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Late Maulana Mahmood's funeral prayer and burial

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10:00 am Jamaat members start arriving at Bait-ul-Huda mosque for funeral.

10:00 am Late Ameer Sahib's coffin arrives at Bait-ul-Huda mosque.

10-10:15 am Ameer Sahib's family views his body.

10:30 am Ladies queue up for last glance of Ameer Sahib.

11:50 am - 12:30pm  Ameer Sahibs family views his body.

12:42pm Ameer Sahib's body transferred to men's viewing marquee.

12:50 pm Men's viewing begins.

1:00 pm Lunch is served to everyone,

1:20 pm Prayer mats are laid down in preparation for Zohar and funeral prayers.

1:25 pm Members start settling in rows.

1:30 pm External guests arrive to pay respect to Ameer Sahib.

1:50 pm Zohar an Asr prayer,

2:05 pm Names of close family members, friends and office bearers announced who will carry the coffin to the graveyard.

2:16 pm Funeral prayer starts.

2:22 pm Coffin carried to the graveyard.

2:30 pm Burial begins, members line up in order to place handful of earth on the coffin.

3:20 pm Grave preparation starts.

3:30 pm The burial completed.

3:35 pm Dua

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