Women's Jalsa Salana Report - Day 1 2006

Jalsa Salana, Australia
The Annual Convention

History in the making - Huzur's Visit to Australia 2006
Women's Jalsa Salana Report- Day 1
14th April 06

The primary purpose of this Convention is to enable every sincere individual to personally experience religious benefits. This Jalsa Salana will be one to remain in every individual's hearts and minds. Our Community here in Australia is blessed to have our present day Calif visiting us through our Annual Jalsa Salana 2006.

The day started from the flag hoisting which was an anticipated event. To then going straight into the Friday sermon after which came the Friday prayers (Jummah prayers).

It was an honour to be able to hold the guest of honour- Huzoor's wife Hazrat Amatus Subooh in the ladies section, who was present throughout the sermon as well.

Jalsa proceedings then proceeded soon after Salat.

As His Holiness has had vast experience in running administrative affairs of the community at almost every tier and level, his suggestions under special divine guidance, views and opinions put many issues in perspective and which were also taken on board by all respective departments. There are naturally various departments to keep the running of the Jalsa Salana smooth in all areas. These departments are in full mode with volunteers working tirelessly to make sure that the organisation of the Jalsa is a success.

These departments include:

Childcare - Today was a great day as told by Mrs. Ahmad, head of the department and she enjoyed the company of her little pals. The attendance in this department was over 40 children, they started taking children in at 3:00pm till 5pm and that was the end of there day. Mrs. Ahmad had said that her assistants were great help and were positive all around. There were many activities organized for the day. The highlight of the day was the wax painting and bracelet/necklace making activities that were taking place.

Exhibition Stall - This department had two big events for the day. Firstly there was a judging session for a competition that was organized for hand made items from both Women and young girls...stay tuned for the winners, which will be announced tomorrow on this site!!.

Secondly, MTA recorded all the items for the competition plus the separate stalls organized by all the Branches of our community in Australia. The highlight of the day here is the Book stall section, where they have got CD's of Nazam's (poems) for sale and Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad's Question & Answer sessions recorded straight to a CD.
This year the book stall had many new books available both in English and Urdu.

MTA Australia - Mrs. Shah, the Incharge, had organized for the MTA crew to come down and film the exhibition tent, which was the highlight of the day. The MTA team is required to check that all audio and visual areas of the upstairs and downstairs halls are in full working mode. After a minor technical glitch in the morning the team came back and breezed through the day.

Registration Team - It was explained that the participants registration system worked well and that the five terminals which were attached to the server all worked great with no technical problems and stated the system is very "user friendly". The processing of the card was a quick and efficient way of keeping record of things. Thank God for technology!

Dining Marquee - In one of Huzur's sermons he gave valuable advice about the serving of guests of the Jalsa Salana, with full dedication and also explained the golden principles of hospitality. Dinner was served and later cleaned up by the Al- Mubarika and South Australia branches. The catering team worked tirelessly to provide all members food and tea throughout the day and were successful in doing so.

Security Team - This team has many encounters with His Holiness and are very fortunate I must add. They look after the Jalsa Area on the whole and have dealt with things such as, Huzur's arrival, Inspection and there is more to come.

Special Guest Tent - Every volunteer should keep in mind that they have to uphold high moral values and deal with the guests in a kind manner, this is possible only when love is instilled in hearts. Hospitality is a special trait of prophets and their followers. This tent is dedicated to international Ahmadi guests and local Non Ahmadi friends/guests. This tent has been developed for guests to have easier access to information quickly and conveniently.

Signing off for today, the 14th April 2006, 10.08pm
News Team Ladies & Families