Last updateSat, 18 Apr 2020 11pm

Ahmadiyya Muslims in South Australia Donate to Sierra Leone Victims of Ebola


Manzoor Khan, President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Association of South Australia with Victor Lamin, Chair of Task Force Advisory Committee of Sierra Leone Welfare Foundation of Australia, SiLWeFA with Imtiaz Ahmed (Photo: Mathaba News Australia)
At the Mahmoud Mosque in Adelaide today a meeting was held between the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association of South Australia and the Ebola Task Force Advisory Committee of Sierra Leone Welfare Foundation of Australia (SiLWeFA) as well as members of each community.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association donated some funds and 52 boxes of mainly clothing and bedsheets to be sent by SiLWeFA to the victims of Ebola in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

The Ahmadiyya community under the motto "Love for all, hatred for none" is involved in much charitable work in West Africa, with the Head of the Community, Mirza Masroor Ahmad saying:

"The world needs peace, love and brotherhood. The world needs an end to wars. Instead of walls of hatred being erected, we need peace to prevail and for this to occur people of all faiths must join together."

South Australia Ahmadiyya Muslim Association President Manzoor Khan said today that "the Ahmadiyya Muslim community always stands to help mankind regardless of faith, colour or ethnicity."

He added that the support to the victims of the Ebola virus is not only a gesture but that "the feeling is from our heart. We pray God Almighty alleviate this crisis and bless [its victims] with [a return to good] health and a speed recovery."

The Missionary of the Ahmadiyya Muslims Association of South Australia (right side above photo) Imtiaz Ahmed said that the Ahmadiyya Muslim community has been responding to disasters globally and he invited SiLWeFA to exchange attendance at functions and events.

He said that Africans and the Ahmadiyya Muslims shared the same way of solving problems, which is the elders will convene with the community and resolve issues forming a consensus, and then the youth will respect the community decision thus preserving unity and harmony in the community.

Victor Lamin, Chairperson of the Task Force Advisory Committee of the Sierra Leone Welfare Foundation of Australia (SiLWeFA) accepted the donations and thanked the Ahmadiyya Muslim community for its ongoing support and assistance to Sierra Leone.