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Sub-Auxiliary of Ahmadi Girls 

Nasirat-ul-Ahmadiyya Australia has been divided into three groups

 ages 7-8-9 and 10 years
QANITAT ages 11-12 and 13 years
MOHSINAT ages 14-15 years

Nasirat-ul- Ahmadiyya Pledge

'I solemnly promise that I shall always be ready to serve Islam and Ahmadiyyat, nation and my country. I shall also adhere to truth'

Nasirat-ul-Ahmadiyya means girl helpers of Ahmadiyyat. This is an auxiliary organization of young girls established by Hazrat Khalifa-tul-Masih the second. The Purpose of this organization is to train and educate young girls in religious knowledge and good manners, expected by all Ahmadi children. 

In Sydney Nasirat remain busy all year in different types of religious and non-religious activities. These activities are consisted of Sunday classes. Participation in Lajna meetings, Halqa meetings, Meena Bazaar, picnics and most favorable the summer camp where they can stay in the Mosque for one night

Please give a thought!

  • Do you pray 5 daily prayers regularly?
  • Do you recite the Holy Quran at Fajar (morning) time?
  • After finishing the Holy Quran Nazra (simple) are you learning the translation of the Holy Quran?
  • Do you understand the meanings of namaz when you are praying?
  • Do you spend at least half an hour everyday on your religious studies?
  • Do you attend Nasirat meetings on time without reminding by secretary Nasirat?
  • Do you pay chanda regularly with your own hands?
  • Do you stay in touch with the present Khalifa by writing letters to him and watching his Friday sermons and other MTA programs regularly?
  • Do you fully cooperate with secretary Nasirat and other office bearers and respect the members of the Jammat?

Every Ahmadi girl should make a habit of these qualities, each quality gets 1 mark. Now you need to do the effort of getting full marks so you could enter Lajna Imaillah as a true Ahmadi woman