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A Message to Lajna Members

Dear Sisters,

Assalamo-Alaikum Wa Rahmatulah.

I hope and pray that with the Grace of Almighty Allah you are in the best of health. May this blessed month of Ramadhan bring unlimited bounties for you. Amen.

The election for the National President of Lajna Imaillah Australia was held this year on the occasion of National Annual Ijtema, and as a result, I will be once again serving as the National President of Lajna Imaillah Australia for the next two years. This is a great responsibility, which can only be fulfilled with the help and support of Allah the Almighty. Please sincerely pray that may Allah enable me to lead Lajna Imaillah Australia successfully into the future and may we all work together to serve the cause of Islam.

We are currently celebrating one hundred years of blessing of Khilafat (Successorship), and what distinguishes us from other Muslims is this blessing of Khilafat. God Almighty has granted us spiritual leadership and has bestowed us with an Imam (leader). We can never be grateful enough to Allah the Almighty for this ultimate blessing.  However, a great responsibility lies upon us as well.  We should raise the standards of our obedience to a high level, while continuously praying and seeking help from Allah the Almighty. We should obey the matters that come from the Khalifa and refrain from things that are forbidden by him. May Allah enable us to do this.

We have a great responsibility of presenting a good model for our children and the rest of the world. The Second Khalifa of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat, Hazrat Musleh Maud (RA), has said in this regard, “The propaganda against Islam spread by the enemies can only be neutralized by the efforts of women, and the spirit of sacrifice can be created only through mothers. Therefore, besides the spiritual and educational progress, the overall progress of Jamaat depends on the efforts of women, because people are much more impressionable in their childhood than their adulthood. Also, the women themselves can be reformed through women themselves.” Just imagine the importance of this responsibility!!!
I would like to quote from a message of the Fifth Caliph and current Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Worldwide, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmadaba towards ladies. He says, “Make pure changes within yourself and always guide your children to do good works. Adhere to the teachings of the Promised Messiah (as) with complete sincerity so that you can be the practical role models of love and sincerity to the Promised Messiah (as)”.

Therefore, my dear sisters, appreciate the greatness of the task for which God and his Khalifa have chosen for you, and make yourself worthy of it. Make yourselves busy in achieving that which you have been born to do and pay special attention towards the importance of prayer and we should all strive to improve ourselves in blessings and virtue. This year is an especially important year due to Khilafat Centenary celebrations. We should take advantage of the blessings from this year and improve our spiritual and moral standards.

At the end, we pray that Allah enables us to appreciate his blessings and favors upon us. May He bestow upon us His pleasure and the pleasure of His Khalifa. May He cultivate His love and the love of His Khalifa in our hearts and in the hearts of our children. Ameen.

I sincerely hope and pray that may Allah grant us all the courage and strength to become exemplary Muslim women. Please pray for the continued success of Lajna Imaillah Australia.

Tamseela Saleh
Lajna Imaillah
Women’s Auxiliary of Ahmadiyya Muslim Association of Australia