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Peace Symposium Victoria

Peace Symposium Victoria


On Sunday 3rd December 2017,Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Victoria hosted its second Annual Peace Symposium at the Baitul   Salam Mosque in  Langwarrin,  southeast  Melbourne.  More  than 300  people  attended  the  event  including  100  non-Ahmadi guests comprising members of the Victorian Parliament,  Mayors  and  Councillors  from  various municipalities, members of the Victoria Police force and faith leaders. The symposium was organised by the Langwarrin Chapter of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Victoria.

The  theme  of  this  year’s  symposium  is  ‘World Crisis  and  the  Pathway  to  Peace’  focusing  on  the rising  extremism  and  nationalism  facing  the  world today. The keynote address was delivered by Imam Wadood Janud Sahib, Imam of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Victoria and Tasmania.  

During  the  event,  guests  had  the  opportunity  to watch a video documentary on the peace initiatives of Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifaul Masih V (may Allah be his helper) including Huzur’s address at the Capitol Hill in Washington, USA. The video also  showed  various  dignitaries  praising  the  efforts of  the  Jama’at  in  Australia  in  promoting  peace, providing humanitarian aid to those who are in need and bringing people of different faiths together.

During  his  address,  Imam  Wadood  Janud  Sahib presented  the  foundations  of  the  pathway  to  peace based  on  the  true  teachings  of  Islam  as  taught  by the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace   be   upon   him).   Imam   Janud   said   that according to Islam, the principle of justice is the key to establishing peace.  
Imam Janud Sahib quoted chapter 3, verse 136, of the Holy Quran, and said that according to this verse, a true believer is he who is strict on observing justice and stands witness before God even if it be against himself, against his parents or against his relatives.  
Speaking  about  the  lack  of  true  justice  within  the Muslim   countries,   Imam   Wadood   Janud   Sahib said  that  Muslim  leaders  have  failed  their  people, hijacking a religion which literally means peace and leading masses astray for personal interests, pursuit
of power and domination.

Imam Janud Sahib spoke at length about the foreign policies and vested interests of certain countries that led to the inception and rise of terrorist organisations such  as  ISIS  and  Boko  Haram.  Imam  Janud  Sahib said that the key role in the international arms trade in encouraging and sustaining such organisations is against the very foundations of justice.

Imam   Janud   Sahib   also   quoted   Huzur’s   recent address  at  the  National  Peace  Symposium  UK  on 25th  March  2017,  in  which  Huzur  suggested  the curbing  and  restricting  of  the  international  arms trade in order to establish peace in the world.Imam Janud said that when comes to equality, Islam declares  that  all  human  beings  are  born  as  equal and  have  equal  rights  and  freedoms.  He  said  that the  Holy  prophet  of  Islam  (peace  be  upon  him) enjoined the Muslims to always maintain a socially equal society.
Imam  Janud  Sahib  also  spoke  about  the  lack  of  justice  and  fairness  in  media  coverage  during  acts  of   terrorism,   which   occurred   in   Australia   and   internationally. Imam Janud Sahib said it is not true justice to tell Muslims that they are not condemning terrorism  enough.  Imam  Janud  said  that  the  truth  is the media fails to hear out voice when we gather every year at various venues to condemn terrorism and present the true teachings of Islam.

Quoting Chapter 5, verse 32 of the Holy Quran on Islam’s  teachings  about  the  sanctity  of  human  life, Imam Janud said that the Quran teaches that taking someone’s life is akin to slaying all of humanity and saving a single life it is as though you have saved the whole of humanity.

Concluding  his  address,  Imam  Janud  Sahib  gave a  brief  account  on  how  the  Prophet  Muhammad (peace be upon him) showed forgiveness even to his enemies when he re-entered Mecca after 21 years of persecution.  Imam  Janud  told  the  audience  that  he has presented the true concept of Islam of the Holy Quran and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).  Imam  Janud  also  said  that  he  Ahmadiyya Muslim  Community  Worldwide  for  the  past  128 years  has  been  striving  to  establish  peace  on  earth by  practicing  such  true  teachings  of  Islam  and following  the  example  of  the  Prophet  Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Prior  to  the  keynote  address,  various  dignitaries delivered  short  speeches  on  the  need  for  peace  in Australia  and  around  the  world  and  praised  the Ahmadiyya   Muslim   Community   for   organising such an important event.
Osama Chaudhary Sahib, President of the Langwarrin chapter of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Victoria gave  a  brief  history  of  the  Community  and  the purpose of the coming of its founder, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (peace be upon him).


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                    MS Sonya Kilkenny  MP                                                                      MS Inga Peulich MP                                                                        Acting Insp Chris Edwards


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                            Mayor Cr Youhorn Chea                                                        Mayor Cr Collin Ross                                                              Mayor Cr Colin Hampton

Ms Sonya Kilkenny MP, representing the Premier of Victoria, The Hon. Daniel Andrews and the Minister for Multicultural Affairs, the Hon Robin Scott, said: The    Ahmadi    Muslims    are    well-known    for  their  support  of  Victoria’s  multifaith  society  and  understanding of other faith groups. The Ahmadiyya community   is   also   known   for   its   very   strong humanitarian  focus  and  we  appreciate  and  applaud the  work  that  you  do  here  in  Victoria  and  across Australia.  On  behalf  of  the  Victorian  government, we  thank  you  for  taking  an  active  role  in  bringing our  communities  together  in  promoting  harmony and equality.”

Ms  Inga  Peulich  MP,  Victorian Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs said:
“I    would    like    to    commend the     Ahmadi     community     for  subscribing    to    all    aspirations and   values   of   our   wonderful Australian     nation.     You     are aspirational,  believe  in  education and   the   transformational   effect that  education  has,  you  believe in  strong  family  and  you  believe in making a contribution towards your community.”

Acting  Inspector  Chris  Edwards  of  the  Victoria Police Community Engagement Unit said:“I  commend  you  very  much  for  holding  this  peace symposium and definitely think about connection and how we do that with everyone in this community.”

Mayor Cr. Youhorn Chea, Mayor of City of Greater Dandenong said: “In  today’s  hectic  world,  this  gathering  provides us  with  a  unique  opportunity  to  remember  that regardless  of  colour,  culture  or  creed,  we  are  all human  beings  and  by  building  and  understanding between  our  different  cultures,  we  sow  the  seed  of harmony, tolerance, peace and respect.”

Mayor Cr. Collin Ross, Mayor of Cardinia Shire “Thank you to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Victoria for bringing us together today to explore and share our thoughts on peace and how we might work  together  towards  achieving  a  more  respectful and united world.”
Mayor  Cr.  Colin  Hampton,  Mayor  of  Frankston City “I am pleased to be here today at the House of Peace to support this wonderful occasion where we can all come  together  and  celebrate  being  a  connected  and multicultural community. In today’s environment it is important that leaders of all areas from government to community groups such as yours need to promote unity, peace and justice for everyone.”


The  event  concluded  with  silent  prayer  led  by Imam Wadood Janud. Following the prayer, guests enjoyed dinner and an opportunity to interact with members of the community.

Guests visited an exhibition displaying copies of the Holy  Quran  including  various  Jama’at  books  and peace flyers. Around 20 guests received free copies of the books, “Life of Muhammad” and “Pathway to Peace”. All guests enjoyed the peace symposium and particularly the speech delivered by Imam Wadood Janud Sahib. Guests also left positive feedback and comments about the event.

“Wonderful  event  that  promotes  peace!  Thank  you for your hospitality.” Cr Collin Ross.
“Inspiring  address  by  the  Imam.  Good  friendly,inclusive society. Much appreciated.” Ellen Brown.
“Always feel welcome with the friendship displayed.Thank you.” Cr Ray Brown.
“I really enjoyed learning about the religion and all the good done in the community. Very educational.” Anonymous.
“Well   done.   Good   organization.   Will   definitely progress the cause of peace.”  Matthew.
“Good event for spreading goodwill among all fellow beings  and  attempting  to  bring  peace  to  a  troubled world.”  Anita.


Source: Ahmadiyya Gazette Australia January 2018 Edition