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Report Lajna Annual Gathering (Ijtema) 2005

By the grace of Almighty Allah, the 22nd National Women's Auxiliary gathering was held over a period of three days. One of the main purposes of this event is to research, memorize information and gain knowledge through writing speeches, poems, and to correctly learn the pronunciation and reading of the Holy Quran.

The purpose of this annual gathering is achieved through a competition based program whereby all members have a chance to perform in front of an audience, to the best of their ability. Not only does it benefit individuals by gaining knowledge but it also encourages and teaches them techniques for public speaking, proper language/writing proficiencies, and social skills. 

Various interstate participants were also present to represent their individual states.

Day 1:

The first day began after Friday prayers, with the recitation of the Holy Quran, Pledge and a Nazam (Poem), as is the tradition. The National president of the Women's Auxiliary of Australia, Mrs Amatul Malik Najam then delivered an opening address, in which she reiterated the kind regards sent by His Holiness Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba) for the participants of this annual gathering. She also mentioned the importance of using this opportunity to take part in competitions, since they provide a valuable source of knowledge.

The theme for the Ijtema was "Fas tabikul kharath", 'Vie with one another in good works', (HQ 2:149) so it is with this spirit that we should participate in this year's competitions. 

In her speech she encouraged members to make the most of this blessed event and further emphasized, with reference from The Holy Quran on the establishment of concord, and goodwill between Muslim individuals and groups and to avoid social evils (such as backbiting, gossiping, thinking ill of others, etc) which cause disharmony (HQ 49:12,13).

This was followed by the Nasir'at Quran Recitation competition. 

At the end of the opening session, tea and refreshments were provided before the commencement of the National Majlise Shura (Assembly for mutual consultation and advice). This assembly was held to discuss a number of issues. 

The day concluded with Magrib and Ishaa prayers and dinner.

Day 2: Session One

The proceedings traditionally began with the recitation of the Holy Quran and a poem. TheNasir'at Speech competition was the first event in schedule, after which the Lajna Holy Quran Recitation competition was conducted, both were judged by the respected missionaries in charge of Victoria, Mr. Qamar Daud Khokhar and Queensland, Mr. Masood Ahmad Shahid. The Nasir'at Nazam (Poem) competition was held simultaneously in a separate room. This session ended with Zuhr and Asr prayers and lunch.

Day 2: Session Two

The session began with the recitation of the Holy Quran, the event was started off by theLajna Speech competitions (in both the Urdu and English languages) these were also judged by the missionaries in charge of Victoria and Queensland. The LajnaExtempore Speech competition was next to be embarked upon, this was a much enjoyed event and Mash'Allah (by the grace of God) the participants spoke quiet well. 

All was concluded with Magrib and Ishaa prayers and dinner.

Day 3: Session One

After the recitation of the Holy Quran and a Poem, the Lajna Quiz program was conducted. This was quiet an exciting highlight and all teams seemed to have put in a lot of effort. An informative Question and Answer session was scheduled and held with Mr. Qamar Daud Khokhar and Mr. Masood Ahmad Shahid, this was a great opportunity for everyone to benefit from listening to their views on a variety of topics relevant to our Women's Organisation. 

The women's Nazam (Poem) competition was held after this, and then their Bait Bazi(Religious Knowledge) Competition was carried out, this was also a very enjoyable event and one which was much awaited by all participating members. Mash'Allah the participants proved to have been very well prepared which made it a very tough competition.

Our Respected Ameer and Missionary Incharge of The Ahmadiyya Community of Australia, Mr. Mahmood Ahmad Shahid then delivered an address in which he focused on some key points such as the importance of becoming a member of the blessed system of Wassiyat (a Will testament scheme launched by the founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community), the need for more sympathy towards our fellow brothers/sisters, the responsibilities of parents to ensure the careful up bringing of their children to ensure that they are strong enough to withstand the pressures and temptations of the world around them and the many responsibilities of marriage both for males and females alike. 

This was followed by Zuhr and Asr Prayers and lunch.

Day 3: Concluding session

The last session of this annual gathering began after lunch with the recitation of the Holy Quran by one of the participants whom attained first position in that comp, and the LajnaPledge and a poem by the winners of those competitions.

The Annual report of the Women's Auxiliary of Australia was presented by the National Assistant General Secretary of the Women's Organisation, Mrs Farhat Khurram, which gave everyone an overview of the work and progress over the year (2004-2005). 

The much awaited prize distribution ceremony was next in line. Awards were handed out to individuals that were judged to be the most adequate and most improved. Team awards were also presented for specific events and areas of work done in departments such as, the department of Taleem/ Tarbiyyat (Education/ Upbringing) of children, Sports, the Annual Exhibition, The dept. of Tabligh (Preaching) and other areas. 

Each department worked hard to ensure their duties were adequately fulfilled. The Ziafat(Food service) and Khidmate Khalq (Hospitality/Social Service) team deserved a special thanks for their difficult task of ensuring good food service and cleanliness at all times.

The National president Mrs. Amtul Malik Najam then concluded the program with some final remarks and thanked everyone for their efforts and led a silent prayer before Magrib andIshaa Prayers and dinner.

Jazakomullah (May Allah reward you) to everyone who worked hard to ensure that the program was a success and may almighty Allah enable us all to increase our efforts and improve ourselves even more in the future.

Reported by Mrs Farhat Khurram
Assistant General Secretary 

Afsha Ahmedi
News Editor- Lajna News & Families