in embracing a new cultural dimension for them. We need to visit them in their homes and invite them into our homes and families and actively socialise with them. These approaches will help build bonds of friendship and ultimately what our Masih-e-Maud (AS) wanted this Jamaat to achieve — the spirit and bond of brotherhood. This can only truly be achieved, when we break down social barriers and embrace our new members through friendship, assimilation and actively socialise with them.

25 Years of Masjid Bait-ul-Huda

Alhamdolillah this year marks the 25th anniversary since the inauguration of our Mosque Bait-ul-Huda. Our beloved Khalifa, Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih IV (May Allah have mercy on him) laid the foundation of this Mosque in 1983. In 1989, on the Centenary of our Jamaat Ahmadiyya, our mosque was inaugurated. We are most grateful to Allah, The Beneficent, Who has granted us this beautiful mosque. At this time, we express our gratitude and thanks to all those people who contributed to the development of the mosque and Jamaat, either financially or with their persons and hard work. We say a special thank you, to the first Amir and Missionary-in-charge of Jamaat Australia, Shakeel Munir Sahib and his wife who made a tremendous contribution in helping to complete the Mosque that we are sitting in here today. To all who contributed, we pray that may Allah accept their sacrifice, Ameen.

The foundation of worship was laid here by our Khalifa of that time and the pioneers that help build this mosque. It is now our responsibility to keep that spirit alive in our hearts and to glorify the name of Allah and fill this Mosque with worshippers. Huzhur's Friday Sermon of 4th April 2014 highlighted the need and ways to love Allah and make Him the object of your worship. All members are encouraged to listen to this Sermon with a view to strengthen their personal love of Allah and show gratitude to Him. May Allah make it so, Ameen.